Monster Home Pool Pond! – Ohio Fish Rescue Tour 2019

Monster Home Pool Pond! – Ohio Fish Rescue Tour 2019

Alright, we’re here at Ohio Fish Rescue again. Third year in a row, with Big Rich Price. We’re gonna see what all has changed since the last time we were here. And if you have missed the past tours, you can check those out. I’ll link them. And also, you gotta make sure you check out Rich’s channel, the Ohio Fish Rescue channel, which is an awesome YouTube channel that is uploading all the time, great content. And I’ll for sure link that too. Say hi to everybody, Rich. How you doing everybody. Alright, so why don’t you explain what we’re looking at behind you. This is my swimming pool. Right, but it’s a little different than a normal swimming pool isn’t it? And since the last time you were here.
Right. This here was a regular swimming pool. It went from three foot, the area and
then it went down to twelve foot. Greg Wittstock from Aquascape came and saw Steve Poland’s first video, and saw that I said I want to change it into a predator pond. Well he came here and in two days his crew worked miracles. He put all that flagstone in. Now it’s only about six and a half foot deep on that side but that’s all filtration over there. We’ve got waterfalls and all the rockwork put in. He’s got powerheads and lights in here, and all this rockwork here. And we’ve got our predators in here now. Why don’t you tell us about what some of these fish are, for people who don’t know. OK, right here is a cross between a redtail cat and a tiger shovelnose. That’s a hybrid. There’s an albino giant gourami. There’s alligator gars, platinum alligator gars. There’s iridescent sharks in there. There’s even a big dovii, and a… what is he right here? Tilapia. There’s all kinds of fish in here. There’s turtles in here and there’s literally thousands of…what do you call em? Cichlids. Look over there on the floor and you’ll see the orange fish. Them cichlids live behind them flagstones. There’ go in there snorkeling and there’s literally thousands of them everywhere. So a whole colony of cichlids in here. And now you even have a table in here to sit and relax. We were doing that for our… every Friday we go live. We were gonna sit in there and do it. We don’t know how we like it yet. So you guys let us know if you like it or not. But it takes away from the natural look of the pond but it also gives a place to sit in there and you know, do things. So you guys let us know what you think about that. Alright. Now we got the waterfalls across the back, and see all them plants, that waterfall falls into that river. Goes through a bog system and then dumps into the main pool again. We’ve got tanks up there which will be running off of this water and…you know it’s a nice background for the pool. Just basically everywhere you turn around, there’s tanks. Got a big cube right here looks like it’s being set up. Nah that’s been sitting empty for about two months. We’re actually taking it down and moving it out of here.
Ok. It’s bright blue on the outside and it sticks out like a sore thumb out here, so we’re taking that out and putting it into the fishroom. This is our cichlid tank. That side’s probably pretty dirty from the splashing. You get a much better view over here. Moving down here. So now as we’ve had babies here, we’ll go ahead and open their mouths and tap out the babies and put them into the pool let them grow over there. And you know people want cichlids, we give them babies too. And for most people, just this room would be enough, right?
