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  1. Beautiful video. The instrumet (little box) is called cilindro and the man that plays it is called cilindrero. They used to hsve a monkey alive that helped the player. Also the first cathedral built in lstin america is in Mérida Yucatán. You should come visit.
    Co gratulations on your video

  2. Well, most presidents of Mexico have been mestizos. Benito Juárez was just more indigenous looking than others, but Porfirio Diaz had an indigenous mother too. Mexicans tend not to over obsess with race issues.

  3. I'm impressed with this kind of information, just you didn't say any thing about the templo mayor which is between the cathedral and the national palace great work and i will start following you in all your videos CONGRATULATIONS

  4. There is nothing even close in beauty and monumental architecture in the United States that can even come close to the marvels of Mexico City. The city is a true historical and archaeological monument to the history of the Americas.

  5. Gracias por hablar bien de Mexico, pero no sabes nada de su historia, todas tus referencias son erróneas.
    Thank you for speaking well of Mexico, but you do not know anything about its history, all your references are wrong.

  6. spanish ppl didnt find ruins they destroyed everything then build what churches with the ruins that they made. because they thought that aztecs buildings were not too christian.

  7. Estas muy hermosa, visita la avenida reforma, el ángel de la independencia o santa fe jeje o el castillo de chapultepec

  8. You my darling are the best example of a foreigner without a clue about a country trying to explain, history, architecture and culture from Wikipedia, Im from Belgium and I've been several times to Mexico City, I hope you don't think Im a hater, because Im not, but your knowledge of Mexico is non to zero, good luck in your next trip

  9. I am sure I passed by the first one when I was on a bus going to Queretaro, many years ago. I wished I could have gotten out and seen it it looked beautiful.

  10. Después de la oficina postal te faltó el Munal, lugar donde hicieron la primera película de " the Librarian" y el caballito.

  11. Te sugiero estudies previo comentar algo, encuentro varias imprecisiones. Visita Teotihuacán, te va a sorprender ?

  12. I loved your video! I was in Mexico City in early April as well and I felt so lucky to be in my country's capital exploring the streets, seeing the people, the monuments, the architecture and enjoying the delicious food. Thanks for sharing. You did a fantastic job. I shared on my Facebook for more people to discover the amazing Mexico City.

  13. Outstanding,great video. Love your work.????Great channel you have the most interesting walking channel I've ever seen. You truly have taken this form to a new level. Well done!

  14. IN MINUT 13:13 YOU SAID.for the construction of the Cathedral they 3 centuries an finished in 1656,Impossible, the Spaniards arrived to this "city " in 1530..three centuries means 1830. Sorry you are wrong. HERNAN CORTES never lived in "Casa de los Azulejos".this building was constructed in early 1900's..Cortes came to "Mexico" in 1540.

  15. Beautiful..everything looks amazing..Hope to go one day..love the little music in the background..takes you back in time.????????

  16. Excelente video güerita, de verdad que tienes muy buen contenido y algo queme gusta mucho es que de verdad te informas muy bien, te felicito acá tienes un nuevo suscriptor!!!

  17. Por cierto el instrumento de manivela que mencionas se llama Organillo y el que lo ejecuta se llama organillero y en efecto son de ese tiempo que comentas llegaron a México durante el mandato de Porfirio Díaz directamente de Alemania y en su gran mayoría son de la marca Wagner & Levien, además de lo hermosos que son pueden llegar a pesar más de 50 Kg. Y por lo antiguos sus piezas son muy costosas traerlas de Alemania así que en muchos casos tienen que fabricarlas aquí mismo con puro ingenio mexicano, de hecho algunos alemanes comentan que desconocen totalmente el origen de este instrumento pues algunos creen que es originario de aquí lo cual resulta muy gracioso, en fin no me imagino un día en el Zócalo o en mi Coyoacán sin los organilleros y su bella música por eso siempre que puedo les doy algo de $. Saludos Güerita!!!

