Minimalist DIY Travel ESSENTIALS | PRO Packing Tips ✈?

Minimalist DIY Travel ESSENTIALS | PRO Packing Tips ✈?

Whether you’re a lady, a gentleman, or for a friend here you go, Bro. Even if your’re in a relationship, bring these for someone else because someone always asks for condoms. Hello everyone and welcome back to Vagabrothers, your go-to channel for travel advice and inspiration on youtube. Now if you’re new, you don’t know we are I’m Alex. I’m Marko, and we are two brothers who’ve been traveling the world as full- time travel vloggers for the last four years. We generally spend over half the year on the road ,so we know exactly what you need to pack for any trip of any size. Now we’re guys, but whether you’re a guy or girl , a lot of these principles are the same. We always travel carry-on, but we’re going to teach you how to pack in a separate video. This video is our minimalist travel essentials packing list to help you bring everything you need and nothing you don’t. We’re going to put a links down below in the info box for all the products that we mentioned. So if you’re new, make sure you hit the subscribe button and get ready take some notes. First off the absolute essentials: Your passport. Sounds basic, but you’d be surprised how many people forget it. Also, get a digital copy and email it to yourself. Bring some cash. I go to my bank and I carry crisp, hundred-dollar bills. This is specifically for emergencies, like worse comes to worse, you’ve lost a lot of stuff or your bank accounts are frozen. This is what you can use go to exchange at a bank and get the local currencies. I thought you were going to say, ” This is what you’re going to use when you’re doubling down on the roulette table” Exactly. Also bring an ATM card if you need to get local cash. There are going to some transaction fees, but it’s pretty affordable. Also some small bills for tipping or some baksheesh, which means money to make things happen in certain parts of the world. Thought you said hashish- different. No do not travel with that. Travel essential is a credit card. Obviously, most places around the world accept credit cards, just make sure that you call the company beforehand and notify them that you’re going to be out of the country because if not , they made freeze your credit card. Then you have to spend hours on the phone trying to get unfrozen from a foreign country. Another good tip is to get a credit card that gets you miles. We’ll go into that in a different video. Lastly, you can put everything together in a passport organizer. This one’s from Belroy. It’s really nice quality, but anything will do as long as it’s safe and secure and you won’t be spilling your passport and tickets on stuff on the ground. If you’re also a frequent traveler you might just consider keeping your oyster card or metro card from New York or Paris if you’re through those cities more than once every few years, it’s worthwhile to put those in there as well. Next up: electronics also extremely essential these days. So first off a power converter. This is what’s going to let you charge your electronics in any country. We recommend getting a universal one so that you can change it whether you go to England, which is different than Europe, which is different than Australia and Asia. Just get a good one you can use in multiple countries that should last you for years. A cellphone. Obviously not many people are traveling without these things nowadays. Even if you don’t have an international data plan, you can just flip your phone in airplane mode and pick up Wi-Fi along the way. Also make sure that you download google maps. You can use it offline, and this will help you get from the airport to the hotel. Next up not as essential, but a tablet is a good idea, either an ipad or any other form of tablet. What’s really great is Netflix app which allows you to download shows to watch offline. You can download a whole season of something and binge-watch on the airplane. It’s a really great way to make time fly. Netflix and travel. Pretty chill Super-important are noise-canceling headphones. Train travel, plane travel, all very loud. You want a good set of noise cancelling headphones. If your headphones are bluetooth headphones, make sure that you bring the cord so that you can plug it in and watch movies on the plane. All right next up: to document your travels, your going to want to bring some sort of camera. The GoPro Hero 4 or 5 session They’re all really good, especially if you’re going to be outdoors or doing water activities . If you want to do something a bit more minimalist, you can just take an ollo clip which is pretty cheap, and it basically turns your cell phone into a wide angle lens or fish eye, which is a lot easier for taking selfies. If you want something a bit more sophisticated, you can get one of these point and shoot cameras. We use the Sony RX100 4, but the new 5 version is even better. It takes great video, great photos. We actually use it a lot on this vlogging channel, so we definitely recommend it. We just get this little tripod on the bottom ,and then you have a pretty good thing for doing all sorts of cool photography.. Remember guys, There’re links to all of the products that were talking about in the description box. Super-important, easy to forget, easy to lose …charging cables. iPhone cable or Android if you use that a mini-usb..this will charge the vast majority of your electronic products, and if you have a GoPro, a GoPro charging cable. To store your cables, I prefer using the Digital Burrito. Yes, this is a real thing from Jansport. No you cannot eat it. You cannot eat it. People have tried. It’s a great thing for storing your cords right here. You can put your power converters over here, maybe USB drive, whatever you want, and it rolls right on up. Viola! Organizing and staying cool. The main question a lot of you might have is do you need to bring your laptop? In our case, we definitely do. We bring laptops; we bring external hard drives. But for a lot of you that might not actually be necessary. Most of these new cameras allow you to sync your photos directly from the cameras to the phone where you can put them on the cloud. So bringing a laptop is definitely a personal choice, but for us it’s an essential. Last things here: do not forget to bring the USB charger where all these chords plug into. If you can get one has multiple ports, that’s way better. It will save you from having to have a bunch of different adapters. Also smart to bring a battery pack, especially if you’re using your phone a lot This one here is from Anchor. It’s really slim. Definitely recommended it. These things charge up overnight and will give you that crucial re- up when you need in the middle of day. I need that battery, Mate. Next up: in flight gear. I never go anywhere without a journal and a pen. It’s a great way to keep track of how your travels changed you as a person. I do my first one before the trip. I always do them on trains or whenever i’m going from A to B, and then a last one to recap it all. With travel a lot of time you are sitting