Mesmerizing Meghalaya – Heaven on Earth!

Mesmerizing Meghalaya – Heaven on Earth!

So, it was not just me alone, I went there
with a couple of my friends and our trip started with this beautiful location known as Laitlum
Grand Canyon I knew that there is a Grand Canyon in U.S
but I didn’t know we have something so beautiful here in India as well I was really jealous of the kids because they
had such a beautiful location to play. The clouds, the valley, the whole view was
very mesmerizing After spending some time in laitlum and enjoying
the view we headed to Umiam lake to witness the beautiful sunset and the view was gorgeous Luckily we also got to enjoy the Shillong
Autumn festival which was filled with dance, music, energy and great vibes, we had a blast
and that was the end of day1 The next day, we were damn excited You want to know why? This place is the reason This place is called Dawki It’s located near the border of India and
Bangladesh I know you can’t believe what you’re seeing
right now and even and we couldn’t for a moment when we first saw such crystal clear water for the first time Boating in the dawki river was a legit next
level experience When you come to Meghalaya, you’ll come
across a lot of waterfalls But according to me, nothing can beat the
experience of Krang Suri The water was extremely cold to be very honest
but after seeing the beautiful blue colour of it, I just couldn’t resist myself from
getting in Next day early in the morning, we left for
double decker root bridge When I heard that this bridge is made from
roots, I was extremely curious to visit this place It’s situated in the middle of a lush green
forest where you can sit, chill and enjoy the beauty and calmness of nature. After that, we headed for Rainbow falls. Now the trek to rainbow falls through double
decker bridge was more than 5000 steps but as they say, “The best view comes after
the hardest climb.” And that was the end of our trip to Meghalaya We explored Shillong We also got a chance to explore Cherrpunjee
and I would love to come again and explore more Obviously, how can I not talk about family
when family is all I got They roasted me throughout the trip but I
had a lot of fun Thanks a lot Vinay and Vineet for being there

98 thoughts on “Mesmerizing Meghalaya – Heaven on Earth!

  1. Good superb …. All locations are superb. Share your no so I can learn more about the locations and shoot a music video as well

  2. I liked it and didn't like as well. The video was so short. I was expecting a longer video or some vlog instead. Don't get me wrong. The video was amazing. But it was like see but do not touch kind of thing.

  3. Hey Saurav, I have seen many photographers using kit lens for macro shots by reversing the lens. How it's useful and help me to get more of it.

  4. I really enjoyed the video. I was really waiting for this video. I loved it when that kid shot a goal ♥️. Love your work brother. You're an inspiration to me and to a lot of people out there. I've been following you for quite a long time now. Love from Kolkata ♥️

  5. I'm from MEGHALAYA-INDIA too And there are more beautiful places …you can comes and have a look in East Jaintia of Meghalaya and anyway I'm a big fan of yours!!!

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  7. When u were in shillong… I texted u some places to visit but u didnt saw my text bro…. I'm from meghalaya….. And thankx…. Visit again

  8. The favorite Moment
    When Video Started ..
    Shoot Of Waterfall ?
    Every Time Lapse ?
    And That Dawki River ?
    And That Root Bridge ?
    Thank You For The Video ?

  9. why don't you travel to many underrated places in India and make videos about them it'll be beneficial for you as photography and travel point of view and you'll have more fan base in the travelers and i know you present it better than any other vlog…

  10. If I knew the day where you were in KrangShuri fall,I would have gone to Krangshuri fall and meet you bro. I live in Jowai town which is just about 28Km away from Krangshuri fall.
    I hope you enjoyed your Meghalaya trip.
    Do visit again bro..
    Love from Meghalaya.♥️✌?

  11. A video full of great editing, awsomeness, best cinematography, excellent photography and at the end the bestest our inspiration SAURAV ❤️❤️❤️???

  12. The best part of this video is that I get to see the another two Rainbow Falls (top and the middle part). I have been there to Rainbow last year but I didn't know that.(Most of us didn't know that)We will go again to explore and find out the other two. Thank you so much.By the way I am from Cherrapunjee. ?

  13. Best moment is when you forget the World and enjoy the wonders of nature with friends.??.. For me its should be your moment in Krang Suri as you enjoyed swimming ? ???.. Obviously there are lot more rivers and waterfalls to enjoy swimming and photographing.❤??..
    What I always appreciate you is the way you make your video short and sweet to the point❤? and in this video you did it and draw more attention to the next videos cus i too was expecting this video would be longer ?

    And thanks for coming to Meghalaya and sharing the wonderful nature of Meghalaya to the World??
    Do come once again if possible ?
    Love and thanks from Meghalaya ?

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