Mexican Street Food Tour in Mérida – HIDDEN GEMS Restaurants and Attractions in Yucatan, Mexico!

Mexican Street Food Tour in Mérida – HIDDEN GEMS Restaurants and Attractions in Yucatan, Mexico!

– [Mark] The main dish that we came here to eat is called huevos motulenos. Oh, the yolk, look at
that, the yolk is spilling. Oh, that’s a beautiful thing. Okay, I’m just gonna
pick this up with my — Carlos, huevos motulenos. – Huevos motulenos. (Mexican music) – It’s a harmony of wonderful flavor. Oh, it just sprayed. Good morning, I hope you’re
having an amazing day. It’s Mark Wiens. I’m in Merida, which is the capital and the largest city of the
Yucatan state of Mexico. This is a beautiful colonial city. Today, we’re just gonna walk around, we’re gonna explore, we’re gonna eat some incredibly delicious food, we’re gonna visit some sites, go to some heritage locations, and just fully explore Merida. I’m gonna share it all
with you in this video. Ying and Micah are here, and we’re also here with my buddy Carlos, and his wife, and their baby as well, so it’s gonna be all of us exploring today. (Mexican music) There’s two places that we want to check out for breakfast this morning. The first is a place in the market. After that, we’ll go to a restaurant for a different breakfast. (man speaks in foreign language) (acoustic guitar music) There is a lot of
amazing-looking food immediately, but we’re looking for a
place called La Lupita. (Mexican music) This place is absolutely amazing. It’s all market dining. There are stalls. We found the place, it’s called La Lupita, and it’s right next to,
they’re selling fresh meat, they’re selling fresh vegetables here, so all the ingredients
are quality, are fresh. Most of the dishes they have here are all Yucatan specialties, including a dish that I really want to try which is called the relleno negro. We also got some cochinita pibil, which is also a very
well-known Yucatan dish. This is a great dining environment. (Mexican music) (man speaks in foreign language) (Mark speaks in foreign language) I’m gonna first grab one of the tacos, the cochinita pibil. These are little, wrapped, they’ve wrapped them all the way up. I’ll just open it to see what’s inside. We can also add some
salsa in there as well. (acoustic guitar music) (speaks in foreign language) (man speaks in foreign language) (speaks in foreign language) (man sings in foreign language) This taco is absolutely awesome. The pork is just fall-apart tender, very flavorful, very juicy. That salsa, it actually
has a vinegary taste to it, which is very sour, which I
wasn’t expecting, but I love. It’s so juicy. Another dish that I
was very excited to try is called the relleno negro, which is a black chili stew. They actually burn the
chilis, they blacken them, they mix it with their spices, and then it’s usually with turkey. This is, there are some
big chunks of turkey and an egg in there. Mmm. Oh, it’s kind of mild in
flavor, but it’s really good. It’s a really harmonious
blend of ingredients. You can taste the roasted,
blackened flavor of it. It’s not spicy. I think you can add your own chilis. Then that turkey is
just fall-apart tender. It’s juicy, mmm. It’s really an exquisite
blend of ingredients. For my next bite, I
don’t know if you can see up really close, but there’s a little bit of sausage in here, as well as egg, and the waiter told us
we’re supposed to eat it all together with a pavo negro. Get a little bit of all
of that in one bite, and then stick this into
my tortilla with all that. Oh, that habanero is
gonna make it awesome. (Mexican music) Let me add a little
bit more of that sauce. Oh. Mmm. Mmm. Mmm. Those chilis are not that hot. That’s a great combination though, and those black chilis, it’s mild, but flavorful at the same time. Okay, another specialty
in Yucatan is panuchos. They’re almost like tacos, but it’s a totally different shell. It’s like a corn tortilla, but
it’s stuffed on the inside, so you can see those layers, and you can see what’s underneath it. I’m not totally sure what’s underneath it. Then it’s topped with a bunch of meat, and there are some
onions on there as well. Then it’s all fried and kind of greasy. It looks amazing. It is filled with beans, and then I think the whole thing is deep fried
because it’s all crispy, but you can see that there, a very thin layer of black beans in there. The meat inside is called pavo escabeche. I think it’s turkey, and then also topped with some sauteed onions. (Mexican music) Wow. Oh, that’s incredible. The shell is crispy, and then you’ve got that thin layer of salty
black beans on the inside. Then it’s fried and kind of greasy. The meat, the turkey, is
really fall-apart tender. Those onions are incredibly sweet. That’s insanely good, but
I’m just gonna give it a little squeeze of lime, and maybe add on a little bit of salsa for my next bite. This salsa is actually quite spicy. I’m loving it. (Mexican music) Mmm. This is the best thing. Okay, the final dish that
