Metal Detecting And Camping On The River: Part One

Metal Detecting And Camping On The River: Part One

We’re off on another adventure We are in the heart of gold country a lot of gold mines all around these hills where I’m at And the Civil War battles were fought right here too and there’s camps nearby Probably so there’s a chance we could find some Civil War stuff, but we’re going to do Is we’re going to hike up this little Creek right here and see if we can find any remnants of the old Gold mines or maybe some giant gold nuggets that miners lost they worked this area before the Civil War pretty much from the 1700s right up to When they have the big gold rushes West in California everybody just kind of left to look there but these are really these mines are mostly worked by slaves I Haven’t found anything yet. I’ve been in the water for about 20 minutes. Well. I did find this This is a big old iron bolt. It’s really old so we might be getting close to something I’m not really expecting the final office evening we have about three hours until it gets dark, but we’re staying out here tonight So I want to get an early start in the morning and hopefully get a decent video We’ll hunt this little creek tonight head back to the main river and tomorrow we’ll look for Civil War stuff, and hopefully we won’t be molested by any bears or haints But we won’t know until we survive the night soley by ourselves It’ll be fine. Let’s go find some nuggets. It’s my first really nice squeaker right here. It’s probably a Suspect it’s gonna. Be like the rifle casing were fired modern bullet It’s too high for Civil War bullet like we need to check it out because it could be something really cool Do you see it? Let’s go under and check it out. Boy that made a mess huh water was nice and clear that’ll clear fast Really kind of hard for me to see up here without the mask so sorry it’s taking so long, but It gives us both a little Sorry for this spit bubble Let’s get back getting Should have it, that’s a dying look at that It’s a beautiful dime Roosevelt awesome! I promise you I did not just lose that out of my pocket. I guess other people have been here before us at least walking. Still working on the river I’m seeing some stuff that I can tell that there was something going on here Hopefully long before that person loss or dying. Just dug this this is a some type of Forge to iron something Looks almost like a handle, maybe but I’m not sure but I was also looking over on this the bank here And I saw this log right here You see how the the floods have eroded the banks And there’s another log up there and that’s been cut so we need to go check that out That could be really really old and it could be part of a structure. Maybe a dam or something for a sluice box or It’s hard to say, but it’s definitely being cut like this and same way on the bottom That could be 200 years old you just we just can’t tell it was in that mud right there So let’s turn the machine on hunt this a little bit harder and we’ll work our way right up through here Man the sun’s bright Paw Paw tree’s, still too early for Paw Paw’s I think they’re getting close though. Those are paw Paw’s Even if we don’t find anything here, this is just a beautiful spot. I’m glad I came So just look around a little bit you just came up through there But there’s some nice deep holes here with bedrock Some hills that’s a man-made Hill right there that little thing. I don’t know if that’s part of a mine Or a homestead or what? What a beautiful place, huh? And we’re way out in the middle of nowhere. We’re not gonna see anybody for days Unless it’s a Samsquanch, but I’m prepared for them this time. I’ll show you tonight when we set up camp. I’ll show you I got my running shoes on just dug this little piece of iron. I really thought it was a shell fragment You know cannonball or an artillery shell fragment from an exploded ball I I don’t think it is it doesn’t look quite right, but it’s a big heavy chunk of iron It’s almost like a baby piece of pig iron, but I’m not sure I guess we’ll never know on that one Have a really nice iron signal here. I cannot see what it is, but my little heart is going pitter pat Listen to it. Ah the suspense! Think it’s gonna be too cloudy isn’t it to go under and look. Let’s go ahead and grab it with a magnet I know it’s definitely iron and it’s big. Are you ready? Ooh there it is! Yeah, it’s not heavy enough for a cannonball. That is a piece of pipe, look at that! Wow! Now that could be off of like you know a swing set it could be somebody’s plumbing in their house It actually could be old. I don’t think you can really date this stuff now I’m not really that excited about a piece of pipe, but it was a good signal And I’m so hopeful it’ll be some good stuff in here. It’s a beautiful Creek absolutely gorgeous. Hey, I wan’t to show you something. I’m stuck with my machine. Let me drop my headphones. I’m using the AT Max which of course normally has a wireless headphone, but since I’m in the water