MINECON Live 2019: Bees Holiday Update

MINECON Live 2019: Bees Holiday Update

Please welcome Agnes and
Cory from the Minecraft team. Hello Agnes and Cory. What do the two of
you do on the team? Hello so I’m the lead of
the Minecraft gameplay team. I’m on Minecraft gameplay team. Very convenient. So you’re here to tell us
about something pretty exciting and pretty
adorable, what is it? Yes. So we’re going to talk about the very cute and also useful bees. Bees, let’s look at some bees. Yeah. So you can
see here the bees are going to and from the flowers, pollinating flowers gathering
some pollen and nectar, taking it back to the hive. As they go, you can
see those dropping the nectar and pollen particles
and growing the crops actually. So you can learn the
relationship between the bee, and the flowers, and the crops, and the hives that way. Yes. That’s awesome, they’re a little bigger than I would’ve thought. How did you decide on their size? Yeah, so originally we thought maybe we’ll
have you know tiny bees. Everyone expects this to be
tiny, they’re already tiny. Tiny bees are not cute enough. They make you feel
like they’re annoying, they’re swarming in your ear, and then big bees we tried
bees the size of a full block. That was way too big. So we settled on about half
a block and we think it’s the cutest size for a bee. That’s awesome. Okay. People
like the size of the bees. Apparently so. Yeah. You actually thought
a lot about how the real world and the game
mechanics go together. So let’s look at some of the ways you’re teaching
people about bees. Okay. Yes. So you can see here
the campfire is being placed underneath the nests in order to gather the honey
and honeycomb safely. One issue actually is
that as you can see here, if you harvest without bringing
the campfire underneath, the bees get angry at you because
why are you invading their home? That’s not cool. The campfire is smoking and allowing
the bees to calm down. I think it really nicely
to the details when they stung you actually lose their
stinger and eventually die, which of course is very sad but that also would work
in real-life actually. Okay, and you’re really excited
because people can learn more about bees through
Minecraft and that’s something pretty important
to the two of you. Yes. So often actually when we add things
to Minecraft we’re thinking can we teach something
and in this case since the bee population is decreasing a lot in the real world
which is a big problem, we really felt that we wanted
to like teach to players. So that’s why one of the
reasons that the bees need flowers in order to produce honey
and to speed up the crop growth. Because if you actually
plant more flowers in the real world that would help the
bees in the real world as well. Cory you took this like learning about bees to the next
level. Tell us about that. I did. I actually spent a long
time going out and researching. I met with several bee experts. I went and studied hives, I studied nests, I lived as
a bee for a while actually. I feel like we need to see some
footage of that to believe it. Yeah, I think we
have that actually. Bee-lieve it right. We’re going to meet the bees. This is the urban. Big eyes. Okay Cory, it’s a wrap for today. All right Leif it
was good to bee here. So how much did you learn about the bees on your little expedition? I learned way more than anybody should
ever know about bees. Except maybe the bee expert. Except maybe the bee experts. But there are so many fascinating bee facts out
there that I learned. I mean both Leif and Josephine and the people I met were
incredibly amazing, wonderful people that
taught me everything. So I actually used a
lot of that knowledge to work on bees in Minecraft. That’s really cool and that’s
going to become a YouTube video that’s a bit of a documentary
about the process of bees. So you’ll be able to watch
that in a few weeks. I think next week. Next week. Yeah. Perfect. Yeah. But there’s one thing no
one has seen in any snapshots related to the bees and we’re going to premiere
it here at MINECON. So what is it? Yes. So we’re actually adding in new block and that’s the honey block. Let’s see the honey block. So it’s very sticky and as you can see you can’t
really jump when you are on the honey block and it’s also sticky on the sides so you
fall down very slowly. Also, you can’t really run on it. It keeps you going pretty slowly, so you can’t go very fast. You can’t really outrun anything. We also added some interesting
piston mechanics to it. So the honey block blows
with piston and also, players or animals on it will also move together
with the honey blocks. So how do you see players using
this amazing new honey block? Yeah. I think it would
reciprocal if players used these moving honey blocks to create some platform game map and the players have to jump
and they move around. I think that could be really fun. Yeah, and I’m really looking
forward to parkour maps. I really want to see players utilize the sliding mechanics
up and down but also the inability once you jump
down you can’t jump back up. So normally if there’s
a one-block difference you can just go back and forth, but with the honey
block you’d be stuck. That’s amazing. Last thing Agnes, I know Cory has taken up a big hobby. It sounded like it. Okay. You started doing it too. But Cory, what is Cory’s hobby? Yeah. I haven’t officially
started doing it. It just happened. But so for months every day there is at least 10 probably
more like 100 bee puns every day at the office. Okay Cory, then to close
out the bee section at MINECON Live 2019, can you give us a bee pun? I mean that’s pretty
situational though. I can’t just wing it and
bee creative like that. There we have it. One more pun. [MUSIC]

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    Me and my class:SAND!
    My teacher:wow where did you all learn that from?
    Me and my whole class:MINECRAFT

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    Minecraft:no too dangerous
    Future minecraft:adds panda, foxes and bees
    Future me:youre getting there ^w^
    Very future minecraft:will add dragons
    Me: ….. too Dangerous ehh -_-

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    -And of course take your time!

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    This name is already very popular in the russian community, it might as well be made official.

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