Mongolian Tourism

Mongolian Tourism

Based on your experience over the last ten years, what areas are most important for the experience of American tourists? Guides need to be prepared for the specific trip. Travelers need to visit the most interesting, scenic areas. Next, ger camps at these places need to be clean and inviting. Finally, we need excellent, knowledgeable guides. Because the number of travelers increases every year, we need flexibility to hire new guides and drivers. What distinguishes your company from other American companies bringing travelers to Mongolia? I’m proud that Blue Silk Travel is currently the only American company that focuses solely on travel to Mongolia. What about Mongolian tourists traveling to the US? That’s an opportunity that we have not yet pursued. This is a place called Uushgiin Uvur in Huvsgul Province. It’s a place of stone monuments, prehistoric graves and many other discoveries. Americans, coming from a settlement-based society, visit Mongolia to experience nomadic life, right? Correct. Are there other specialties in the tourism sector? There are, for example, tourists interested only in fishing or hunting, although our company does not offer those activities. How many days does the average American traveler spend in Mongolia? Because Mongolia is so far from the US, most people spend at least ten days, and many spend two or even three weeks. Any other ideas on improving the experience once travelers are here? I think that more unique and colorful souvenirs could add to the experience. Mongolia is already famous for its cashmere. We have cashmere and leather products. And those items are excellent. In cashmere and leather, we already meet the highest international standards. You’ve been watching “New Day.” Today’s guest was Ms. Saranzaya Baatar, President of Blue Silk Travel. Goodbye to our viewers.

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