we got is called mondogo. It’s similar to menudo. There are some organ meats, and it came, the organ
meats, on top of the bowl. Then you just toss it
into the hot soup below, so it’s already been mixed, and we added, what did we add, we added
some chopped green onions, a little bit of lime in here. Normally, you would eat this on your own, but we’re all sharing it. You can see the big chunks. Oh, that looks like a
worthy chunk right there. This looks like a piece of a stomach. You can see that padding area. Oh, I love it. Mmm, mmm. It’s a little bit chewy, but really good flavor. Maybe a little bit tomato-y,
a little bit salty, you get the crunch of those green onions, and those pads of stomach. (electronic music) I like that. We ate a little more
than we had anticipated here at La Lupita, but the food was so incredibly good, we couldn’t resist. Everything was top notch. Everything was delicious. Everything was new to me as well, but I think my favorite
thing was the panucho. It’s absolutely delicious. The turkey just melts in your mouth. You’ve got that crunchy, oily
wrapper filled with beans. That gives it a different twist. You gotta try that, it’s amazing. (speaks in foreign language) We’re walking next to the next
breakfast, number two spot, but this is gonna be more of a sit-down cafe style breakfast. There’s one breakfast dish
that I wanted to try there, but some coffee also sounds
incredible right about now. (electronic music) Is this it? Maiz, Canela y Cilantro. The place is called
Maiz, Canela y Cilantro. It’s so nice and friendly. They’re doing all the cooking. It’s just a family-run restaurant, so yeah, this is just the family kitchen. They’re cooking cafe. (woman speaks in foreign language) I can’t wait for the huevos motulenos. This is a dish I’m really
looking forward to trying. (Mexican music) This is a really nice place to relax, and sit, and just to have coffee and food. – Americano? – Americano (speaks in foreign language) Oh, that’s a good coffee. Mmm, oh, this is perfect. Oh. The main dish that we came here to eat is called huevos motulenos. Motul is a city. It’s not too far away from Merida, but they’re famous for this dish. They invented this dish. There’s tostadas on the bottom, then a couple of fried eggs on top, then tomato sauce, then it’s sprinkled with diced up pieces of ham and cheese. Then there’s some bananas and
platino on the side as well. Let me break into the egg. Yeah, you can feel how crunchy it is. Oh, the yolk, look at that, the yolk is spilling. Oh, that’s a beautiful thing. Oh, there’s (speaks in foreign
language) too on the bottom. There’s beans, looks like
refried beans on the bottom. Oh, and there’s peas in here too. Okay, I’m just gonna pick this
up with my fingers sort of. Carlos, huevos motulenos. – Huevos motulenos. (Mexican music) Oh, that’s amazing. The eggs are cooked perfectly. You got the runny yolk,
so creamy, it’s so rich. Then you’ve got the crunchy
tostada on the bottom. You’ve got the light tomato sauce, you’ve got the ham and cheese. It’s a harmony of wonderful flavor. Let me try this habanero. Oh, it just sprayed. Mmm, not too spicy,
but really good flavor. Yeah, you know what, you
can tell that’s a habanero. Oh, it’s good, and a little habanero juice shot up my nose. (Carlos speaks in foreign language) – She wants to be on the camera too. That’s what I heard, she told me. – The platinos are delicious too. Oh. – [Carlos] That habanero, man. – Yeah, that habanero. When you get to the seeds
in that habanero, wow. It goes up into your head. That feels awesome. Yeah, that’s a little bit spicy. (Electronic music) Come on, Micah. Come on, buddy. (woman speaks in foreign language) (speaks in foreign language) – Bye-bye. (speaks in foreign language) Charming place, really
friendly, really good food. Those huevos motulenos,
that was delicious. Also, the coffee was fantastic. Micah and Armando loved
walking around that courtyard, and they’re so friendly there as well. From here, we’re walking, it’s not too far of a walk to Centro, which is the central area of Merida. (electronic music) We’re on our way to Centro, but we’re doing a little shopping. We’re looking at the clothes. We’re thinking about buying this shirt, or that shirt for Micah. I’ll let you know what decision we make. We decided to go with the blue. Micah chose it himself. That looks extremely comfortable. I do sort of want one too. (electronic music) We walked over to Plaza Grande. This is the Centro, the center of Merida, but walking through the
streets is so beautiful here, the colors, the history, the well-preserved colonial architecture. It’s a charming place. Yeah, right to my left-hand side, this is the Catedral de Merida. Then you have Plaza Grande over here, which is just an open, public space where people are hanging
out, and relaxing, and just enjoying the beautiful weather and the culture here. This is fantastic. I feel great. We’re thinking about taking a horse ride in the horse carriage
because it’s perfect, it’s nice, this is a perfect environment just to stroll around. We’ve got two boys, and they
