Model Home Tour | Interior Design

Model Home Tour | Interior Design

I’m headed over to the model home. I’m so excited to show you because it’s been a several month project that the JD’s team
has been working on. I’m very excited that the Jones company hired us to
decorate this model we decorated it from top to bottom! So we’re here at the Jones company model home, let’s go on in! So we’re in the entryway of the model home and I’ll tell
you one of the things I love about this model home is the floor plan. Now, in this
hallway you’ll notice they took the wainscoting up pretty high which made
that pretty tricky for me to try to find some artwork to fit above it but, found
one and quite happy. Alright, let me show you the guest room first, come on back here. Okay, this is the guest room. Now, as in
with every project, there’s a budget so that’s where I’m gonna try to think
through what I need to spend my money where do I need to save it. The bedding
ensemble actually is a home goods find and I pulled several things together, in
fact, the really dark pillows that you see here are just regular throw pillows
but I thought it pulled very well together.
The furniture was another place that I saved. I found a dresser and a nightstand
on Facebook marketplace and I chalk painted it blue to match within the
design that I’m doing in this room and then for the headboard this is a
Magnolia Home piece, love the wood tone color and if you’ll notice, I found two
pictures that have the same kind of wood tone in there. So I wanted this room to
be comfortable for guests so let’s head into guest bathroom and let me show you
a few things in there. So instead of having a builder-grade just square
mirror I went and found this mirror at Lowe’s and for a
guest bathroom just kinda keep things minimal but yet, you want your guests to feel
that it’s a really kind of cozy and happy place.
Artwork, plants, and some special hand soap, are the perfect thing. So now that you’ve
seen the guest bedroom I’m going to show you the man’s office and it’s kind of
one of my favorite rooms. Just love the rich color in here and this is actually
a buffet but because it was black with gold, paired so beautifully with the
artwork and it’s a great place to hide all of the office work. When I’m adding
accessories to any room I really like unique things that you just can’t find
anywhere and where I’m gonna go is the flea market! And usually my daughter
Sarah and daughter-in-law, Alice trail along with me! I found an old, old ledger book at the
flea market just, I don’t know, I just love it. I just think what history is with this. I
also found these antique brass elephants and Mama and a baby so on the bookshelf
we have old and new, again, a flea market find, some old metal trays, these are some
new accessories but kind of still keeping the theme of a manly room and if
he’s working and he’s wondering what time it is this is the coolest clock! 60 inches! I thought, you dont need anything else on the wall, this looks stunning! One of my favorite things
about this model home is the open floor plan. Let’s check out the living room. So
for the furniture layout in the living room is pretty easy. The Builder put a TV
above the mantel so we placed the couch facing the TV
and then a loveseat facing the patio and then just one chair right here. What’s so
great about this room is the open light, the open windows there’s just a great
view no matter where you sit. Now, when I notice with clients with living rooms
they struggle, they do a great job picking their furniture, I find where the
struggle is is choosing maybe some of the smaller tables and then accessories
so I always lean towards adding a little greenery and some candles and I love
books, just keep it simple and uncluttered. The definite wow factor of
this home is the dining room and kitchen area. We were able to place an 84-inch
table in the dining room. I have eight parsons chairs sitting around it and
these parsons chairs are so adorable with the little bows on the back. For
the buffet, I chose a black buffet. Everything doesn’t have to be
matchy-matchy in a room but what I love about this buffet is that it’s extra
tall and given the height of this room, it’s perfect.
I put simple accessories on top, a mirror, and two buffet lamps with mercury glass
that just looks stunning off of the black. I know you’ve probably heard me
say it before but one place to put money is definitely in your drapes. These
drapes are velvet, they’re completely yummy with a
beautiful white tape on the end and we took them very high up on the wall. One
of the wonderful things about this kitchen is this huge bar area it seats
six! How great is this when you have a party and you have guests at this table
and this is a perfect place to put kids, I mean, easy clean-up! I love, again, the
openness of this kitchen it’s so well lit, beautifully beautifully sized, I love
the white marble and then for the backsplash, these are just subway tiles
but they’re beveled, just a little bit of an upgrade from just your normal subway
