Mizoram Tourism || Must Visit Places in Mizoram || Few Tourist Destinations in Mizoram

tucked away between the lush green
mountains Mizoram is the youngest state in the northeastern corner of India
formerly known as the Lushai Hills this tiny land is flanked by Bangladesh
s Tripura in the West Burma in the East Mizoram is a dazzling treasure trove for
the discerning travelers five it’s amazing a beautiful Hill City Aizawl the
capital of Mizoram is situated at about 1132 meters above sea level flanked on
the north by the lofty peaks of dared length the hill city is set on ridges of
steep hills overlooking the Sylvan Valley of the river to line in the west
and of the river Turial in the east and south this picturesque and peaceful
City also commands exotically Champhai a bustling commercial town at
the Indo Myanmar border is a beautiful place that offers plenty of tourist
attractions besides its breathtaking beauty Champhai
is the storehouse of ancient relics monuments and memorials of legends and
folklore located 192 kms from Aizawl at an elevation of 1678 mts Champhai is
also fast emerging as the fruit bowl of Mizoram. It covers an area of 3180 5.83 sq kms well-tended vineyards located at a distance of 50 kms to the
south of us all the Hmuihfang mountain with an elevation of 1619 meters is still
covered with virgin forests reserved densities
anthurium festival is today the most popular festival celebrated in the state
it is a successful tourism promotion venture of tourism department that lasts
for three days and is celebrated every year at tourist resort Reiek located at
Reiek village a quaint and picturesque village about anthuriam trademark
stein drive from eyes all the capital of Mizoram it is celebrated as a festival
amidst nature during the peak season of the beauty

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