Minnesota Travel Vlog! Minneapolis, MN during summer

Minnesota Travel Vlog! Minneapolis, MN during summer

Didn’t I tell you guys that I liked Minnesota? Yep, I’m back! This time to enjoy Minneapolis. I’m staying downtown
at the W Foshay hotel and tomorrow I’m going for a bike tour that starts here. This building here is historical. The
construction is from 1929 and it used to belong to a businessman called Foshay And for more than 40 years this was the
tallest building in Minneapolis Today there is a museum and an observation
deck up there Here they’ve got the best view of Minneapolis I’m here with other bloggers and we’re going for a bike ride “We’ll go around Lake Calhoun, stop at our Chambers Hotel, drop those bikes off and walk back for a nice lunch at Manny’s” Minneapolis is one of the most
bike-friendly cities in the U.S. and here there are lots of parks, lots of lakes too,
and this close contact with nature helps a lot – Hi!
– Hello! Here we are: Lake Calhoun This is one of the nicest areas in
town. It’s a great place to live, nice restaurants,… During winter this lake gets totally
frozen. So instead of exercising here, people can go and walk over the lake or
ice fish Smile! It was so cool! We were there for like
2 hours going through so many beautiful places! Very worth it! “Oh, my goodness!” This is probably one of the most well-known nightclubs in town. It got famous with Prince Remember that he is from here It’s got his star! Today I’ll get to explore downtown
Minneapolis in one of this. I’ve always been so curious about it! I just hope
I don’t fall down! _ Oh, my God!
_ I got you! “I got you!” So, we’re going on a history tour along the Mississippi riverfront. Come on! Minneapolis is known as the
Mill City. Look at them over there! “Everybody wants to come down this way” “When industry started relying on the falls for power, they couldn’t have the falls move anymore” The Stone Arch Bridge again! And now we go underneath. In the beginning of the 20th century
Minneapolis was the flour milling capital of the world. But after World War I
the industry began to decline and the old mills were basically abandoned. This was once the world’s largest flour mill Now it’s part of the Mill City Museum After the initial shock, now I feel like a pro! That was so cool, you know? The segway
tour itself is an attraction and best of all, you don’t get tired, you can go to
further away places and you have a guide explaining you everything. It was perfect! After seeing so much green and so many
parks yesterday, I thought I had seen it all, but no… Minneapolis keeps surprising you. Now I discovered this place here called Minnehaha Falls. People come here
with their families to spend the day, have picnics… It’s just so nice! But of course, you know,
Minnesota is the state of the 10,000 lakes, of course there are 10,000
beautiful places! These are actually the only waterfalls in the United States located within a metro area (of a major city) Coming to Minneapolis between May and
September is a totally different experience. This is the number 1
bike-friendly city in the country, and this is the time you can really enjoy it. I chose to focus on outdoor activities
but there’s so much more here. There’s a lot of history, so many nice museums as well… Well, next time! Thanks for watching!

61 thoughts on “Minnesota Travel Vlog! Minneapolis, MN during summer

  1. Hey Renata, cool video! I can't imagine that the big lake is completely frozen in winter so crazy! Funny when you tried out the segway 🙂 and I really liked the waterfalls! keep it up 🙂

  2. cool, your video is so professional looking! nice graphics! I'm gonna have to remember this when i go to Minnesota in the future!

  3. So many things to do in this gorgeous city!!We would love to visit it one day!The segway tour looked awesome and the flour mill museum must be so interesting!Can't wait to see this city!

  4. Very professional video! Love it. I like riding bikes when I travel. Very nice way to experience a city. My friend is trying to convince me to visit Minnesota. We might go next summer!

  5. I absolutely enjoy your videos Renata. Your editing is amazing. As a travel vlogger myself I absolutely love watching other's adventures, you have a great personality and gained a new subscriber!!!

  6. loved every second of this video!! keep up the good work. Hope you can come check my channel out, I upload daily 🙂 Thank you and best of luck.

  7. Hi, Renata Pereira. It seems to me you sent me an email asking for help. Sorry, just I saw today. I loved your videos on the Olympic Games Rio 2016. It was great. Congratulations, and success in the channel!

  8. Minneapolis means "water city" coming from the Ojibwe and Greek words "mni" and "polis". The lakes and the Mississippi river are important features of Mpls. Makes for having fun in the city as well.

  9. I live in DT Mpls and I don't normally watch vlogs in general, especially vlogs about where I live. This is the 1st in about 15 vlogs that really did Minneapolis justice, as not feeling well and decided to YT binge this afternoon. It was beautiful and well thought out. And a great informative combination of showcasing the city and yourself versus vloggers showing themselves off in the city. And I'm not honestly trying to be mean but they really missed what you nailed, about what is so amazing about living here <3

  10. Not true about MSP being the only metro city in the US with a big waterfall in it. Rochester NY has two big falls on the Genesee River, right thru downtown.

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  12. This is one of the NICEST tours of Mpls that I have ever seen on the net. You did a beautiful job. You made me miss my home state so, so much. I am so happy that you enjoyed it there, it is a beautiful place. Thank you again.

  13. Thank you for your lovely video so complementary to my home town! I'm always happy to see people enjoy visiting or even moving here. I've lived here for 30 years and while every place has its drawbacks it's been a great place to live. Do visit in the winter some time if you can. 😉

  14. finally, someone made a really fair video about Minneapolis, you really hit on the top popular places in the city like an insider ….. but the twin cities has much much more… this is only scratching the surface…. next time visit in August to see the country's largest fair….. we call it Minnesota get together and its really all of us get together in the fair every year. Thanks very much for the video.

  15. All details here:
    Bike Tour in Minneapolis: https://renatapereira.tv/item/bicycling-minneapolis-foshay-tower/
    Minneapolis outdoors: https://renatapereira.tv/item/things-to-do-in-minneapolis-minnesota/

  16. Great tour, I'm very happy to call the Twin Cities my home. There's also plenty of history and fun to be had in St. Paul, and both cities are known for having a vibrant music and theatre scene which is what keeps me here as a musician. Definitely a lot of the perks of being in a larger city but with more affordable prices and a bit of a friendlier Midwestern atmosphere. Summertime in Minnesota is the best!

  17. I like the video but um Niagara Falls is in the Buffalo-Niagara Falls metro area. Then again, I don't think Buffalo is very popular ?

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  19. I actually just got back from Minneapolis last night.I was up there with a friend for 3 days to watch the Rangers and Twins play, it's actually a nice little town nothing compared to Dallas though. we stayed at the Marriott at Four Corners across the street from the Republic Restaurant and had a great time. I don't recommend Marriott in downtown Minneapolis it's horribly overpriced and doesn't look as nice as the one at Four Corners.

  20. I was born and raised in minneapolis (1944). Only fond memories and a wonderful childhood. Our family moved to los angeles in 1961. I now reside in san francisco but will always have great memories of a beautiful city with wonderful people!

  21. I was there last year with my sweetheart and he showed me all of this. I had a great time with him??
    Now I'm back in California

  22. Great content! Love the vlog! I'm local to MN and vlogged one of my weekends out! Feel free to check out my newest vlog 🙂

  23. I've been there a couple of times. It's a very clean town. It seem to have a ton of cultural activities available.

  24. Beautiful, lovely city. Hope to either go to college here or live and work here in the future. So much to do, so many lovely people, beautiful sights and great food.

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