around waiting for stuff, so having a good book, having a journal definitely great ways to pass time. Speaking of reading, we recommend you get a good book. I usually travel with a Kindle. I like to have a Kindle. I do paperback because you can trade the travelers. This is the most time-honored tradition ever… trading books with other travelers. Other travel essential is a refillable water bottle. We use Nalgenes with the carabiner clip.This thing is crucial because you can hang it off of the seat in front of you on a plane and definitely you’re saving the environment by using a refillable water bottle. Other travel essentials are eyeshades and ear plugs. Both are good for sleeping, but they can also be good to cut off conversation from the talkative person next to you on an airplane. Doesn’t work on your brother. Okay moving on to clothes…very essential. Start off with underwear. We recommend Ex-Offici. They are both for girls and guys, but they’re easy to wash, and they’re very breathable. They’re really easy to wash in your hotel room, which is why you don’t need to bring that many pairs. Their tagline is one pair of underwear for a trip all the way around the world. We recommend going with three, but definitely an essential piece of kit. Four pairs of socks: one dress here; one warm and cozy for the plane and then two pairs of athletic socks. Next moving onto layers, starting off with shirts. We typically bringing three shirts. I mean you don’t want to pack too much. You can always buy something later. I typically go with two button-down shirts and also a t-shirt..Keep in mind to pack in outfits. So whatever you’re going to pack for pants, you want to make sure they coordinate. We’ll be doing a video about travel style a little bit later where we go into further depth about that. Two pairs of pants, one light one dark. We recommend the Traveler Jean by Banana Republic. It looks like a jean, but it’s super stretchy and breathable and super comfortable. A jacket if you’re not going to be wearing it all the time, get a Patagonia kind of puff jacket that you can crunch down and zip up or just a normal sweatshirt, which you can wear pretty much every day. Regardless of where you’re going to travel how cold it is, the principle’s the same: if you’re going to the snow, you still bring one jacket. If you’re going to place that could be cold, you still bring one jacket. You just change that jacket depending on the weather and layers. Lastly, you do need to bring some sort of waterproof shell… a rain jacket is good, but if you’re going to the snow, you might want to bring something thicker, like a parka. The rain jacket that I’m wearing here is from Rains. It’s a Danish company packs down light, and it’s got some cool stuff. Next up: shoes Shoes and travel don’t necessarily go together very well. A lot of people tend to overpack shoes. We recommend doing it like this: one primary shoe. We usually bring boots, and we wear those on the plane. A pair of flip-flops for lounging or if you’re going to go to the beach, or if you’re in a hostel for going into the shower, and an ultra-light kind of running shoe. So if you’re going to be doing anything active or if you want to go for a jog or hike, you have that option as well. A final few things here: swimsuit, which can double as workout shorts, sunglasses, hats. A lot of people have asked where I get my hats. I get the crushable Jackson Fedora from the Village Hat Shop. com There’s a lot of crushible options out there. It’s easy to travel with Fedora as long as you can crush it, and it comes back to life. Also bring a quick dry towel, which is really handy for the beach or showers in hostels. This one’s from Nomadix. And lastly, a reusable grocery bag. I tend to put my ultralight running shoes in that bag, and then I use the same bag for dirty laundry when I’m traveling. Last but not least: toiletries Ladies we’re not going to cover makeup in this, but a lot of these toiletries have overlapped with you, so stay tuned. A toothbrush; this one’s designed for travel and packs into itself. Toothpaste. Nail clippers because you don’t want to borrow someone else’s. Hand sanitizer because traveling gets you dirty. Deodorant for the people you’re traveling with. A razor unless you’re growing a beard. Chapstick Honestly, chapstick is super important, especially when you’re on the plane. Get that dry mouth, and there’s nothing worse than that. If you want shaving cream, I recommend Trive and Disaster. They have…. It’s under a hundred milliliters. It’s super smooth ,and they also make a whole kit here of travel poetries, that include moisturizing cream, face cleanser and body wash and shaving cream. All smells really nice too. Clone or perfume for those intimate moments, I prefer a solid clone. They also make solid perfumed, but this one’s from Fulton & Roark. It can go on carry-on, not liquid. Whether you’re a lady, a gentleman or for a friend… here you go, Bro Even if you’re in a relationship, bring these for someone else because someone always asks you for condoms. Pills…. not the type that you take at the club, but the ones that actually do good things for you. This is the daily vitamin. I basically fill this up with daily vitamins ..Advil and melatonin for going to sleep on the plane. If you don’t know what melatonin is, it’s a natural sleep aid. It’s available over the counter, and it’s really effective in combating jetlag. Also bring barroca or vitamin B, which help for hangovers because when you’re traveling, you can’t afford to lose a day because you had a wild night the night before. Also it’s just good for staving off a sickness when you travel you don’t get a lot of sleep your internal body clock is all off so you’re way more susceptible to getting sick which is why the daily vitamins, the barocas, the vitamin B supplements, all of these things are really going to help you when you travel. Also if you’re going to a tropical area, vitamin B can help prevent mosquito bites, so it’s really good. This may sound weird, but X-Lax seriously when you travel, irregularity happens and X-Lax is your friend, just don’t get the chocolate because maybe one of your friends eats it on accident, and bad things happen. Don’t know what you’re talking about. Neither do I. Lastly, a sewing kit. You can take these from hotel amenity areas, and for that reason you can also take shampoo and stuff from hotels. It’s not steeling. It’s reusing. Take all your toiletries and put them into a toiletry bag . This one is a Dopp kit by Topo Designs. They make some good stuff, and yeah, it’s all organized in there. That’s our essential kit. If you want to see how we fit it all into a carry-on bag, make sure you hit that subscribe button and turn on notifications so you get the latest travel tips and inspiration every week, not to mention our vlogs. They’re pretty cool. Anyways guys, if you enjoyed this video, you know what to do: please give it a thumbs -up , share it with your friends and subscribe if you have not already in the meantime stay curious, keep exploring, and we will see you guys on the road. Peace.

