Melbourne Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Melbourne Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

The city of Melbourne is situated in the southern Australian state of Victoria. Opening out like a fan from the shores of
Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne is home to over 4 million residents and regularly features in the top rankings
of ‘world’s most livable cities.  
Founded on the banks of the Yarra River in 1835, the discovery of gold transformed this faraway
settlement into one of the wealthiest cities in the world. Decades of prosperity created a metropolis filled with grand civic buildings, cathedrals,
theaters, and parks. Wander down the wide avenues of Collins and
Burke streets for old-school architecture that’ll make your
eyes pop. Then hop on a tram – Melbourne has the most extensive streetcar
network in the world.  
No other space in the city says Melbourne like Federation Square. Overlooked by Flinders Street Station and
St Paul’s Cathedral, ‘Fed Square’ does what Melbourne does best, artfully blending the elegance of yesteryear
with edgy, modern design. While you’re at ‘Fed Square’, grab a ticket to one of Melbourne’s hippest
museums, The Australian Center of the Moving Image. At ACMI, discover the rich history of Aussie
cinema and explore the interactive possibilities
of tomorrow.  And don’t forget to head underground to the
Melbourne Visitor Center, for the low-down on what’s up, in Melbourne.
  Just across the Yarra is Southbank. Check out the public art, shopping and dining, or just hang out with locals and watch the
river, slide on by. While you’re at Southbank, ride the elevator to the 88th floor of the
Eureka Tower, named after the famous 18th-century miners
rebellion. The 360 degree views from the observation
deck are pure gold.  
Closer to earth, but just as heavenly, are the artworks and stained-glass ceiling at the nearby National Gallery of Victoria.
  The city’s great paintings are not confined
to its galleries. Melbourne rates with New York and Berlin as one of the world capitals of street art. Wander the inner city lane-ways with street art lovers from all over the world. You may even catch an artist at work.
  If Melbourne has a fragrance, it’s the aroma
of roasting coffee beans. In this city, great coffee, food, and fashion
are not luxuries, but the essentials for daily life. Spend a morning exploring the hundreds of
stalls at Queen Victoria Market. Sample the region’s finest and freshest produce, and witness first-hand just how seriously
Melbournians take their food.   
Melbourne can thank its immigrants for developing the city’s taste buds. Peek into the lives of the newcomers who helped
shape Melbourne’s culture at the Immigration Museum.  Then taste the cuisines they introduced to
Australia in famous food strips like Lygon Street and
Acland Street.  
Just a short roll from the patisseries of Acland Steet is Luna Park, the bayside fun-fair that’s been putting a
smile on Melbourne since 1912. Take a ride on one of the world’s oldest roller
coasters, but be sure to let those pastries settle first! 
  From St Kilda, follow the boardwalk south to where the true giants of Melbourne architecture
await – the Bathing Boxes of Brighton Beach. This row of heritage listed boxes is one of the most photographed spots Downunder. When it comes to presentation, Melbourne has
the Midas Touch, whether it be in the sharp lookin’ displays
of The Melbourne Museum, the breathtaking exhibits of the city’s aquarium, or just life’s simpler pleasures. Welcome to Melbourne, where everything is done with style, passion,
and a whole-lotta-cool.

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  1. As a Melbourne Resident here are some good things to do:

    1. Do the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel

    2. Visit Eureka Sky Deck

    3. Visit Phillip Island (One of the best places for tourists as it includes mazes, Motorbikes Grand Prix track, go karting, wildlife, penguin viewings, chocolate factory and Amazing Things Tourist Park) Roughly a 2 hour drive from Melbourne and enough things to fill about 2-3 days.

    4. Visit any of Melbourne's Zoos such as Melbourne Zoo, Werribee Zoo or Healesville Sanctuary.

    5. Visit the Yarra Valley for wineries and chocolate factory

    6. Luna Park in St Kilda

    7. A bit further away but The Great Ocean Road and The 12 Apostles. The Great Ocean Road starts in Geelong (1 Hour drive from Melbourne) and goes all the way to Warnanbool which is about 4 hours away from Melbourne.

    8. Any of Melbourne's Peninsula's for great beaches (Mornington Peninsula and Bellarine Peninsula)
    If visiting Mornington Peninsula visit Arthur Seat Eagle Cable Car, Enchanted Maze Garden and Sunny Ridge strawberry picking farm plus all of the towns along it such as Rye or Sorrento. There is a frequent ferry that runs between the Mornington Peninsula and the Bellarine Peninsula from the towns of Sorrento and Queenscliff.
    If you visit the Bellarine Peninsula visit towns such as Torquay and Ocean Grove for amazing beaches which are known for surfing (Bells Beach).