want to ride the horses. Okay, let’s take it. (horse hooves clop) (electronic music) – Take a picture of (speaks
in foreign language) (electronic music) Right now, we’re passing
through Paseo de Montejo, which is a historic street in Merida. (guide speaks in foreign language) (electronic music) – [All] Cheese. – We made it back to Plaza Grande. That was about a 45-minute ride, and it cost 300 pesos for all four of us. That was well worth it. It was a great way to roll
around and see Merida. They have these chairs
that are facing each other. They’re a little too romantic. (Carlos laughs) But great for having a conversation. (electronic music) – Mangos. – Are you getting a mango? (speaks in foreign language) We’re walking towards
Mercado Lucas de Galvez, and we’re getting there, but
stopped to have a quick mango. This is a green mango, and I think there’s a bunch of chili, and probably, maybe some salt and
sugar in there as well. Mmm. Oh, yeah, it’s salty. You can taste the chili on it. Maybe a little bit of sugar too. Then, the mango itself,
very, very sour and crunchy. That’s delicious. Great snack, but it’s so sour. It’s the type of sour that
will start to hurt your teeth if you eat a lot of it. – Ooh. – There’s lots of toys and flowers, but for sure, there’s gonna be a lot of delicious food here. That’s what we’re looking for right now. (Mexican music) (woman speaks in foreign language) (Mark speaks in foreign language) – Mondongo. – Mondongo, oh, okay, mondongo. (woman speaks in foreign language) (Mark speaks in foreign language) (woman speaks in foreign language) (Mark speaks in foreign language) (woman speaks in foreign language) We found some stalls at the market, and this is upstairs. They also have a lot of stalls to eat at within the market downstairs, but the upstairs is a little quieter. You have a little more space. She looks like an amazing chef. She has all sorts of different dishes. Actually, it’s quite a task to figure out what to order, but we got a couple of different dishes to try. We got a plate of mole
that we’re all snacking on. I’m gonna try some of that mole. With chicken drumsticks in here. Mmm. It’s kind of a sweet mole, but it is good. It’s like a rich chicken. We got another plate of relleno negro. I guess relleno negro’s very, very popular in Merida and throughout Yucatan. They recommended we try it, so I don’t mind having another plate of relleno negro for lunch today. Mmm. Oh, that little piece of
sausage, that’s amazing. Again, those burnt, blackened
chilis in there as well. We just got a melon shake, and they pack it to go like this, in a cup, with a plastic bag, with that giant air bubble at top, but the straw is still in there so you can’t spill it. That’s pretty cool. That is a packaging I haven’t seen before. That’s zero spill. Oh, yeah, and that air will, oh, you can just leave
that air pocket in there. Mmm. It’s just blended melon. (Mexican music) A dish that I was very excited to try is called sopa de lima. It has just arrived. It looks really good. It’s a soup. You can see there’s some
tostada shells underneath, or maybe some chips. Then there’s shreds of chicken on top. There are slices of lime. There’s onions, there’s slices of tomato, and some cilantro sprinkled on top. This is gorgeous, it looks beautiful. Shreds of chicken, there’s some skin in this bite, some onions. Mmm. Oh, it’s really sour. Those fried tortillas, they’ve
soaked up all of the juice. The main thing that stands out, it’s like a really thick chicken soup with a really refreshing lime taste to it. This is an all-in-one dish because you’ve got your fried
tortillas in the bottom, and then you got the soup,
then you’ve got the chicken. This is an all-in-one dish, so you can just eat it as
is, and it’s delicious. I love it. This is a delicious dish. We were just talking with the auntie here, and she said that there are many different styles of sopa de lima, but she makes a version that
her grandmother taught her, which is a traditional version. That’s what we’re eating, and you could just see how she made it with such love, with such expertise. They do have some salsa
that I need to try though. Oh, with the tomato in this bite. Oh. Oh, that salsa is amazing. It’s a little bit spicy. It just has wonderful roasted
chilis, smokey flavor to it. This is the best dish of
lunch without a doubt. Just a family-run little
stall in the market. Yeah, that’s just like home cooking, and the best dish for me was
definitely that sopa de lima. I absolutely loved it. That’s a recipe I want to make
again, I want to have again. Wow, it was so flavorful, so good. We’ve been walking around
this park for a little while, and just ultimately relaxing. Micah is taking a nap,
but there’s one more dish we want to try, a Yucatan Mayan dish. We’re trying to search. It’s really actually
hard to find in Merida, in the town center, so there’s one place that I think serves it,
but we’re gonna have to jump in a taxi, and we’re going there right now.
