24 thoughts on “Mistakes You’re Making In Europe As A Tourist

  1. I don't like seeing people wear socks with sandals. I don't think taking pictures majority of the time is annoying. I understand being in the moment but that may be a once in a lifetime opportunity for them and they may not be able to go back

  2. I decided to go to France on vacation and all I heard was how rude they can be to Americans in particular. I look and speak 100% American. I was not deterred. I knew a woman at work born and grew up in Paris, I decided she was my info center. After awhile ,and closer to my trip, I had bought a few new items of clothes and armed with my 2 French books, I went to Paris. It has a magic other places do not and for 14 days I was “spaghetti-o’s”, Franco-American…get it… I asked directions,ordered food,spoke to people working at the Metro. Everyone was SPECTACULAR! My whole point,be respectful,be quiet,indulge in a French translation book and remember you are somewhere with a brilliant history,amazing museums and really nice people. Say please and thank you.And above all,enjoy yourself and jump on the Franco-American train! It is a ride you won’t forget!

  3. That's what tourists do bruh, they take pictures of everything. The pictures being taken without consent is a no no. They dress too casual? News Flash lady, tourists don't dress up walking around your country in formal wear, they're going to dress casually. Let's see how you dress in a tropical climate in the summer.

  4. These people seem way too uptight. Complaining about tourists speaking their own language and taking pictures, seriously?

  5. Went to islands of adventure last week and I usually don’t pay any mind to tourists but I did notice there were a ton of Spaniards cuz they were being LOUD af. 🤷🏻‍♀️ goes both ways sir.

  6. I have a funny moment when I was in scheveningen this autumn. It’s one of the hot tourist places here in the Netherlands. So I was at a restaurant and when I came out of the restroom I saw 2 woman(a Brit and a German) talking. But the funny thing was that they where talking in there own tong while understanding each other.

  7. Even in America, socks 'n sandals is not cool, either. There may be those who do wear them, but it's not cool. If people are going to visit Europe, take the time beforehand to learn a little about each country's customs. With the advent of internet, it should not be difficult.

  8. We wear our bags in front bc we’re scared of being pickpocketed lol, especially in big cities like Paris and Barcelona

  9. Do these guys expect ofr tourists to adjust for them? Bruh like the part where ppl wear sandals with sock, like what do u care? Is that a crime? What a bunch of idiots

  10. What's wrong with wearing sweatshirts/hoodies with university names on them? lmao that's a funny thing to nitpick about smh

  11. For me is – Gym clothes. I get it its comfortable but still you can find comfortable and elegant clothes and not look like you just run on treadmill. Btw it is not that glam on your photo album.

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