I have to use the ones with the cable because I’m going underwater with them So that’s why I’m using those today, and I can just drop them in the water, which is nice. Want to show you something over here So I just dropped my machine right there if you look at this tree You go up up up up. You can see all these leaves up here see the leaves wait Wait I can’t even reach it with a piece of pipe above my head and Uh.. A few over there, too. What that is, that is where the water level was in this Creek when it flooded not too long ago It was way way up above my head after a big heavy rain. It flushes all the stuff out of the woods the leaves and the sticks, and they get caught up in the branches That’s a good. That’s at least five feet above my head right there So there was 10 feet of water where we’re standing rushing down this Creek not that long ago If it rains tonight, we need to make sure we’re up on up on the bank there. That’s a nice high bank would be safe up there for sure Now this is not a good sign. Do you know what it is? Do ya? This is a cheap Entrenching tool something like the military would use except It’s a copy so it fell apart and what this is telling me It was probably uh, a likely story is that there was a Person metal detecting up on that hill behind me this were an area where there’s a lot of civil war activity We had this little cheap shovel and it broke on ’em. I’m someone pitched it down here in the creek That’s my theory as to how this little shovel got here. I’ve thrown them in creeks before too. Yeah, I have so you get mad when your shovel breaks so It’s encouraging because it tells me that other people believe this is a good place to Relic hunt and this is so old. I don’t think they were in the water I think this has been in the water a long time it came from that hillside up there. That’s what I’m going to keep telling myself. Okay. Let’s keep going. We’re gonna go up around the bend their hand Will try to go another mile or so as soon as the Sun gets down close to the horizon though We’re going to have to skidaddle back to the boat because we have to have enough time to set up camp A very small quick camp, but we have to have time. I don’t want to do it in the dark Just found another big chunk of iron here. That looks really old Now this could be a mule damn that we’re coming upon I bet it is I bet this exactly would and that’s probably something to do with the mill not necessary I got something ine my eye a bug not necessarily a goldmine All right, we’ll find out eventually yeah have that bug out of my eye, yeah, this is exactly what this is This is an old dam this was not on the map kind of our own little discovery so Ahh. Let’s take a look at it. You only discover the other evening. This is a great big you know bolt That’s probably holding it together, but what you can see you see these beams going across here right see that and There’s rocks up there, and you see this beam is going into it that way So there’ll be a series. I’m going across here And me they may have gotten washed away, or there could be buried This is definitely a dam right here, so it’s either some type of dam for a mill Yeah, I guess that’s what it would be for I don’t know it could be some type of gold operation but I suspect a mill. If you look around here a little bit closer because of course if it was here during the Civil War which could have been Although it’s not on a map Soldiers could have visited it and drop some stuff so little bag of gold coins We’re still right here at the dam, that’s where I just shot that last scene and I got a really really sweet squeaker right here doesn’t sound like a can but it’s reading really high. Right there look at that. Don’t know what it is. It’s big though. That’s the only thing that makes me a little nervous. Let’s go see what that is all clouded up, but we’ll use a pinpointer. I see this over here, too. You know what that is? Do ya? That’s the pawpaw that we talk about all the time you if you ever want to try eat these things make sure they’re ripe first you squeeze and They should be really really soft. I would say this is edible, but it could be a little bit softer I’m not gonna need it though because it was in the water with the Beaver poo. If you’re ever in a stream like this or even much much smaller if there’s any chances beaver in it You don’t want to be drinking the water or getting it in your mouth and swallowing it You can get Giardia it lives in your body makes you really really sick, and you can actually die from it by dehydration, but you just basically poo and throw up and That you just can’t keep the water down. It’s not like the brain-eating amoeba that get’s you. That you know kills you in water. Usually that’s just warm water. Let’s get back to the signal Thought I forgot about it didn’t ya? Did forget where it was Something I have to bring the machine over. I did find a couple beer cans earlier, so I Don’t think that’s a beer can it’s small -er, but it’s a sweet high sound it’s