Well of course. Alright but that’s not what the Ohio Fish Rescue
is all about. It’s…it all started in here. Right, this is just my extra that has overflowed out of the actual Ohio fish Rescue room. This room is in here. Now you guys remember the last video this is the 3000 gallon tank that me and my son built. And this is what we hold the monsters in until the public aquariums comes and takes them. We give many, many fish away to the, and for free, to the public aquariums. Now that tank’s a little cloudy right now. We fed them. Here, we’ll come and get it from a better angle. Yeah it’ll clear up within an hour or two. Well we’ll see…if you see it from back here… This is actually my favorite tank in the whole place. Really? Yeah, everybody loves 4000 (or the 4400) that we’ll show a minute but I love this one. I don’t know what it is. That was a pile of lumber me and my son put together. It served us well and these here, Now there here, this is a 550, and it’s full of our baby stingrays You wanna take a look at that for a second? And there, yeah there’s a new baby pearl. Albino pearl. Very cool. Now this is Tracy’s koi tank. I got her into liking fish by getting her a butterfly koi which had the long, flowing fins. She loved it so much she wanted more. So now this is her koi tank. And yes it does look crowded, but if you span over there you’ll see it’s empty. The fish stay right where you are. They think they’re getting fed. And for those people who don’t know who Tracy is, Tracy is Rich’s wife. Tracy and his son Josh are very involved in this fish rescue and keeping everything going. It’s a ton of work. They take in fish for… well why don’t you tell them the whole, the mission. We take in fish that have outgrown your tank, tank or if you’re in the situation or or if you’re in a situation where you have to move and you can’t take the fish with you. For any reason, we take in fish. We never say no to any fish. And we find them homes. Or if they’re a certain case like yeah it’s been your family pet for ten years and it’s got a name, we will keep him here for you and you can come back and visit him. And medical, or your fish tank breaks. We’ll come, you know, get the fish and then we’ll have him here. And you know we even try and get you a tank if you want to keep it. So we do whatever we can to help the situation. This is the thousand gallon tank here. This is our community tank. There’s all kinds of different fish in here There’s, I think six eels. We have abramites headstanders. Tinfoil barbs, parrot fish, albino tinfoils, big bala sharks. This here is an iridescent shark. There’s an archerfish up there, there’s flagtails, giant gouramis. That’s a scat. There’s all kinds of different types of silver dollars. This is a blackberry silver dollar, you have thin bar and wide bar, which are myleus schomburgkii. You got tiger striped, and spotted and dotted silver dollars. There’s kissing fish in there. There’s all kinds of things. There’s our big fire eels over there. And in this back corner… I don’t have the remotes out here, I can’t turn the lights on. That’s okay, you can kind of see a little bit in here anyway. OK. You got a big oscar in there. Try and get the, the guys in there with the long, with the barbels. They’re really elegant. You guys can see that. That is a brachyplatystoma filamentosum, which is a true piraiba. Those get up to about eight foot. And now we have a false piraiba right here. He’ll only get about three foot. There’s indo tarpon in here, Atlantic tarpon. Some xanthic gold clown knives. These are basically grow outs. Angels. That angel tank is a special story. When the lady called me, she goes “I just can’t take care of these anymore.” And then while I was there, you know, she wanted to give me the tank and the fish. And I felt so bad. She loved her fish. I told her, you know what ma’am, I’m gonna go ahead and set this up exactly like you have it here. I’m gonna take it back there and you call me anytime you want a video of your fish. And she just hugged me and was crying. So it’s here. She can see them, she can see her babies anytime she wants. What’s down here? That is a hemibagrus wyckii or black devil cat. He’s in a permanent timeout. He can’t be in with anybody. He’s very territorial and will try and kill anything in with him. These are the big stingrays. The babies can’t go in with them yet because some of the males in here will actually do damage to… all them babies over there are females. They’re going to be breeding stock eventually but right now they have to be separated. Then we have another arapaima we’re growing out right there. And then there’s a…albino giant gourami in here called Primrose. And there’s two black pacu or tambaqui. And then on the far side over there, that is a wood cat, or a firewood cat it’s called. A planiceps cat is it’s true name. Very cool. There’s an albino iridescent shark in there. He’s behind the garbage can so you can’t really see him. This is our baby grow out here. And in here we have two of the Chinese bighead carp and they’ll get about, they can get up to 600 pounds I think and eight foot. We got a baby pearl ray. This got sent to us by Stingray Biology, Kevin Wai and Rodrigo from Predatory Fins when we did our addition and we were having all the Youtubers here and opening up and moving the fish they sent us that as a gift. So thank you guys for that. That was very nice. Very cool. And here’s one of our stringray babies that we’ve had here. A jurnese cat. There is a bunch of little datnoids and clown loaches and plecos in there. There’s a small goliath african… yeah GATF, goliath african tiger fish. And then over here, these are the mini monsters. They’re about..I’d say 14 inches or so, 15 inches. They’re vampire or what are they called? Armatus. People call them all kinds of different things. Vampire tetras, they have all, so many names for them. But then we have in the back there, behind the plant is a.. what is he called? I can’t remember his name right now. Well you can’t really see him anyway. So that’s alright. This is an adonis pleco. See the streamers on his tail? Now this pleco in here, all you can see is his tail. But a very nice pleco. He’s a pseudacanthicus serratus. Very, very nice pleco. We’ve got two males in here. And they came from Jim Kitchen. He donated a bunch of his tanks and his fish. These just came in last night, we have a little baby redtail. Ain’t he cute? He’s the cutest little thing. Little baby tiger shovelnose. 