Melbourne Travel Tips: 10 Things to Know Before You Go to Melbourne Australia

Melbourne Travel Tips: 10 Things to Know Before You Go to Melbourne Australia

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  1. As a Melbournian, you did an excellent review of our city. Very impressed with your knowledge. I enjoy watching all your '"things to know…" videos on all cities in the world. You should be on a television travel show!

  2. Some more tips:
    1. Melbourne weather is "four seasons in a day" i.e. changes very quickly, so dress in layers that you can easily put on / take as needed (especially in spring and autumn), with the outermost waterproof.
    2. You may be charged an international transaction fee each time you use your bank card – especially debit cards – to withdrawn money from an ATM (this is levied by your bank, not the ATM) so ask your bank if this applies before you go on your holiday. If this is the case, make less frequent withdrawals of larger amounts, or get a "pre-loaded" card which often don't attract fee.
    3. Trams have right of way over cars and pedestrians, so ALWAYS remember this when turning or crossing trams tracks.
    4. When ordering a beer, don't drink Fosters (which most Aussies don't drink) – there are MUCH better beers than this. For inexpensive local beers, try Melbourne Bitter or Victoria Bitter instead (Coppers, as shown in thev video, is a good beer, as are Boag's and Cascade from Tasmania), and like most Australian beers, they are actually lager, not bitter, and meant to be drunk cold. In summer in particular, don't order a pint – the beer loses its chill too quickly and doesn't taste as good.
    5. Australia has GREAT seafood, just remember they are PRAWNS not shrimp.

  3. Keep up the great job!! I've been looking for a video that accurately describes Melbourne, I'll be going there this March 2019 as Student Visa.

  4. Yeah mate, Melbourne and southern Victoria you can experience all four seasons in one day. But basically the rest of the country is fucken hot and dry.

  5. Update on trains in Melbourne. There's a major upgrade happening w/additional underground train system however won't be open until 2025 For a good local bar, head to the Imperial Hotel right opposite Melbourne's Parliament House (one of my old haunts) – they also have a rooftop bar w/great view of Parliament

  6. Australian food lol I'm Australian and I would never eat Kangaroo hahaha bleh! I don't know anyone who does actually.

  7. Wominjeka. Don't come here in June or July. It is miserable. If you don't like extreme heat, stay away in January and February. Best time is late Feb, through to early May. We have kangaroos, platypuses and koalas in the outer suburbs that you can easily reach by public transport so you really don't need a car to see wildlife.

  8. Love your videos! I am a local…lived here all my life and I've travelled to the US and other parts of the world. Some clarifications for you to note:
    1/ City shopping hours do tend to vary and shops may open longer in the city than in the suburbs (Melbourne has huge ring of suburbs surrounding the city kind of like LA.). In general the hours are as follows:
    Monday to Wednesday- 8 or 9am until 5.30pm
    Thursday and Friday- 8 or 9am until 9pm Most shopping centres (malls) will keep to these hours but small strip shops may choose to close earlier.
    Saturday- 9am until 5pm
    Sunday-10am until 5pm There are exceptions in the CBD and the very large shopping centres may stay open a little longer…especially in summer.
    Supermarkets run 8am until midnight…there are some 24/7 supermarkets in the suburbs. Some department stores like Kmart (yes, we have them but they are not the same company as US Kmarts) will open 8am until 10pm every day in the suburbs with the iconic first-ever Aussie Kmart in Burwood (suburb) open 24/7. The big hardware chain here (Bunnings) opens until the early evening but each store may have different hours.

    2/ Driving: STICK TO THE SPEED LIMITS! The traffic camera network here is huge. They have red light cameras, combined red light and speed cameras, speed cameras and point to point (distance~speed over time) cameras (on some freeways). There are even clandestine mobile speed cameras placed in ordinary looking late model cars which park on roadsides to catch drivers out. The tolerance for being overspeed is 3km/h …that's about the width of your speedometer needle. You have to drive with one eye on your speedometer and one eye on the traffic. The authorities say it is to promote safety BUT we all know it generates a lot of revenue so, really, it is a voluntary tax…speed and you'll pay for it. Most locals are now used to it but visitors can find it hard. Speed limits (and signs) are in km/h, not MPH…so be careful. The lowest speed limit is 30km/h (rare…more often 40) and the highest speed allowed on SOME freeways is 110km/h. Signage is pretty good…some areas have electronically variable signs…keep your eyes peeled. School zones have variable speed limits around them and these are strictly enforced. If you get a ticket don't think you can fly home and ignore it. The traffic office will bill the hire care company and they will take the fine out of your credit card…sadly.

    3/ People are friendly to tourists…most people will help you out if you are lost. Service stations will have a traffic map book (called a "Melways" after the publisher's name) that you can have a quick look at. At service stations most are self-serve. You pay after filling your tank except late night where some stations will require you to pay first. Police are friendly…they do NOT have their hands on a pistol when approaching your car (very few handguns here). If you are stopped, stay in your car…they will come to you. They will ask for your licence first. If you have an international permit show it to them WITH your home country licence. If you are a tourist and make a silly mistake you will probably find they will tell you what you've done wrong and let you go on your way. This does not apply to being well over the speed limit or DUI. You can be stopped and breath tested/drug tested at any time without due cause…be aware of that.

    4/ Is Melbourne safe to walk around? Daytime…most definitely. Night time as well but keep your wits about you. Like any big city we have our share of criminals.