  18. Gracias por mostrarme a mi país , yo ya visité CDMX pero el conocer más información respecto a estos lugares que no sabía , me hace amar más a esta ciudad. saludos desde el norte de Mexico . A 3 horas en avión y 2 días en autobús

  19. I was born in Leon Guanajuato Mexico ?? ? is a beautiful city ? u should visit and glad u like Mexico idk why trump hate Mexico n Mexicans but we have Better country ? 5-7-19

  20. Honestly, I never liked Mexico City (studied there and worked for 6 years) but now that I live far away, now I see its interesting part. Thanks for sharing (worked just across the block from the Palacio de Bellas Artes) also viele Grüßen aus Deutschland ????‍♂️

  21. Hello Nicky, I'm glad you visit my Beautiful Mexico City…did you know that the Beautiful "Cathedral Metropolitana took 300 yrs to build… because of the different wars in Mexico , the Zocalo is the 2nd largest square in the World ( Zocalo means monument base. in the 1800 after Mexico Independence ,the first government was going to put a monument celebrating the Independence, only was the base…People start to called just Zocalo, the name remains, the monument become a reality in 1910 , is the Beautiful "Angel" in Reforma ave, The House of Tiles" is from 1700's was built by a rich marquee, and the blue tiles are from Puebla,Mexico. The Artisan painted is called "Talavera" most white and blue, they made Pottery, Tiles, Glasses etc.

  22. Se llaman. " organilleros " and these musical instruments were made in Germany !!. Now all the spare parts are made in Mexico !!!

  23. This is one of the best walks around CDMX videos I've seen! Maybe next year I can go back in during Jacaranda bloom season!

  24. Yes, I walked that place when I was a kid, I took it from granted, not a big deal at those times, but I think I'm in love now, with the place but specially with you, you are beautiful, thank you.

  25. I visited all
    1.- Fine Arts Palace.- i enjoyed the paint wall in one their floors, where many wall painters as Diego Rivera left a mark in there.
    2.- House of Tiles.- I enjoyed the good food, as a good moment to read a book, in a place where keeps the original style from the Porfirio Diaz's era.
    3.- Metropolitan Cathedral.- I went down to the bishops tombs
    4.- Tha Postal Palace.- A remembrance of the times where Mexico, was proyecting it self to the modernity, by the hand of Porfirio Díaz.
    5.- Zócalo o Constitution square.- Where early in the morning, or at 18:00 hours, you can see the flag's ceremony, or if you get in September you can celebrate the Independence day with the Cry of México on September 15 and or watch military parade the next day I leave you the links

    The night of the Cry of México

    The military parade.- The Kinetic Kennons made this video in one part of the city, but the military parade begin in Constitution square.


    6.- National palace.- Where I enjoyed the paint walls inside, also there is a museum, dedicated to Benito Juarez one of the most notorious president of México in the XIX century, but in the 200 anniversary of Mexico's Independence day and the 100 years, Mexican Revolution, parts of National Palace, closed to the visitors, as the president's office , the meeting room, the president´s library, ambassador hall, where the president receives his guests and then go out to the crowd to make the mexican cry in the Mexican Independence celebration, all that was opened, I do not know if there's still open I don't think so.
    As a cultural fact, the mexican flag waving in the Zocalo square as in Mars camp or Campo Marte are made in the military industry, the fabrics are the same one used to manufacture the military men and women parachute and the eagle and the snake is painted by hand.

  26. The streets and squares and churches are huge , because the Spanish , kept the original street layouts left by the Aztecs thousands of years ago and , simply tore down the temples , to make squares and Catholic churches, so you can imagine how huge those ancient temples were

  27. hello . I suscribed to ur channel , coz I wanna practice my English , my level is upper intermediate . I was living in playa del carmen and I have two months living in Mexico City. greetings

  28. I highly recommend to visit the José Luis Cuevas museum close to El Zócalo. Amazing museum full of post muralist mexican art.

  29. now thats a coo set up with the 4k and the overlay of the walking came what set up did you use for this looks amazing

  30. By the way Nicki if you want to spend a Christmas season in Mexico there is a video


  31. You forgot the most important historic in the zocalo, that's the pyramid that they discover i think it was 30 years ago, and that's the ruin they build the cathedral with .

  32. What a badass video I just got back from mexico, Michoacán, jalisco and nayarit , i already want to go back. I want to visit CDMX so bad

  33. I Love Mexico From Egypt, I have heard about Mexico and Mexican People before
    The Mexico are One of The Best Countries in The World

  34. Fun fact: The Cathedral took so long to build that it actually encompasses 300 years of architecture, it started out Baroque but eventually they added Neoclassical, Gothic and Romanesque.

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