Monkey Bum goes to the waterfall, ecotourism area

Monkey Bum goes to the waterfall, ecotourism area

Hello all of you Today the family let Bum go to the eco-tourism resort of Dray Sap waterfall This is a tourist area, below it is a waterfall Invite you to follow me down and play Bum went down to play with his mother Bum likes to play with water brother gave Bum to the water Watch out for wet diapers Bum seems to like Wet all the diapers and come up and take it off We changed Bum’s new clothes Trum went with it Bum Bum Bum This is the grilled fish and food we bring After playing, Bum seems sleepy a stranger asks about Bum eating people down to bathe, the water is very clear and cool bum brother is very good at swimming We accidentally met foreign people I don’t know English so much, don’t laugh, and I only hear every word monkey Which country did she come from to ask everyone to help me, thank you We took pictures to celebrate with her Thank you all for watching the video, hello and see you again

17 thoughts on “Monkey Bum goes to the waterfall, ecotourism area

  1. I think your channel is one of the best ones. Besides showing us all about baby Bum, you also show us beautiful places and about where you live. Thank you ❤???

  2. Love your channel. Glad that you share your home and family with us. I do not speak any language except English, so thank you for translating portions of your videos. ❤❤❤????

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