tiles. A really neat, unique DIY that you can do in your kitchen, I have a friend, she
has I believe is called a Crickett, I sent her this logo and she cut it out and
painted it on this cutting board and we put in the corner. It’s a great way to add a little bit of style in your kitchen. Now for the windows. This would be a great place if
you wanted to add some color or pattern but I wanted to keep things monochromatic
so I just got these, they’re called, relaxed roman shades, made. The brilliancy of
them was we just put them on a tension rod and it just added a softness in the
kitchen. I’ll let me show you the master bedroom,
but before I do, these were another find from the flea market. Two really cool,
narrow windows, fit perfectly in this spot. I just added a command hook and two little
wreaths! I’m a huge believer that the master bedroom needs to be uncluttered
and clean and it is your retreat from the world. In this design that I did, did
beautiful bedding with an upholstered headboard and then two nightstands and a
dresser that matched and I put a bench at the end of the bed. I find a lot of
husbands love benches at the end of the bed because that’s where they want put
their shoes on, at my house, it’s where the puppies jump on the bed. I also placed a
casual chair over here for sitting and reading. I made another floral in here
in a really unique mercury glass container that I actually found at
HomeGoods and then for in the ceiling, I asked the Builder to put some raw wood
just to give me another texture in this room. Okay,
another cool feature that the Builder added to this….. Come on into the master
bathroom. A great marriage saver is to have two vanities way far away from each other. So we’re upstairs. I placed a huge
picture up here that looks great when you’re in the bonus room as well as, when
you’re coming up the stairs. I always say the bonus room is where you can really
have a little bit of fun and of course living right outside of Nashville,
this model home is located in Franklin so I’m going to pull a little bit of
that into this design I found an old guitar, an old steel guitar, and then this
really cool old piece I don’t even know what it was used for but I loved it! So
against this wall I placed a sofa table and I had a fun little craft project. I
went on line on Etsy and I ordered a map of Nashville that was kind of already a
little yellow and old and then what I did I Modge Podged it onto, I had my
husband cut out a piece of wood that fit the exact size of the map and I Modge Podged it on there and so then it had wrinkles in it so I took an Exacto Knife
and kind of cut it open, re Modge Podged it on, darkened the edges and the
last thing I did was I took a little bit of acrylic brown paint mixed it up, add
in a little water and dropped it on to that mat to look as if it was in the old
days it was on the desk and they spilled their coffee on it. Turned out cool, very
cheap DIY. You may recognize this clock from my office. Again, love the clock
especially the big ones. So for up here in the seating I have slipcovered couch
and loveseat- zippers on the back, easy maintenance! Then, I went on Etsy again and
found that Hank Williams poster and another Ryman Auditorium poster, had them
framed and matted exactly the same and I love how the reds pull off of the dark
blue in the wall and then in the corner I just placed a very simple game table.
Some people watching TV, some people can play games! Another one of our favorite rooms, this
was the teen girl room. I actually did a whole other video on it but picking the
paint color in here, I went through probably five or six different pink’s
until I found this beautiful light blush pink color. Again, had beautiful drapes
made, simple chair in the corner and just simple bedding. So this is a jack-and-jill bathroom. Kept
it very simple, again. Now, the shower curtain I could not find any shower
curtains that were long enough because I wanted to have the rod really high so we
got a shower curtain and Alice actually sewed some fabric onto the bottom. This is the teen boy room. Kept it a little bit industrial. Bedding simple blue and
white with a little bit of red on the bottom. I went to Etsy, let me tell you,
if you want something unique in your house, go to Etsy, there is some great artisans on there and I took the logo from the high school and she actually
had this stitched onto the pillow- I thought it looked stunning! For this wall
decor design I found some old boxing gloves
another flea market find and then I went online and found Joe Frazier and
Muhammad Ali poster, had it framed, made a great little wall decor! So I want to thank the Jones Company for
hiring JD’s to decorate this model home. I want to thank my entire family and
staff because it was, it took a village, to get this all put together. I hope you
enjoyed this video! Please subscribe to my channel because I’m gonna have a lot
more videos out later and I hope you have a great day!

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