Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations

facts first presents most dangerous tourist destinations in the world number one the Danakil desert Eritrea the dimensional desert is a brutal destination that attracts hordes of thrill-seekers the area welcomes visitors with temperatures they reach up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit or 50 degrees Celsius it’s also home to a number of fuming geysers that emit toxic gases in addition to active volcanoes visitors are strictly prohibited from touring the desert without a local guide number two er da queimada grande Brasil also known as snake island this brazilian destination is undoubtedly hell on earth it’s crawling with the world’s most venomous snakes including bothrops the estimated number of live serpents per square metre is about five locals say there are many horror stories linked to the island number three Mount Washington USA the summit of Mount Washington is well known for the fastest winds on the planet official records show that the winds once reached speeds of up to two hundred three miles per hour that’s 327 kilometers per hour the place is also synonymous with freezing temperatures that can plummet to minus-40 degrees coupled with heavy snowfalls these conditions can push the human body to its limit the mountain reaches the high wind speeds despite its average height of 6,000 288 feet or 1917 meters number 4 Yosemite National Park’s have done thinking up the Half Dome is a risky affair that takes the entire day hikers must cover 5,000 feet or 1500 meters to reach the summit the adventure has taken the lives of many people the last 400 feet 120 meters before reaching the top is the most dangerous the peak is almost vertical and hikers must use metal cables to reach the summit the bottom part on the Mirror Lake side is called death slabs for a reason fatalities recorded on the mountain are mainly due to Falls drowning and lightning strikes individuals climbing the mountain can earn between four thousand and nine thousand eight hundred calories number five boiling lake in Dominica this lake attracts thousands of visitors who make their way through gorges and Sulphur Springs its waters reach temperatures of between 80 and 92 degrees visitors are welcomed by an unpleasant smell of sulphur and the area around the lake is hot and humid people risk being burned by sprays of steam shot directly from the water number six El Caminito del Rey this Spanish destination presents a frightening challenge to visitors owing to its dangerously steep walkway it’s so dangerous that Spanish authorities have closed it to the public and it’s been closed for 14 years the walkway claimed a number of lives prior to the closure however it has since been reopened number seven Lake Natron Tanzania Lake Natron looks like a scene from other planets but this eerie landscape forms part of the Tanzanian countryside the surface of the lake is filled with alkali salt that can kill all living creatures making contact with the substance is all it takes to face imminent death the pungent smell of hydrogen sulfide forces visitors to cut short their sightseeing trips images of animals turning into ghostly statues by the chemicals are commonplace number 8 Death Valley USA their valley is the hottest place on earth and it holds official records to prove it the highest temperature recorded on earth of 134 degrees Fahrenheit that’s fifty six point seven degrees Celsius is linked to the valley humans can survive for only about fourteen hours without water in this part of America number nine madidi national park bolivia this national park looks beautiful on postcards but it has a chilling side it’s home to some of the most poisonous plant making contact with the park’s flora and fauna can cause severe complications tropical parasites can invade a victim’s tissues turning a small wound into a medical emergency some of the plants can lead to dizziness rash and severe itching number 10 Mount hua Shan China from a distance melt hua Shan looks like a hikers paradise but site is fraught with dangers it’s widely regarded as the most terrifying hiking place in the world hikers are expected to worm their way along the path with little or no handholds the planks used to hold the footpath often fall away as a result hikers have to resort to using footholds on the rocks the mountain claims hundreds of lives annually number 11 chernobyl despite the obvious dangers of sightseeing the site of a nuclear plant blasts thousands of tourists still make their way to the Chernobyl power plant in privyet they are keen on witnessing firsthand the sights and sounds of the ghost town although contamination levels have drastically dropped since the explosion of reactor for danger still lurks around the plant visitors are allowed to spend short regulated sessions in the area they’re prohibited from walking on the grass or sitting on the ground and should only consume food that’s brought from the outside private and group tours of the plant are organized by many companies number 12 on wick Gardens the old Witt gardens are no ordinary botanic attraction they form part of the omelet castle and feature toxic plants the Duchess of Northumberland decided to incorporate poisonous plant to give the garden something special she wanted to infuse a sense of adventure intrigue and danger today the castle has become one of the world’s death-defying tourist destinations although the section featuring the dangerous plants is gated and clearly marked some visitors have fainted owing to the strong fumes emitted by the plant be sure to LIKE share comment and subscribe to facts verse for more you

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