    9. Sovereign Hill and the goldfields in the country town of Ballarat (Just over an hours drive away)

    10. Adventure Park Geelong (Water Park) about 1h 30mins drive from Melbourne.

    11. Explore Melbourne city with Federation Square, Flinders Street Station, St Kilda, Collins Street, Docklands and Lygon Street.

    12 Melbourne Aquarium (On Flinders Street in the city)

    13 Visit Crown Casino which has many restaurants along the Yarra River.

    14 Melbourne Museum and IMAX

    15 Queen Victoria Market is good for shopping for everything.

    16. If you want snow during winter June to August visit the Australian Ski resorts of Mount Hotham, Mount Buller, Mount Buffalo, etc. While in this area it is worth visiting historical towns such as Bright and Beechworth. (Note these towns and ski resorts are a minimum of 3 hours drive from Melbourne so plan ahead for this.)

    Hope this helps some people😀

  2. Melbourne is a good place to be if:you want to have lots of tattoos, a beard and wear shitty second-hand clothing (and that's if you're a woman) and strut around like you're someone special;You want to suddenly be an expert on coffee, but the reality is, all you do is drink coffee like everyone else ;you want to buy an overpriced house ; you want to be stuck in traffic;you want to have a home invasion or for you to experience a car-jacking;you want to have a massive wait for elective surgery;you want a crowded and overpopulated city;you want a shitty airport without a train to get there;you want to become insular and think that Melbourne is the only place in the world with cafes, restaurants and a diverse population; you want to live in a nanny state.

  3. Hey guys! I made a short highlights video of my girlfriend and I's trip to Melbourne this year! It's on my channel please check it out!

  4. 18th century miner rebellion? Get your facts right… 19th century. The Eureka Stockade occurred in 1854. Nineteenth century.

  5. Melbourne has the most extensive tram network outside of India and the third developing world. Good on you Melbourne. Trams on roads are third world! And,Well At least you have enough Indians to maintain them, bcse you don't employ Australians anyway.

  6. Born and raised here. Been around the world. There's a reason this is one of the most expensive places in the world. It has everything and has the best quality. Houses, services, people, work-life balance. For a vacation in Australia I would spend as much time as I can in Melbourne. There is something new around every corner

    See my video on Melbourne's Hosier Lane! Lots of nice graffiti on the walls!

  8. With one of the highest car theft rates in the world, one of the highest home burglary rates in the world, out of control vandalism, graffiti and properly crime, littering everywhere, all day traffic gridlock, third world public transport, most unaffordable housing in the world, deary ugly brown neighborhoods …the term "hole" doesn't begin to describe Melbourne.

  9. I Really can't wait this year i will be going Melbourne!!! I really can't wait to go there with so many awesome place n beaches with blues clear water make me wanna swim over there 🤣🇦🇺

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  11. Nice video…Melbourne is awsm…pls chk out our services in Melbourne…

  12. I remembered watching this video before coming here to live in Melbourne and i think it's shittt not the city but the people who lives in it

  13. I live there! When I went on Eureka Sky deck I freaked out, but the views are awesome. Melbourne Zoo is awesome too!

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  15. Lived in Melbourne for 8 months and loved every minute of it. Surprise there's no mention of the sports here. MCG is an awesome stadium and I saw countless Big Bash games there. Melbourne Park is class too if you're a tennis fan!

  16. being trapped in a dark apt for a long time, we really need some free air.. sunshine,to breathe.. to go out..

  17. Great video and such an amazing city to visit! I have also made a short video with some Melbourne travel tips, I hope you like it 🙂

  18. I kind of live in Melbourne and we got there sometimes and I advise you to get a coffee you will not regret it

  19. Melbourne is just beautiful and I am loving it here. I have also started vlogging my travel in and around melbourne. And there is so much to see and explore that I find it very hard what to include in my vlog and what not to 😀

  20. I’m going to go study there,and I really wanna know someone is from there who can be my friend before I reach Melbourne!!!!!

  21. I love Melbourne
    I love your ad:Expedia
    Game :😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  22. What’s the best city to go to in Australia as a backpacker?

    Will be looking to get a job during to support myself

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