just nice and high brassy type thing So that’s fun It’s big though and it’s buried see it’s not some of these rocks yet, so I’m gonna have to move some these rocks It might take me a while sorry but since we really don’t have much time anyway. This might be one of the only good signals I’ll get. I don’t know. All right, am I getting that That’s a lot of umm big flat rocks and sand So I’m digging these kind of things up here Look at the quartz see any Gold in the quartz? Maybe it’s a giant nugget Beautiful piece of quartz right there that little one on top all right pinpoint it back down there It’s screaming now! I’m just gonna kind of move things toward me until it moves Yeah, we moved it, on my hand Okay, you ready, nope still won’t have it yeah Alright let’s try this again Alright we got it. Oh No! No! That is I can’t believe it read that high Batteries, that’s a battery probably to someone’s metal detector. Ha ha ha. Oh No! See that’s not reading this high, here’s that low tone Put that in a bag there’s probably a couple more down there Maybe even a flashlight or something so I’ll get my pinpointer let’s check it again. Yeah, there’s more. That’s why I was given the highest signals cuz it’s more than one Alright, I’m gonna go ahead and put the camera away I’ll dig it whatever’s up there and then I’ll show it to you. So I’ve been working on this target for like ten minutes and I’m down at least ten inches lower than that battery and it’s kind of hard uh hard sandy clay with rocks in it So I don’t think it’s gonna be related to the battery whatever it is cuz it’s still there I haven’t gotten down to her yet to listen to it on the machine here. It just sounds so good That sounds like a belt buckle or something almost or a big silver coin Now I’m not getting my hopes up, but it’s still down in this hole. I mean I’m way underneath where that battery was so Hopefully it’s not a flash light. It probably is. I’m gonna probably have to turn the Camera back off it’s really it’s hard It’s hard to dig and I don’t want to use my pick cuz I don’t wanna damage whatever it is. I just cannot feel anything yet. And all the rocks are cemented together I’m digging, oh let me turn that off. I’m digging um these kind of rocks here and they’re all cemented together with sand so I mean you can tell how dirty the water is but alright. Camera off we’ll be back in a minute. I’ve been here for like an hour digging this hole, and it sounds like a good squeaker, but it isn’t okay I uh, I’m down about I don’t know 12, 18 inches or something like that and I got the bright idea to get my magnet And see if it was iron and sure enough, it’s iron I guess it’s giving that high squeak cause it must be thick flat iron And that would make sense considering right here at the dam and there is giant pieces of iron over there So I just wasted a bunch of time Yeah that hole right here, I’m gonna throw, you can see where I been piling rocks up over there and all around. I’m gonna go ahead and fill it back in and we’re never gonna know what that is. I hate it hate it hate it but it’s probably just a big piece of iron like that thing on the bank over there and uh we don’t have enough time I want to get this Creek done tonight. I want to get that little forward and uh Get back to the main channel of the river so we can find camp find a camp so Let’s keep moving. I hate it, I hate leaving stuff like that just never know could be a cannon I suppose oh, is it a cannon oh no. It’s not big enough. I started just digging the hole and the Timbers are down there for that dam But I think there’s another dam This is probably actually than me see I’m right here look at this giant beam going across and see it’s got boards to hold the water back and You see there’s a bunch of rocks going up in there So this was probably the dam the main dam or the dam that they built after the little dam But that’s definitely something down there. Maybe just to divert the water into a flume. I can’t really say but oh There’s a fish swam by me, big giant sores all over it. He swam off though so. Alright Let’s look in the back water up in here looks like bedrock So should be pretty easy to dig maybe it’ll be a chest of gold coins from the Civil War up here But yeah, you can see that beam there, and those rocks are actually that’s a That’s probably a stone and cribbage dam where they would use stones and logs to build it Cool! Starting you to get into a lot of can lids and stuff so Boy I haven’t found a single thing I wanted to keep yet, so we’re officially skunked still I’m not gonna give up yet, we’re gonna go away but Yeah, that’s discouraging my friends Always like to come over to the mud banks and look for arrowheads and Tracks, bear tracks and what not I still haven’t found anything good I’m gonna walk up past these rocks right here And we’ll get up in this deeper water up there and start detecting. I mean it could be stuff here, but the problem is It can get buried really deep I mean it can get buried in this stuff