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  3. For minimal a knidle and phone with a decent camera is a good idea like a s7 onwards. dont bother with a point and shoot camera as its a pain to have and is bulky unless your really into photos. A pasport holder is stupid and bulky gopro is really not needed and forget noise cancelling bulky headphones a set of skullcandy smokin buds 2 block alot of noise and are tiny and dont scream rob me plus beats are junk. a journal while nice is bulky compared to a phone app

  4. Great video! I actually do almost all of these already. Here are a few things I was surprised by: 100 dollar bills, cologne and pills. First, the Benjamins…

    have you ever had a problem with having a bank accepting the bill? In South America, I've had serious challenges with them. Maybe I've had bad luck, but the people/banks there don't have a way to test it, and there are apparently a lot of counterfeits.

    I was so shocked when I heard the word "cologne"! I always want to pack some, but I ultimately decide it's not worth the risk of having that expensive liquid confiscated or the bottle breaking. I'm also, too, lazy to use a dropper to put it into a smaller container. I L.U.V the idea of solid cologne! Very cool.

    For pills, I've been using HumanGear "GoTubb":
    I love it, because it's a more packing friendly shape, and it's surprisingly secure, yet it's easy to open. Since I pack a variety of vitamins of liquid, powder, disolvable, etc types of pills, I put a piece of cotton and a PillowPak to absorb any of the moisture that might damage the pills. It's a silly and low cost item, but it's seriously been a great change for me. Definitely check it out. The Medium 5.3 cu in. size has been perfect for me. I recently put 18 days worth of a variety of medications and vitamins with plenty of room.

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    If you like painting/sketching, take a few pieces of good paper, cut them in half, fold them again depending on the size you want, then either stitch or staple them together with a piece of Manila folder as a cover. The flat style of toothbrush travel container will hold six pencils, or grab a water brush and either a travel size watercolor palette or make one using tubed watercolor paint. Take a piece of that good paper, fold it like a greeting card then on the inside put dots of paint spaced out (just like the toothpaste) and let it dry. When It's completely dry put it inside the book you made and you're off.

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  26. You mention Google Maps but if you’re travelling in a country whose language you don’t speak fluently, Google Translate is a godsend. You can download language packs to use offline and call it up anytime for quick translations. I always like Duolingoing a language for a few weeks or months before departure too, but obviously that’s a lot more work and only gets you so far.

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