Mike ‘The Instigation’ Reflects on His Past | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

Mike ‘The Instigation’ Reflects on His Past | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

He got us home safe. I mean, we have a designation, but you were
the instigation first, before you were the designation. Yeah, enough with all that sappy
(bleep), let’s watch
Mike being a scumbag. Cut to season one. Oh, for real? I can only imagine
when there’s no bad guy. Who’s gonna be the bad guy?
Situation, no problem. He was up to something. I was always up to something. You were, always. Mike is always hooking up
with the same girls I’m hooking up with. I committed the robbery. Ew! Why did you
always take his girls? Mike used to be the creep. Robbery. I was like, you know what, Vinny was trying to rob
my little chick. I was like, you know what, I’m gonna teach him
a lesson right now. Vinny! Oh!
That’s right! Yo, Mike straight up
took your chick, bro. I don’t know, he was going at me
with my sister. Your sister. Me and Snooki,
we kinda hooked up. Like, what the (bleep) is
going on? Dude! What is wrong with you? What? You’re telling everybody that
I cheated on Jionni with you. Why would you even say that? Yo, this clip is extra long. Ooh, this is when we fight. We had a lot of instigations. This is when we fight. Stop getting in my business,
you (bleep) Stop (bleep) getting in my business, you
(bleep)! Whoa! I hate myself.
(bleep) Stop! Stop!
I’m not even kidding, Mike! (Bleep) you! (Bleep) you! He was
dodging that (bleep)
like the matrix. Jesus, I didn’t- (Bleep) you, Mike!
I didn’t. Mike, I’m not kidding!
Aah! Whoa! It was real up
in the battlefield. I’m so sorry.
You went out of your way. Ronnie was so funny last night. He’s like, “Watch what
happens, bro,” he’s like, “I got like, five girls
coming to the house right now.” You went out of your way
in Italy to just be a brat. I don’t have anything to do
with your relationship, Ron! Mike always has to cross
that line. We had squashed a beef, but Mike likes to
start problems. Like, he was just drunk. He didn’t know
what was going on. This fight actually was scary
between you two. That was the most
intimidating … yeah. Let’s do it! Get the bleep) up bro! What are you talking- You’re such a
(bleep) tough guy. What are you talking about? It’s always (bleep)
behind my (bleep)
back what I did to Sam. What are you talking about? Don’t get involved in my
(bleep) relationship!
I’m sick of this! Yeah, you wanna hit me?
You wanna hit me? You wanna hit me?
You wanna hit me, tough guy? You wanna (bleep)
do it? You wanna do it? (bleep)! Oh, I hated this fight. This is so scary. Ooh! (Bleep)! Stop!
Aww! That was a mistake. Oh my God! In hindsight, I should’ve
at least like, inched over to the wall,
and just like, dink dink. Tap it with your hands. Little tap, and like,
is this sheet rock? No.
No, this is cement. You should’ve headbutted Ronnie,
he would’ve expected that. Exactly! As much as I’d have to say
that hitting the wall was very unpleasant, it turned out to be
a turning point in my life ’cause I eventually went to
rehab a couple months later, and it was the first time that I
wanted to make a change in life. I thought that the old me
wasn’t working, and I needed
to find a new way, and now I’m here today,
three years clean and sober. And I’m so grateful
that I have every single one of you guys
in my life today. We’re grateful that we have you. Absolutely. I like
the designation way better. Well listen, it was
a different Mike back then. Yes, a different Mike. Proud of you. Yo, (bleep)
Mike. Don’t go anywhere. There’s plenty more
Friendsgiving coming up. I love you,

100 thoughts on “Mike ‘The Instigation’ Reflects on His Past | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

  1. Mike was never good looking so I’m not surprised his face morphed into something else later on. Pauly D is so handsome, looks younger than his actual age. Ron and Vinny are decent looking too. I always thought Mike was least appealing of them all, yet he was the most vocal on calling others grenades. No good looking girl would have slept with him if he wasn’t on TV. Let’s be honest.

  2. I love seeing how much Mike has grown up. That watching these clips he can laugh at himself. Not many people can do that.

  3. Mike is currently named the incarceration BUT he will be out of prison September 12, 2019 gotta hand it to him he cut a sweet deal with the prosecutors keep in mind he allegedly avoided paying taxes on $8.9 million.

  4. Why did his face get all big and puffy? I just didn't know if something with his health went bad or what

  5. Snooki has grown so much..but I have a real hard time respecting her cuz she will not admit she banged Mike..(I believe they did)..until she admits it, I will always have a lil bit of "hmmmm" in me about her..just ADMIT it Snooks!!

  6. I hope Mike can do well out of prison. I am hoping his past just caught up to him, and that it won't ruin what he had going (assuming what he had going was legit).

    Prison blows, and it makes people into worse/better criminals. Along with the massive amount of drugs and how cheap they're in prison… The abuse…

  7. I literally almost wanted to burst out crying when Mike was going off at Ron and smashed his head against brick wall. Scary AF! 🙁
    I'm glad to see Mike sober, healthy, married now days (2019)

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