He gave it to my daughter, Lassie. He proposed to me. They proposed on the river seaside Hey, jet packs are really cool. Hey Can we keep these? This is such a cool way to travel! I see our campsite. So, do we need to set up for the wedding? No, I think our campsite is fine No, you guys you heard him if it’s not… you don’t know how deadly these guys are. If we don’t set up as we promised, they might kill us (O.O) You’re right. Okay, I need to slowly land down, so I don’t die. There we go. Rainbow: I hurt myself Come down, Gold There she is. Hello. Well, you know what guys this area over here is pretty cute for a wedding. Look, it already has string lights. So they can get married right here. You know what, Imma take off this jet pack. Anyways we need to gather flowers, and food. What else do we need for a wedding? I don’t know. Umm…We need white! We need to make white drapery. Oh! Let’s take some stuff from Gold’s RV (:D) WHAT!? What? But, that’s my stuff, why would you take it from there? There’s nothing they could possibly use. Remember what the clown said. He wants their wedding to be perfect. You know we should just take these flowers too. Might as well use them. Come on, lets take-I’m gonna take your bear rug, Gold. I hope you don’t mind. We’ll take your bear rug. And they don’t need a tissue box, a fruit bowl, that’s defiantly needed. Whoa! Hey Rainbow check this out! Rainbow, where’d you go. What? Look at what’s in Gold’s fridge, she has cream cookies, and a bunch of melon smoothies Those are perfect for wedding appetisers. Let take them. Yup. I’ll grab this. And let’s see, she has nothing here. Oh perfume, this is gonna be my wedding gift. Gold, I hope you don’t mind I took your perfume I need a wedding gift too, Funneh. Can you just say we shared it? No, no, no you can take this. Hehe WAIT DID YOU SAY PERFUME! ARE YOU GUYS TAKING MY STUFF! HEY THAT…That perfume’s expensive, you can’t use that. But, it’s party, and-I mean, if I don’t have a gift for her, she’ll get mad. Then, what’ll I give them for a wedding gift? You can give them toilet paper. (Perfect idea, Funneh) Oh wait, maybe I’ll give her this mirror, she really does like looking at herself. That’s true. We’ll get some reception chairs One. Wait, how many chairs do we need? Just enough for us practically. Three chairs Ooooo! Hey Gold, I never knew you had a cooler up here, I’ll take this. Ugh! She’s literally taking EVERYTHING! And, that practically it. Now…Oh! We should go to Draco’s tent, or cube. Yes! He probably has a lot of stuff. Draco has a chair in here. What else does he have? He has the digital fire, which I don’t think they want that. A basketball hoop? Anything in there, Rainbow? He has hamburgers! And pizza! And a hot wing box Nice! Wait! Maybe that girl likes fishes, I should give them a fish for a gift. No! You saw what she did to the animals, put it back, she’ll kill it. Maybe you can give her…Here, let’s see if there’s anything else useful. You could give her Draco’s computer. Nah. I don’t think he’ll like that. That’s true. We have some fresh vegetables we can put up for the wedding. He’s coming already! T-Tell him to go somewhere else, Funneh! How did you get here so fast? Oh wait jet packs. Umm…It’s almost ready We have the strawberries, and do you have anything for your daughter’s wedding? You know, since you’re the big host. No, you have to give it. Okay. Fine, fine. We’re just setting up Just…ah…Yeah, don’t worry. We got everything set up. Just give us a little more time. Just go around. W-What? He just called us smelly. Here, we’ll just use some of her perfume. For Rainbow, there you go Rainbow. Oooo! Gold. What perfume spray is this? It smells delightful. It’s called fruit punch. Okay, here have some fruit punch. Mmm… And some for myself. (Gold: I really don’t wanna give that perfume away) Well…I’m sorry Gold, it’s for Draco and Lunar, okay. Just think of it that way. Okay, I’m ready, I got all the wedding flowers We’ll just place it around here. So, it looks really fancy, right? We got the strawberries, for every beautiful wedding, we’ll just collect a couple more flowers. Here. Come collect flowers guys Flower And let’s get a beautiful red one. And this one. Where are you placing them? Oh nice, nice. So we got our poppy We have our dandelion, and…Yup, I ran out of flowers. You gotta place it like this Funneh. It has to be perfect, remember. Okay perfect Gold, I think it’s perfect enough, here and here. Now, I will put down the two chairs, for the wedding reception. Last, but not least, we’ll put down a cooler and our beautiful fruit bowl. There! Now, this looks like a gorgeous wedding. Right guys? Where do I put the grapes and strawberries? On the floor? I don’t know. BOOM! Bear rug! O-Okay…It’s kind of… No, it’s pretty. I guess it looks like the bear rug matches, it looks better in my AV though. No, no, no. It must be right here. Now, we have a beautiful wedding area. Do you think they’re coming yet? Do you