really you know these cobbles and stuff in no time at all so If we’re gonna be out exploring I’d rather explore in the places that are easy to dig like up there It’s starting to level out though. We’re losing the hills and stuff. That’s good there’s supposed to be a road that crosses up here must. I think we’re probably getting pretty close to it. Hopefully That’s a weird groove cut in that rock look at that Imagine that’s natural Yeah, I’d say all right, I’m gonna go ahead and turn the machine back on and Keep on trucking. A few minutes ago I was talking to you about the beaver That could be could be in this little stream in Giardia, and those are beaver sticks right there. That’s where a beaver sat Or at least where a beaver had a branch and ate all the bark off of it what they do is they strip the bark. Off of the tree like that and that’s what they eat for food, so you see the branches. They’re just white like that So we know they’re definitely beaver in here, so don’t drink the water! See a cool little waterfall there, we’re gonna go up there hadn’t been up there yet some beaver stick I just came out of that area and man it was dark, and I thought was like getting ready to You know time to go to bed. I was getting ready to head back, but we have time Reason, I got the camera out was because I saw these sticks over here, and then this is again the beaver This is where he has brought the sticks down to eat ’em And I can see that he’s got a little trail going up that way I thought he might have a den back in here, but I don’t see a hole but It could have one up in there. Maybe but we’re gonna. I’m gonna hunt the edge up here up to that waterfall And we’ll go from there nice Cool little waterfall in that hole right there. That’s pretty deep Something back in there to, look how dark that is. I’m not sure what’s going on back here. We’ll check that out as well Yeah, maybe I’ll swing the machine in there a few minutes, we’ll walk a little bit further And we’ll also check that hole out over there. It looks really suspicious. Well. I looked around the waterfall I didn’t get any signals at all not a single one this hole is just where the floods have eaten up the bank You can see where it washes down through the woods I guess It has eaten underneath this tree That’s amazing isn’t it? Definitely don’t want to be standing near here during a storm. All right, let’s get back onto the main channel And we’ll go upriver a little bit further So I’m probably a good mile or two above that dam Have not found anything to keep yet. I just came across another big spike solid iron spike So I’m thinking there’s probably another dam just like it up around the bend here not too far I mean it could be a long ways, but we’re gonna keep going For another 40 minutes, and then we have to turn around and head back we can always come back tomorrow if we start finding stuff So I’m not going to come back if we don’t find. You know at least a few bullets We’re gonna go to another spot. I have another some other ideas some better places maybe I don’t know, we’ll hope anyway all right? That’s where we’re headed next kind of weird that little pile of rocks like that looks like it’s probably man made too I don’t know why but It looks like it is So I sat down on this rock here to say Adios guys. That’s the end of the video but We’re gonna go just a little bit further. We do have to be heading back soon Well, it’s just something about that area. That’s just really drawing my attention So we’re gonna go another 200 yards And then we’re going to scramble back through the woods as fast as we can get to the boat because we have to get upriver a little bit further and set up camp so 200, well 220 yards TREASURE!!! So you remember that big spike that we found I said, it’s probably another dam up in front of us well We just found it! So we’re gonna have to go a little bit further than the 220 yards so I’m about 300 yards already We’re gonna go ahead and hunt a little further up. Let me show it to you though before we scoot. Fortunately, I’m getting kind of in a hurry Uh I came upon a bunch of rocks here, so I suspected this was it and sure enough If you look right here, that’s a giant timber Going across the creek to the other side And there’s another one right there And there’s the rocks are in the middle. That’s what they use for the dam They’ve had a lot more Timbers here too, but they have washed downriver with the spikes And that’s why we found the spiked timber here. You can see they slid boards down there to keep the water back So Those could be 200 years old and probably actually pretty close to it. We’ll go a little bit further Looks kind of spooky up there though Doesn’t it yes? It’s really frightening. It’s super dark It’s also pretty deep right here isn’t it? Just get the camera out to do the wrap-up. I saw some animals are in the cross up there I think they’re just Racoon’s, but the first time. I thought they were beaver. Like a Momma and a bunch of babies. We’ll try to sneak