Mexico Travel Vlog (Chichen Itza, Cave Pool Diving, Street Art) – Rozz Recommends: Unexplored EP5

Mexico Travel Vlog (Chichen Itza, Cave Pool Diving, Street Art) – Rozz Recommends: Unexplored EP5

Hey this is Rozz, I’m here in Mexico. First stop, San Miguel De Allende. It’s a really quaint, colourful town. Here in Mexico I’m gonna be making two other
stops in different areas, one in Tulum which is a beautiful beach resort and I’m gonna
be exploring Mexico City as well. Why am I even here? Well because of my friend Prashant! Miss you, Singapore! This dude here is solely responsible for my
trip around Latin America and he is the sole reason why I’m even here in Mexico. This crazy dude here – he’s Singaporean
– last year he did something crazy. He bought a one-way ticket to Mexico with no plans whatsoever
and now he’s been staying here ever since. How is it? Best decision of my life. So I’m gonna be going around San Miguel…tell
us about this town. San Miguel was the centrepiece of the Mexican
independence, it’s where Mexico gained independence from the Spanish. And it’s a really really
beautiful quaint old town, there’s a beautiful little church. It looks like a fairytale church.
Like something out of Disney. Pink spires…it’s an amazing place. And of course Mexican food, who doesn’t like
Mexican food? Mexico is kinda like the tail end of my Latin
America trip. The food in Cuba and Bolivia, I would say nothing to write home about but
Mexican food though…oh my god. We’re gonna explore street art and take it
easy and stuff our faces. Yeah let’s walk around San Miguel. Okay so now we’re exploring the neighbourhood
of Guadalupe and you know I’ve been travelling solo for about a month right now and it’s
so nice to wrap up my trip with people! Hi! Friends! This is Lucy here, she’s Prashant’s
friend, I met her on this trip in Mexico and now we’re hunting down a what, tequila booth?
A tequila booth, yeah. Please, how the hell did you come across this
tequila booth? So I saw it on Instagram, I’m a big fan of
tequila so…need to find it. That’s all it takes. Now we’re gonna go on
a hunt for this tequila booth, it’s just a red box by the street. This is the most instagrammable hood ever. Guadalupe… Gotta make a stop over here when you’re in
San Miguel. So when in San Miguel, stay at Casa No Name.
It’s a really quaint boutique hotel, extremely stylish. I’m gonna take you guys around. This is just the rooftop lounge area. The beautiful fireplace / bar. This is the really tiny and cosy swimming
pool. Oh my god, so beautiful. And it leads to the downstairs courtyard. This is the chill-out area. This is what a bedroom at Casa No Name looks
like. Extremely cool. So San Miguel is a UNESCO-protected town? It is, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage site.
If you look at the streets, it’s all super clean. You’ve got people washing it and sweeping
it in the morning. You mean it’s not common? Uh…no, not in mexico. The facades of the buildings are all protected,
you’re not allowed to paint any of the buildings a different colour. They’re all this kind
of red, orange yellow hues. And you cannot build over a certain height. So pretty! Why would anybody wanna paint over this? Look
at these super manicured trees. This is the park square and these are the circular trees,
oh my god I can’t get enough of them! I just got to Tulum, Mexico! I cannot wait
to spend the next 4 days here, the beach and the water look unreal. This is the beach by my hotel, the Nomade
Tulum. Very, very, very hipster. It’s all pretty much nice and balmy like this.
A bit like Bali but more upscale. Today I’ll be cenote hopping. The first one
seems to be a really dark cave. Oh my god! So beautiful! Oh my goodness, it
is so beautiful! Okay so this is Pet Cemetery Cenote. A cenote is pretty much one of these natural
cave pools and I’m gonna be doing a one-hour guided tour here. This is the first of two cenotes that I’ll
be exploring today. So excited! I sound like one of those influencers…”So
exciting!” I’m now in Chichen Itza, one of the seven
wonders of the world and this will be my fourth wonder and this… is Mario! So Mario has this crazy special pass that
allows us to come in here before the crowd comes in at 8am. This is when the whole complex opens. We just shot some milky way shots, right? Yeah, it was amazing. Actually with her camera
and her skills, we got the best picture I’ve ever seen in this place. He set it for me. You know, I highly recommend
that you hit Mario up when you come here if you wanna see the Chichen Itza because look,
there’s nobody. By 8 or 9am, this whole place will be swarmed
with tourists. Of course it’s gonna cost you a lot more.
At least about USD500 thereabout? I’m rounding it off. But… having the whole place to yourself like I
said, is pretty out of this world. If you want details or contacts to the guide,
just hit me up and I’ll send you an email. I’ll be honest with you, this whole entire
ground takes about two hours to comb, and it’s impossible to make any sense of it if