6 inch armatus, and another goliath african tiger fish. Now if you wanna come this way, we have Pittsburgh. He is a mbu puffer. We actually just set this up in the last couple days. And uh, this is his new home for now. He was too stressed out over in the thousand gallon. There was just too much, too many fish around him. He would always sit on the bottom, which he’s still doing here. But he’s not discolored and he’s not acting nervous. I put food in there he’ll come right up and swim around. Over here, that’s a 550 gallon tank and that’s our quarantine tub. All fish that come in have to go through that tank. These are all things that came in the last few days. We need to find homes for guys, so anyone wants a nice redtail, tiger shovelnose, or whatever else is in there. A little view of Pittsburgh from the side. Let me see if I can get him up and going. He’s used to this being in there because that’s what I take his shells and move them around for him. But I’m gonna use this to try and get him moving a little bit. Give you a little view of how he swim, man, they’re so neat. He just hovers in the water with all of his fins moving at once. He’s got that face only a mother can love. Yep. And then down here… This is a seven hundred gallon tank that we just got from Cleveland Zoo, and is…it has an armatus in it. There’s two arapaima, small ones, juveniles. And then two tarpon we got from Agnoquatics that somebody brought em in there and George called us and them told us to come pick them up. So I’m gonna have to do a surgery on his gill curl. But they’ve healed up. They were so beaten up and tore up, they were almost dead. So, they’ve done so good since then. Now this here, this tank actually came from SeaWorld. 14 years ago SeaWorld closed down. It was across the street from Geauga Lake here in Aurora, Ohio. They closed down and this tank has been sitting in a warehouse for 14 years. We picked it up. It’s a thousand gallons. And we have to make a stand for it yet, bring it up higher. I have to bring it up to the height to where my son can still get in and out. And so it’ll be about this high. That’s the thousand gallon. Next to it we have the two thousand gallon. Came from the same place, and that was Sea World. We’re gonna make this the pacu home, the Angela Ruggles pacu tank. And it’s, you know, pacu we can’t have much decorations. We can have like wood trees in there, stuff like that. But you can’t have no airlines, no power lines, nothing. They’ll bite em. So we can’t have decorations in with the pacu. And then, do you want to start an end over here? These tanks are set up for the small intakes. None of this is on our system. We’ve got two 65 gallons up top, Then we have a 40 gallon down here, and then that one’s a 55. We would really like to find a 40 gallon to put there, so if anybody wants to upgrade from a 40 gallon to a 55, bring it on up and I’ll give you the 55. But this is for all the smaller intakes. If I put them into the tanks over there they might get eaten, so. When people come here, these are the ones that I can give out. You know, give to people and find homes for. Cool. Behind you here is the cayman cage. He’s gonna be with us for a while yet. It’s still a baby, less than a foot. It’s kind of hard to see him. He’s back there, but he’s… Yeah it’s really tough to see him, but he’s really cool. Nice setup. He’s got his own river in there and everything. Let me see if I can grab him cause he’s neat looking. I dropped him. I can’t see where his tail is. Oh there he is. There’s little Rocky. Isn’t he adorable? Wow he’s cool. Just tanks and tanks and tanks. You guys have really, even from the last time I was here you just have so many more tanks. It’s great. Well we have all these big fish, but someone brought us their whole collection of guppies, and what we do with these, is we keep giving them out. and you know we have 10 gallons sitting around we give them out to kids and we give them some guppies to take home. And so they keep breeding, having babies. You can see there’s newborns in all these tanks. They have babies like every 3 or 4 days. Behind you is a really neat fish. That is an aba knife. Now we had one here that was 4 foot long, and he was in a 500 gallon tank, and I thought to myself…I remember. Yeah thank you for remembering him. I thought to myself that, you know, we’re using this 500 gallon for just one fish. So I went ahead and donated, and he was my favorite fish at the time. Donated him to a public aqarium, and he gets a better home, and everything was good. But after he was gone, I wanted to kick myself in the butt for getting rid him. I loved that fish. So my son went and bought me this guy at 12 inches. Now he’s about 18 inches or so, and he’s growing. He’s getting there. Super cool. Behind you is the 750. This is our intermediate tank. They’re too big to go in with the little guys and too small to go in with the big guys, so these fish are all together for size, where they won’t get eaten until they grow. So we have peacock bass in there. There’s a black eared paroon shark swimming up front all over the place. There’s all kinds of different oscars. We have a bow fin right here There’s Florida gar, there’s a short body paroon shark in the back, and an iridescent shark. That’s a vulture cat there. There’s a sun catfish. There’s one right there in the middle on the bottom. It’s hard to tell just how deep this tank is. It’s 5 foot by 8 foot I think by 26 or 30 tall.