(electronic music) That was about a 20-minute taxi ride. We made it. The restaurant is called El Tikinxic. They’re known for seafood,
including a special type of fish dish that I wanted to try. This is one of the only
places that we could find it, so I hope it’s gonna be good. It’s really in the neighborhood here. It’s a residential area. It looks like just somebody
has opened their home, and they put chairs and tables
around the courtyard area. I’m excited. (waiter speaks in foreign language) We’re ordering a bunch of seafood, including some ceviche,
and also the main dish that we want to try,
which is called tikin xic. As we’re waiting for the food, they brought us some little appetizers. There’s some ceviche, there’s some kind of shredded something, and some beans. Mmm. Oh, that’s amazing. Carlos is just telling
me this is cahuamanta. It’s like a type of stingray. Mmm, shredded, it’s almost like chicken. It’s delicious, really, really tasty. Sea snail ceviche with
onions and tomatoes. Mmm. Black pepper flavor in there is fantastic. It’s very limey, very
fresh with those onions. We got fried shrimp with coconut. Then we also got this unique dish, it’s a fish filet which is stuffed with a variety of things and then wrapped up into a roll-up. Then it’s deep-fried so it’s
all crispy on the outside. Then we also got a plate of ceviche. I’m gonna go in with a piece of tostada. Oh, this is just loaded. Look at those shrimp,
look at that octopus. Oh, yeah, look at that bite. Mmm. Ceviche never gets old for me. Main dish that we came here
to eat has just arrived, and it’s called tikin xic. It’s a Mayan Yucatan dish, and you can typically order
a full fish made like this. We would’ve, but they said
it takes an hour to cook, and with the kids, we don’t
really have that much time, so we got the filets, and
it comes in banana leaves, so it’s roasted in banana leaf. Let’s see what’s in this packet. Oh, that puff of steam
immediately comes out. That smells incredible,
the roasted flavor. Those banana leaves are charred and steamed below here. Oh, it’s so hot and fresh. You can see the filets of fish down there. The redness, I think, is
coming from that achiote, which is a commonly-used
Mayan fruit herb spice. Then there’s a bunch of peppers, onions, and tomatoes on top of it. Oh, it’s just baked and steamed inside of here, and it’s juicy. Mmm, mmm, oh yeah. Mmm. It’s so smokey. The fish is kind of neutral-tasting, has a little bit of,
like, sour and smokey. Those are the flavors that I taste. It’s delicious, it’s really good. He said we could add some of these onions and cilantro to our fish as well. I’ll try it with some onions. Mm-hmm. That’s just a great, solid dish. Next up for the seafood crochet. It’s loaded with almost
all the different seafoods. It’s all the same
seafood from the ceviche, just in totally different shape and form. Mmm. It’s wrapped in fish which is deep-fried. Then you’ve got little pieces of squid, and I think that same sea snail in there, as well as onions. (Mexican music) Final dish is the coconut shrimp. They’re battered, but even
the batter is coconut. That’s kind of a sweet
coconut milk dressing. The sauce isn’t my favorite. It’s a little on the sweet side, but the actual shrimp are awesome. We just finished with dinner, now waiting for a taxi to go back home. Oh, man, it’s been quite
a lot of food today. I’m pretty full, and it’s been a long day, but such a good day. Merida, it’s a beautiful city. It’s well-preserved. It has so much culture. The people are friendly,
the food is awesome. I pretty much enjoyed and loved everything we ate today, but I think, probably, if I could
choose the best things, it would be the panuchos
and the sopa de lima. What else did we eat today? But really, everything
has been outstanding. Oh, those huevos motulenos
was also excellent. Everything was really good. Merida is an amazing little city to visit, and it has so much to offer. I hope you enjoyed this
video, this full food tour, and walking around, seeing
some of the attractions. Please remember to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it. I’d love to hear from you in the comments section below, and if you’re not already
subscribed, click Subscribe now. I’m gonna be publishing lots
more food and travel videos. Also click the little bell icon. That way, you get
notified of future videos. Thanks again for watching. I’ll see you on the next video. Good-bye from Merida.

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