33 thoughts on “Minimalist Life: 5 Summer Lifestyle + Skincare Tips to Help You Simplify

  1. Hi Ann how are you?You are looking really good.Your tips are appreciated. Thank you for video and blessings and greetings and hugs from the north east of England.xoxo

  2. It’s so refreshing to see you minimize items in your space! I’ve been decluttering myself and giving each item its own place and now it’s become a habit and it feels amazing:) also, you’re glowing in the intro and it makes me so happy!

  3. Generally good advice. But why 2 sunscreens? In case you want to use one or the other ok cool…. But then don't call it minimalist as that's not really the spirit 😉

  4. i find it so hard to declutter, I have so many items of clothing that i haven't worn either for months of even ever. Some are still being in bags. It's really stressing me out to see so much stuff. I even keep old magazines, other items i could go on forever. i feel like I'm hoarding, and it's getting worse. I feel like I don't deserve to wear different, nice clothes I've bought, so wear the same old clothes all the time.

    My kitchen table is covered with books, papers, random items. I can't even see the table because of all this. It's really getting me down. I try and start like putting things in boxes to donate, throw away etc, but then I take it out and think may need it.

    Just need some advice on how i can be more ruthless, and make my home a nice, someplace where I can enjoy again.

    Really wish my home was as nice as yours x

  5. I love your minimalist videos. They are such a inspiration and also a reminder to stay simple and live a simple life.

  6. you should minimise the product placement. that neutrogena part was really cringy. been watching for a long time, did not like it at all.

  7. Hello lovely. I was actually surprised you had partnered with neutrogena for this. I was wondering whether you had thought about being cruelty free in your products?

  8. Hi my friend! I'm so enjoying your vids! I'm really trying to simplify my own life but it's still difficult being a shopaholic, but am decluttering big time lol. Everything looks beautiful in your home! I love the monochromatic look too! 💕💕💕Many Blessings!

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