It’s hard to judge that. Just like on video it doesn’t come across, but it’s very deep. It’s really cool. And again I apologize. We shouldn’t have fed the fish.
So you know we got a little bit of cloudiness going. Eh, you gotta feed them. You gotta feed them, right? This is the big 2200 gallon tank. I’m gonna move down so we can kind of get a bigger overall shot of this tank. Cause it’s so cool. This tank is 16 foot long, 6 foot wide, and 36 inches tall. And we have filled it with black tile on the inside cause it’s easier to maintain. And we had decorations in here but this one catfish, that big guy right there, there got caught in between the pillars of the greek colosseum that was in there, so we took all of those decorations back out. We’re now looking for big pieces of driftwood to put in there. This has my platinum redtail cat. everything neither fighter we’re allEverything is either platinum or albino in here. Yeah he’s awesome. Alright, and we we skiped the big one. This is our 4400 gallon tank. This is 14 foot wide, 7 foot from front to back, and six foot tall. And we have the arowanas in here. They’ll bite at anything. It still scares me every time. Including you, yeah. This is Schwarzenegger. He is a xanthic or a gold iridescent shark. This is a paroon shark, a high fin paroon shark. He’ll get big and they are, they’re more of a meat eater. The iridescents are more gentle, and more of a…they’re omnivores, but they’re more of a vegetarian type. And calm, but the paroon sharks, they’re like real sharks. They’d go after hunting. There’s a bigger black eared paroon shark back there. He’s really…I like him. We have a black tropical gar, you have marbeline gars, and long nose gars, and bunches and bunches of clown knives in here all over. There is a big ripsaw catfish or Niger. Oxydoras niger is his technical name. He’s about 4 foot, then there’s a big giraffe cat behind them. That one we just came back from Connecticut rescuing. Looking as cool as ever. Well thank you. Look at the phoenix barbs, they’re all silver with the pink and the red. They’re just gorgeous.
Yeah those are nice. We got a couple bocourti in here. There is uh, some cichlids in here. Here’s a blackbelt cichlid Here’s a piercii. There’s a regular iridescent shark. Some pacu, we got the redbelly and the albino. there’s some of the different gars, four gars right there. There’s a mating pair of jaguars in there, and a mating pair of buttikoferi tilapia. And they get along with everybody. Just so when they breed and they lay their eggs, they ward off everybody from their area. Nobody messes with them. OK Rich, so we’ve seen your whole fishroom, we’ve seen and talked about everything that you’re doing. But the people watching at home want to support the Ohio Fish Rescue. Let’s make sure they understand the various ways that they can do that. The first one, I would say, make sure like we said they have a Youtube channel. Go check out their videos. They’re keeping you up to date on everything they’re doing so go subscribe to that. And then Rich, you’ve got different ways you can donate right? Yeah, we have Ohio Fish Rescue, the Paypal business account for the rescue. You can just search for Ohio Fish Rescue and donate and 3 different ways will come up. There’s Patreon, GoFundMe, and then the Paypal account. That works that way. Cause as you guys can imagine, running an operation like this, to be able to take in fish for people, it’s quite an expense and these guys do it cause they love it, so be sure if you enjoy this and you, you know, if you believe in what they’re doing, make sure you help them out. Thanks Rich, appreciate your time again today and maybe we’ll see you again soon. Thanks Steve, appreciate you coming by.

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