Milo Murphy’s Law: Family Vacation – Sneak Peek / SONG

Milo Murphy’s Law: Family Vacation – Sneak Peek / SONG

Have fun, Milo!
We don’t have to go, right? No. We’re keeping an eye
on Diogee. Stay home, Diogee…
That was easy. Where are you headed?
Nowhere in particular. Wait, you’re going on vacation
but you don’t know where? We used to plan,
but it never worked out. So now we just
go with the flow. For generations, Murphy family vacations
have been historic. San Francisco earthquake,
the Titanic, Hindenburg… Mount Vesuvius?! Well, to be fair,
no one ever talks about the quiet volcanoes. That’s the funny thing
about vacations. It’s like Dad always says: Nope. I’m not “always saying” anything today.
I’m on vacation. ♪ Well, we don’t know
where we’re going ♪ And we’ve got
no ETA ♪ No itinerary, compass,
nor pre-scheduled agenda ♪ But at least
We’re on our way ♪ We’ve got a mini fridge
filled with electrolytes ♪ For when we feel
the need to replenish ♪ And a funky foreign
second-hand GPS ♪ That always speaks to us
in Flemish ♪ It’s the
Murphy family vacation

7 thoughts on “Milo Murphy’s Law: Family Vacation – Sneak Peek / SONG

  1. Se que sonará feo pero en todas las imagenes de desastre, la única foto que pasa piola como foto de viaje es la de Hindenburg. Bueh, no era la idea mostrar el dirigible incendiandose, pero todas las otras mostraban ya el desastre en pleno. Genial adelanto, que lleguen luego los capitulos…

  2. Me encanto , que todos hallan viajado , en momentos trágicos "historicos" ("Historicos" por decirlo de alguna manera) xD
    Aunque puede ser ofensivo para algunos .3.
    Titanic , terremoto de San Francisco , MT. Vesuvius , el incendio de Chicago , Hindenburg… xD

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