you don’t have a guide. So the Mayans were a really ingenious bunch
of people. They were astrologers first and foremost and all these complexes are kinda
like put here for a reason. To tell the time, the day, and also… the acoustics here are amazing. I’m gonna clap. Can you hear the sound of
the bird? Oh my god! Everything here is so properly planned that
the acoustics sound amazing and at some point in the year in the summer solstice, the sun
will shine right through that. And what’s this? A platform for dancing. Oh this platform is directly facing the pyramid
because when song and dance happens, the acoustics here go crazy ballistic. Amazing! This is another one of the complexes, it’s
quite important. This is the planetarium and inside, there will be pools of water where
astrologers and priests will look down to see a reflection of the milky way. Hey, so I just checked in to my hotel right
here in Downtown Mexico… it’s called Downtown Mexico. I’m gonna show you the room right now. This is the entrance. Beautiful tiles. This is the gorgeous bedroom. This totally speaks to my taste when it comes to aesthetics. There’s even a balcony that looks out to Mexico City. Prashant used to stay here for how many months? Six months. And he was like oh my god you have to go and
see the post office, it looks like… Gringotts Bank, cos I’m a huge fucking Harry
Potter fan. Oops! It’s okay, I’m a huge fucking Harry Potter
fan too! Yes it really does look like the bank Gringotts
in the Harry Potter series. It’s an actual working post office. This is the back end of the post office. So people actually come here to mail their
letters and go about their daily post errands. One of my favourite things to do is a street
art tour, it’s a great way to know the city and the art that surrounds the city and this
is Joco. Jocan. Jocan, sorry! Jocan is an artist in Mexico and he’s taking
me around to check out street art and this is amazing. Oh my god this is so cool. So we’re here at some rooftop and we’re gonna
tag a wall. I’m really stressed because I’m not artistically
inclined. Don’t worry, it’s okay. It’s funny. Part of the street art walkabout… includes spray paint and he’s setting it up
right now. The last time I used spray paint, my hands
were just all red for weeks. These drawings behind me don’t look like much
but trust me man, they’re way better than anything I would create from that spray can. Okay guys, so with a lot of help, I managed
to get my imagination onto a wall. This is it. Yay! You get a sense of how dangerous this city
may be when you see regular policemen wearing bullet-proof vests. I’ve come to the end of my trip in Mexico.
I’ve been on the road for over a month right now and I am so glad to be ending my journey
here in Mexico. I went scuba-diving in the Cancun underwater
museum, a must to add on your bucket list. I highly recommend a stopover in the quaint
and picturesque town of San Miguel. It’s beautiful at every turn, it’s super chill
and it’s extremely affordable, guys. And then finally I’ve capped off my Mexican
journey here in the heart of it all, Mexico City. It seems to me like the Mexican version
of Bangkok. There are some posh areas here in Mexico City but also some areas that are
a bit rough around the edges. The restaurant and bar scene here is booming, guys. And it’s super affordable – I know I keep saying affordable because Mexico City is fucking affordable. For example, a super posh, luxurious 9-course
meal with wine pairing – that’s like 9 glasses of wine – would cost you S$400 in Singapore
but here, you can expect to pay S$100. If anything, I would come back to Mexico City
just to eat my way through. That’s how amazing this place is. If you’re a serious foodie, Mexico City is your spot. People here are super friendly as well, I
mean the guys are super cute, really cool. My dating life will boom and light up right
here in Mexico City. I think this is my scene, yo. What am I doing in Singapore? Sheesh.
Dry spell for two years. I cannot believe that my journey has come
to an end. Honestly I’m not ready to go home yet. It’s through this month-long journey
that I’ve discovered more things I wanna do that I might wanna just spend more time here
like a couple of months or something. Not here here in Mexico City, but you know, around
Latin America. Time to head home, I’m very overwhelmed and
I need time to compose my thoughts. But I definitely left a piece of my heart here in
Latin America. But hey gotta look ahead, right? Can’t afford to look backwards, gotta go back
home, see my nephew. I missed my nephews’ birthdays, both of them. I really miss local
food. The next time you see me on Clicknetwork, I will be in the North Pole. For now though, if you wanna follow my Instagram
for travel photos, follow me at @heyrozz and don’t forget to hit subscribe okay? If you
wanna watch the videos up to a month before they hit YouTube, don’t forget to download
the Clicknetwork app. For now, I’m signing off from Mexico City. This is Rozz, bye-bye.

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