Merzouga Desert 🐪 Roadtrip to the SAHARA from Marrakech to Merzouga

Merzouga Desert 🐪 Roadtrip to the SAHARA from Marrakech to Merzouga

– Today starts our Sahara Adventures. (mellow music) Sahara Adventure will have
to wait just a little bit. You chew loudly. (mellow music) The Sahara Adventures begin. That’s a river. In the winter, there’s water. – Lot of the snow melting. Much water. In spring, much water, but now it’s empty. (mellow music) – Technically, we’re starting a four days trip to the Sahara with the first stop to the Dades Gorges. It’s actually quite cold out here. Layers, layers, layers. Boots. (mellow music) Smells good. – [Waiter] Have a good meal, enjoy. – Lamb skewers. (man speaks in foreign language) We’re having rose tea at a rose cooperative in the rose valley. Is that enough rose for you? We’re now in the dry season so you can’t see any roses. (the month of)May is when you want to come around here so that you can just jump into a bush and then be surrounded by roses. You might not wanna jump into a bush, but you get the picture. You want to be surrounded by roses. (mellow music) This cactus lost all of its thorns. – [Companion] What about this one? – Yeah. That one I wouldn’t touch. (mellow music) – Do that?
– Yes. – Mmm, salty. (casual music) Very salty. (man speaks in foreign language) Hot! – [Man] Hot, hot. – Marrakesh to the Sahara is actually 11 to 12 hours if you know how to drive
and where to drive. So we’re not going to do it in one shot, we’re actually doing a
first stop in Dades Gorges where we’ll sleep, we’ll eat, we’ll eat some more, we’ll see the Gorge And then tomorrow, we
should arrive in the Sahara. It’s yummy. (casual music) Olives. (catchy music) We’re going to see the Gorges, which is a series of valley. Very beautiful. Also very steep. So are you ready? Look, look, don’t get the vertigo. (catchy music) How do you feel? – All right. – Donkeys are very cute, but
walking around them is like mission avoid the donkey poo. Poo, more poo. Poo head (laughs) Earlier on, we saw the Gorge from above, and now we’re seeing it from below. (casual music) I can eat them by the bucket load. They’re a bit tangy, a little bit spicy and usually they have
a little bit of garlic. (casual music) Oh! (casual music) Just cooking it a tiny little bit more because my North American stomach might be a little bit weak. (casual music) – [Man] Here it is, there. Then we go to Merzouga. (casual music) – It’s a Moroccan Jurassic Park. (casual music) Isn’t it amazing? We made it, we’re in the Sahara! It feels like there’s only
us in the entire world or that we got lost in
the middle of the Sahara – We are in Merzouga. – So far, it’s been a lot
of sleeping on my part. Tomorrow is when the
real adventure starts. (exciting music)

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