Most Anticipated Book Releases | Summer 2017

Hey guys welcome back to my channel today I am going to talk to you guys about my top 5 most anticipated book releases for summer 2017 So summer is usually like the off time and book publishing in books are Mostly published in the winter fall season. I don’t really know why that is but it’s got pretty acknowledged thing in the book publishing industry So there aren’t as many books that I’m looking forward to this summer as compared to the rest of the year But there’s still some really really great ones I am so excited for so without further ado Let’s get into the first one so first up We have Lost boy the true story of Captain Hook by Christina Henry This book comes out july 4th I don’t know when this video is going up But this book very well may be out by the time I post it so of course from the title you can tell that it Is about Captain hook and it is a retelling of Peter pan So one of my favorite books of all time literally all-time is Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson, and that book is also a retelling of Peter pan but instead of the typical focus on Wendy or Tinkerbell Tigerlily focuses on tiger lily and Peter pan. I love it so much. You should definitely check it out If you haven’t already, but I’m really excited more about this book is that it’s about Captain hook And I’ve never read a retelling about Captain hook before So that is really exciting and I’m also a huge fan of captain hook on once upon a time I love a captain Hook and Emma Swan together And I’m hoping that maybe I’ll get some of those things fives from once upon a time in Lost boy the story of Captain Hook I’m going in a chronological order from their publishing date So that is how I write to these the next book that I am looking is of course Because you love to hate me which comes out july 11th. This is an anthology reimagining fairy tales from Villains point of view but not only is this book written by 13 Incredible Incredible authors, but big forwards – all of these stories are written by booktubers I’m sure you’ve heard about this book if you haven’t. I’m so glad that I’m telling you about it because this is so exciting for the community and It’s just gonna be so amazing all these amazing authors and amazing book Tubers And an amazing topic that they’re all focusing on. I am superduper Excited to pick this up in july the next book. I’m looking forward to is the Color project by Ciera Abrams, and this book comes out july 18th So this book is about a girl named B Who meets a boy named Levy who works at a charity organization called? The color project at some point in the summer B. Finds out that there’s an illness in her family and She really leans on Levy for support pretty sure that they have a little bromance and it just sounds really sweet I read a bunch of reviews on goodreads from Bloggers who got perks and They all are raving about it. They seem to love it. So I have a good feeling about this one It seems like a really sweet coming-of-age contemporary book so I hope it’s as good as it sounds the fourth book is a map for wrecked girls by Jessica, Taylor and This book comes out august 15th It follows two sisters who end up stranded on Island though. This book is definitely about Survival and trying to get off the island the reviews I read on goodreads talked about how They were actually really surprised. It’s so much more than that in a good way the entire focus is not just survival on the Island it has a lot of layers, and I am so excited to read this because I Love I once survived every story and to hear that It’s got a bunch of depth and layers is really exciting the reviews for this book were off the charts Amazing everyone seems to love it. I’m usually not a big contemporary person, but definitely in the summer I gravitate toward contemporaries a lot and I definitely want to start exploring the more because there’s so many great ones out there and everyone seems to love them so I’m definitely making an effort and The final book I’m looking forward to is Wonder Woman war bringer by Leigh Bardugo, and it comes out august 29th, so we have a long time to wait I’m just gonna read the blurb because it’s super short, but of course this book is about wonder woman It reads DC’s Amazonian Princess risks exile from her home and she helps a mortal girl Who just so happens to be a direct descendant of Helen of Troy? Aka war bringer, so I have never read any of the wonder woman comics or anything like that but when I was studying abroad in Argentina, my friends and I saw the movie and I It was just so amazing. I wasn’t expecting to love it so much I had zero expectations going into it because I didn’t know anything about it But I’ve been so taken with the wonder woman ever since I saw it none of my friends had really read the comics either – and we were so Just captured by it and when we came out the theater We couldn’t stop talking about it and for the next week on the trip and we were studying abroad in Argentina We were talking about wonder woman the entire time on the trip and it was such And I’m so excited to read the book and I definitely want to get into the comics So I can’t wait or this book to come out. So those are my five books that I am most Anticipating that will be released a summer. I hope you got some great ideas for books that you want to read? thank you so much for watching comment below which of the five books you’re most interested in or Any books that I didn’t mention that you think I might like I? Hope that you enjoyed this video, and I will see you guys next video Bye

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