think Draco and Lunar are coming? They have to come, well-Draco for sure has to come, he’s getting married. But, I don’t know about Lunar Maybe…Lunar escaped already Maybe, she is pretty smart, but we’ll just have to wait and see. Okay, now let’s just wait for sundown. I think it’s sunset already. Where’s the wedding? Psst. You guys What? I got some handcuffs. Shh! No! Hide them! Yup, would you like to see the area? Yes. Okay so we got these fairy lights up, we got a fruit bowl, we know you- Why are they called fairy lights? Ah…Because they look like fairies. I don’t see no fairies. They’re regular lights? What makes them ‘regular’? Oh my gosh. Anyone care to explain. Hello there! My newly best friends. (Gold: Hi) Is it ready? Y-Yes, it’s ready, but where’s the groom. And the bride-I mean the flower girl. They’re being prepared for the feast. Oh! The feast. What feast? I think he’s talking about the wedding. I think he knows what he’s talking about. And I see you all have dressed very nicely. Ah, yeah we totally dressed really nicely for your wedding. Do you like my wedding dress? Your wedding dress is absolutely beautiful. Thank you! So, let’s start off with a little activity before your wedding starts. Right? Oh. Yes, yes. This game is called ‘you guys close your eyes and we drop all the presents in front of you.’ And you have to guess what it is. Okay. GIVE ME THE PRESENTS!? Okay, so you have to stand right here, Mr. Clown Where? Right here. Against this fence. And beautiful daughter, you must stand here on this fence this fence. Okay…Okay you ready Okay, now it’s time to handcuff them guys. Okay, you give one to Rainbow and one to me, and you distract them. Here, distract them with these gifts, and be like “Oh, they’re all for you.” and blah blah blah blah You took my smoothie from my fridge. Yeah. Why do you have a smoothie anyway? Um. I was trying to make it a really nice camping trip and I guess you guys decided to give it away! Psh! Whatever Sassy Gold (Sassiest Gold) Just talk to them. While we handcuff them. Alright, are you ready to see your wedding gifts, Mr. Father of the bride? Hey! Rainbow, handcuff the clown. Alright. Shh! Okay! There you go! And you get these beautiful melon smoothies. THEY TASTE BAD AHH! this smells bad, it smells like sewage! THIS TASTES LIKE SEWAGE You have just been… CLOWNED! What! I-I’m sorry, I’m not very good at this. Wait they just said they were clowns… Oh…You’ve just been…CLOWNED! I’m gonna try to make that a thing. Was that suppose to be funneh? (I had to) Because it wasn’t. Well, were going to save our friends now, on our jet packs. They’re probably still at the campsite. And you can just hang around here. Or, you can just say “You guys can just clown around here.” (YOU GET BACK HERE) Hehe, that’s a good one. What! No! Whoa! They’re throwing stars! No, no, no guys, let’s get outta here! Say bye, we’re going to save your husband. He’s still trying to throw stuff at us. GET BACK HERE! Bye! Come on guys, lets go back to that site, I bet Lunar and Draco are still there. *Something about refuelling* Wooph! We landed safely back in the campsite, now where’s Draco and Lunar. Draco! Lunar! Are you guys here? Draco? I’m over here! Hey Draco! Are you okay? Yeah. Weren’t going to eat me? No…They’re going to make you a husband Oh I thought they were going to eat me. (As if!) You were going to get married Okay! Anyways Weren’t you listening the whole time? You couldn’t hear anything? No, just woke up. Uh huh…So, he probably drank some kind of potion. Anyways, do you know where Lunar is? Umm I think I saw them bury her over there. *GASP* They killed her! Oh no! Oh no Lunar! Lunar! We’ll save you Lunar! Lunar are you down here?! Lunar? OMG! Get me outta here! Are you okay? I’m okay, they just said something about flowers though. Oh! I get it, she’d the flower girl, so they buried her. In flowers. That’s strange. By the way you guys were captured by clowns right? Yeah, I was trying to shoot her, but then they-they’re really good! They dodged it. I don’t know how they were able to. Oooo! Are those jet packs! Oh, yes they’re jet packs. We’re going to use them to escape. So…um…By the way, you don’t want to go back to the camp. The clowns own the camp now. Forget about all your stuff And lets agree to disagree that this was the best trip ever. Okay. Kind of? Okay, but don’t we need to save Ender and Nova first…? Oh wait! You’re right. We just have to go back and grab them. And then you can hug Ender and you can hug your kitty And we can jet on outta here! Guys the jet packs are in the chest And lets go save our pets! Well my pet and Lunar’s pet! Lets go! Ready? Lets go! Dad! Are you done gnawing off your handcuffs yet? Yeah Too bad those people came out and took away the pet food, huh? I mean the pets turn their food and my husband Let’s go see what she left in her trailer Why are you hired? Yes in mind you like society

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