up along the bank here Get a little closer, but we have to head out of here soon But we’re done as soon as we get up to where they were I’m leaving, so I can get back Man we did not find a single thing today did we? Yeah they left they probably somewhere up the bank. She might have heard me talking cuz I started to talk for the video You know what I’m gonna go up to that bend, I’m gonna dig through here to that bend up there then I promise you I’m leaving. I Promise Ok I’m off the creek, and I was actually getting ready to head back. I saw this rock over here I needed before And we’re gonna head back if I find anything really really aw man why do I have to look at this? Look at this! Yeah we’re going to go look at this real quick. Or not. I don’t know not we’re gonna leave. We’re going lookie there. You know what that is That’s a box turtle Isn’t that cool? I’m not gonna touch him cuz I’ve heard I’ll put my hand near him so you can see his size. I’ve heard that the We carry viruses that we can actually transmit to the turtles, so I’m not gonna pick him up. But he’s a cutie Out here minding his own business probably looking for paw paws standing in a Paw Paw patch to see if I’m gonna find him one I know when I’m at home how they they eat my tomatoes and that I’ll put like a tomato in front of them And they’ll sit there and eat it Nope none of that tree, okay All right, no Paw Paw for Mister Turtle he’s going to have to find his own So you saw those dredge boats, ah there’s a inchworm on me those things bite though, so Get rid of him. You saw those dredge boats I passed back there those are um That’s what they used to dredge for gold In this river here, and you see me use them up in Alaska, but anyway After I passed them there was a couple guys up on the bank And they kind of hailed me over because they wanted to check my boat out And I got to talking to ’em and he said that right up here somewhere kind of gave me directions that he was a Sluicing you know just digging dirt and run it through a little sluice box in the pan A couple days well a couple weeks ago, and he found three mini balls just in the in the gravel that he was sluicing when he was looking for gold and he set him up on a rock and he forgot about them, now since then I There’s been a big flood, so he doesn’t think they’re gonna be there, but I know they’re gonna be there So we’re gonna go up and look for them But we have to we might have to wait for morning because it’s a little bit further up and the sun’s going down And I just passed a perfect campsite, so we’re gonna call it quits for real maybe tonight There’s a giant Hornets nest they’re thinking that tree over there We will look at it in a minute But let’s go back down wherever we’re going to get I want to get my camp set up And we’ll hit that first thing in the morning it could be Epic you look on the corner of that tree right there I think that’s a hornet’s nest and that Island is where we’re gonna camp nice and Sandy and open I can I got a hammock that we can set up there, so have a nice fire Let’s go look at the hornet’s nest first We won’t kick it rivers really shallow if had to get out a few times and see it’s only a couple inches deep right there It’s a little bit deeper on the side We’ll get as close as we can hopefully won’t sting us to death I don’t think I’m gonna turn my motor off. Just in case they come after me. Yeah. look at ’em flying in and out That’s like instant death if I was to hit that thing we’ll keep moving That’s the place right there, I thought we’d camp for the night. Doesn’t look like anybody’s there so might as well Sweet home again home again jiggety-jig Letting the water out of kayak that cut in there for me getting in and out Let’s go check out the camp See what you think? So far I like it. I like it a lot. Oh, yeah, yeah Hopefully there’s nobody over here. I have plenty of firewood so we’d be good there you see where the water was up here not that long ago that guy said there was a big flood here, so Yeah, I think we can set our hammock up right in here somewhere Yeah this look’s good. Oh Sweet I like it, dry our clothes right there. What do you think? I think we did good Let’s set up camp Though as I’m getting everything set up here after you’re really careful because there’s a million little toads in here And I’m afraid I’m gonna step on them. There’s one right here look One by the bottle that’s my water bottle, I’ll pick it up in a minute And there’s someone else they’re just everywhere. Run little buddy. He’s rad isn’t he? There’s little one there, look at that. They’re fast Have to be careful now what I do is I put all my clothes my wet clothes I hang them up, and I know they’re not gonna dry but that’ll keep Animals from getting inside like the little toads And cuz I don’t want to squish them in the morning when I put my boots on. So I’ll hang everything up like that for tonight. I’ll have nice dry clothes We’ll see you after awhile!

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