    5/ Can you bargain in the shops? Not in department stores or many smaller stores. In electronics/camera retailers most definitely!

    Finally…the big thing tourists get wrong (which is mentioned in the video) we drive on the same side of the road as in the UK. Many tourists have been caught out by this. Listen to what the car rental company tells you…they will often give you a leaflet explaining the basic rules. When crossing a street look to the RIGHT, then left then right again before crossing. That's about it…enjoy your stay.

  9. …You forgot the most important thing about Melbourne, presenter: if one comes to Melbourne as a tourist/visitor, he/she should better bring a handgun or at least a knife with him/her, for SELF DEFENSE. Because the state of Victoria has got a COMMUNIST government (and a COMMUNIST legal system), very SOFT on SERIOUS CRIME… so, better be SAFE than SORRY!…

  10. I'm from The UK, Thinking of visiting Australia at some point, would you say Melbourne or Sydney for a visit? Thanks man

  11. There are lots of speed cameras because lots of people drive too fast because the infrastructure is shit and we are always stuck in traffic and always running late

  12. the water thing is so true, having grown up in melbourne, whenever i travel i can never drink the tap water and i feel like a massive snob for always buying bottled water lmao

  13. Wow… marvelous Melbourne, one of the best livable city and you have picked up the best 10 points to describe a city in a nutshell which is so true.

  14. winter is only 3 months long not 9 months. Summer is December, January & February, Also Melbourne is tram capital of the world.

  15. Good job overall. Summer gets hot but does not stay hot day after day. It is mild and short compared to US South. Melbourne is very dry. Even when it rains, it is nothing compared to US. (Melbourne averages 650 mm or 25.5 inches. Little Rock, AR got 3 times that: over 1803 mm 71 inches last year).
    Traffic downtown is terrible, especially through business hours. Trams are free in city and plentiful. Walking is fun with much to see. Bourke St on Sunday has street performers. Stroll the Yarra on either side. The people are friendly, but not as engaging as in US down South. The architecture bears mentioning, especially at Docklands. Considering how large a city Melbourne is, the crime is low in comparison to US. Currency has changed. US dollar worth more than Australian dollar now. Us credit card and pay no transaction fee. ATMS may charge fees.
    Tasmania flight just over an hour away. Phillips Island tours from Melbourne. Large international airport in Melbourne. There is a lot to see in Melbourne. Lot of Asian immigrants and Asian food. Victoria Market is a must, but it is closed on Monday. Wednesday night international foods. Tap water is fine. It takes more than water to make beer. Europe is light years ahead of Australia there. Decent wines here though. I recommend them instead.

  16. Winter in Melbourne is 9 months long?! Get off the drugs bloke! It’s mid April right now and it’s 27 degrees C so when does the 9 months start and end?

  17. I watched a lot of your clips when I travelled to Vegas and was planning my trip thanks – I am from Melbourne and just happened on your clip on Melbourne so I dropped in to say well done. The Yarra is the river that flows upside down due to its brown colour.

  18. How much $$ do you think you should take if you go to Melbourne? I don’t have a lot of money but have always wanted to go- i would obviously do the least expensive things- but for someone in their 20s how much would you bring?

  19. I'll be traveling to Melbourne soon and your video answered every question I had about how to prepare for my visit. Thanks!!! Looking forward to watching your other videos!

  20. One thing Melbourne lacks is landmarks and Theme parks if it had them it would attract more tourists.Sydney has the harbor bridge and Opera house.Whats Melbourne got?

  21. Melbourne shops close early compared to USA. Better not tell him about Brisbane and Adelaide, much worse, good luck going to supermarket there after 9.

  22. Great info on Melbourne. Disappointed you didn't mention sport. Melbourne is known as the sporting capital of the world. Besides that good review

  23. I lived in Melbourne, It is very cosmopolitan. Apparently also , there are as many massage parlors and brothels as there are in New York, also, in the northern suburbs like Coburg and Fawlkner, there is the worlds largest Greek population outside of Athens…

  24. It's an amazing video, I hope to start a video series as well. hope this video helps you a lot if you are interested in visiting Melbourne. Good work dude

  25. Also watch out for African gangs and don't walk around the city at night,also be carful where you step as you may step on a syringe!!

  26. ☀️Officially, summer in Australia is from December to February but the warmer weather in Melbourne begins around mid November & ends somewhere in April or sometimes even May.☀️

  27. To add Queen Vic market is also open nights, generally Wednesdays but many more nights through the summer months, great place to try out all sorts of foods, viet, indian, italian, ukranian, aussie, sweet, savoury and everything in between… But it fills up quick and youll be waiting quite a while for food from 730-9 so make sure to scope it out early if you're hungry to try a few different things.

    If you enjoy you're drinking you're in luck with melbourne, do the tram bar crawl, start at one end of the city at a bar and have a drink, then get on a tram and make your way down the line 🙂

    And you're right about coffee here 🙂 Plenty of cafes and coffee shops in alley ways that have some amazing coffees

  28. hey . this is my first time watching ur videos , thanks for the information . i like the way u explain things in the videos ..
    not much people can do .. good job

  29. Your video was excellent. I visited Melbourne recently and you were spot on…I wish i saw your video before i travelled. keep em coming 🙂

  30. I was in USA for holiday and there was a rip-off of 7 eleven. I saw the stupid brother fricking 8 twelve. Oh and I live in Melbourne

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