Moe’s happy camping trip [The Forest Let’s Play]

Moe’s happy camping trip [The Forest Let’s Play]

Here Oh! Ah! Ah! I hear them! Oh, it’s a cop! Welcome to Moe’s ship Hey guys I think today is a special day Today I decided to go camping, and… Ignore that. It’s fine Don’t ask questions I found myself a nice little island to camp at I’ve already started on a little base We’ll be calling it home from now on I’ve set up a perimeter, to, uh… Oh, I thought it was a dead body. It’s fine It’s fine Don’t ask why I’m paranoid, OK? I might have killed a bunch of turtles, but, you know… Survival of the fittest Now Let me teach you The essentials to survive First, you’re gonna need a lot of freaking rocks Rocks, sticks and wood Go ahead and collect as many rocks, and… Yeah, rocks and sticks as you can And, uh, be wary of any cops Don’t ask why Just, uh, just be careful of cops, OK? So, I’m just gonna go ahead and finish up the fence around my home That way we’ll have some defense in case wild animals show up *hint hint* I’m really paranoid, don’t ask why, OK? It’s fine It’s fine You don’t need to know Moe’s backstory Oh, I hate it when it falls towards the forest You never trust stuff in the forest There is always like, insects, animals, people, Moe really hates people by the way They’ll try to arrest you when you do something wrong I’m gonna go ahead and build a wooden sled I happen to, uh, weightlift And I’m a part-time bodybuilder So I can lift quite a lot of logs and cut trees down There is a lot of things you don’t know about Moe But you would be surprised What? Wh-what was that? Oh, it’s just a tree, oh god Hold up! Food! Food… Oh, I’m sorry lol I’m sorry for having your head I am so sorry but I really need food, OK? The world is unforgiving And I need my calories Ah let’s see… We’re good on water actually Might as well put this stuff here Let’s go ahead and we have some, uh Jerky LoOK, I’m sorry I had to kill them, don’t blame me I wanna teach you guys what berries you can eat and what you shouldn’t eat You should eat the good berries, not the bad berries I guess, um… Oh! here’s the berries These are good berries see? They are bli- Bright blue! Sorry Oh! They actually, they actually were good I was just making stuff up I didn’t think they’d be good OK, let’s go ahead and drag this back No, not… Pick it up Here Oh! Ah! Ah! I hear them! Oh, it’s a cop! Oh, there is two of them! There’s two cops No, leave me alone! Ahhh! No, they can roll? No, leave me alone I didn’t kill that person, OK? It was an accident Can you guys just, like… No! Leave me alone Owwww LoOK, can you just get some clothes please? Is she dead? OK, it’s fine We’re gonna go back to our quiet, peaceful life please We’ll never speak of that Even though her body is, like, right there Oh shit, there’s so many turtles Oh my god, I can have so much food tonight But, it’s OK, I’ll let you live Turtle? You shouldn’t go here You know you’ll die OK I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry LoOK, I’ll let your sisters and brothers live, OK? I’m sorry Oh no, it’s that them? Is that a cop? Dang it, I really hate cops They never let me do whatever I want It’s fine Timber! We need to secure my home base, from the cops… I don’t know why they’re naked, but they just are, OK? You know what? I think Moe should come clean with you guys I may have killed a person or two And that’s why I’m here in this camping trip To skip the cops It was… It was for self defense I keep hearing them Let’s go back before they show up again It’d be nice if I had a minion Perf, um, preferably an intern Unpaid I’m really cheap, I don’t wanna pay them It’s OK I happen to be a- Where is her dead body? Maybe we should do something with it Oh She, she’s become one with the rock All right This, this is my new wife, OK? Let’s go ahead and, uh, bring her home We’ll call her Lydia OKay, oh, there’s flies around you Lydia Lydia, actually we should give you a shower Here, Lydia There are still flies around you When was the last time you toOK a shower? The things I do for love I wonder where that other guy went, though I hope he doesn’t come back with friends Uhmm Now let’s just eat some beef jerky Eat I don’t wanna- Oh! That actually filled me up That’s actually pretty good Oh no, you’ve wandered in my territory You know that actually means death, right? If you’re feeling suicidal, you’ve come to the right place I’ll let you live I like animals but I need food Owww, my legs Can you kill me? Owwww No, it can’t What? What? I didn’t even do that So I guess if a tree falls on another tree it cuts it down automatically? It’s almost night, we better hurry up Cops tend to lurk around this area at night Let’s hurry before they show up Weeeeee I’m hoping that they can’t swim Or that they like, they don’t go in the water? That’s what I’m banking on Well, I don’t think they’re that smart They don’t have clothes, so they can’t be that smart, right? Eeeeek! Oh… That’s just my paranoia, OK Come on Log it up Oww, it’s dark No, it’s too dark. Fuck this I don’t wanna be here Oh, hey, Lydia. What’s up? Oh, hi, Johnny. What’s up? Maybe we should do, like, a slumber party We could start a, uh… a ghost story Gather around the campfire Lydia, what are you doing? Let me sleep OKay, it’s perfectly safe What are you doing? Do you wanna die? Was getting caught part of your plan? A new day is upon us And there’s no cops to be found I’m really getting paranoid OK, you know what? Let’s just go ahead and sleep the day away, OK? Good night, folks

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  1. once i think this video was produced by Japanese,but…..the English speak not like Japanese. so,this is produced by western who love Japanese cartoons?

  2. lol ok you are Adorable. i love you keep up the fun and have A Rly good and fun life :3
    just giveing positive vibes. And yes my Gramar is horrible So zip it XD. Any who i like the videos
    make sure you get ALL the food for days

  3. 萌恵ちゃんが可愛いのは分かる。表情よく変わるし、よく動k・・・揺れるし、笑い声も良い。しかし字幕はあれど言葉が理解出来ないだけでこんなに楽しめないとは。

  4. wow, this is about as much of a happy camping trip as mahou shoujo madoka magica is an innocent magical girls anime for kids.

  5. Why this video have an English translation when she's already made an english subtitle when she's already speaking english

  6. LMAO!!! This is some good quality comedy! ??? I couldn’t help but subscribe and this was my first time watching a video you made

  7. but i do want to moe-chans yandere back story well i mean i already know it as im a guy who does my research but i want to hear moe-chan tell me it herself

  8. The Forest it's you and Timmy going to Canada or Australia when we flew across the tribal island and crashed onto the island and surviving

  9. 3:51
    We're gonna go back to our quiet, peaceful life


    And some dude with a hand fetish that owns a pink cat

  10. yea this game isn't about getting comfy tho. your supposed to be finding your son and getting the hel off skin-monster island.

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