Most Hospitable People in the World | Pakistan Travel Vlog | Ep. 03

Most Hospitable People in the World | Pakistan Travel Vlog | Ep. 03

Good Morning! True to its regular self, I’ve waken up in the morning to an absolutely
beautiful view, check it out. How sick was that? Just smashed three
batteries, I could have done with another three if I had them. Siya is joining me now,
getting some (time-lapse) good old time-lapse. but you know the best thing about
traveling with other creators is that it’s so easy to collaborate and
share footage and just get the dopest stuff that you wouldn’t be able to get
on your own so it’s always good being with other creators learning from them
seeing what they do and then sharing and creating that’s just how we roll isn’t that right bro? Yeah that’s the best part about being with other creators
right you’re sharing moments together you’re also sharing footage and and it
just makes our videos more kick-ass (yeah!) how’s your, so this is I would say your
first morning in northern Pakistan (it is) what do you think so far bro? a lot about Pakistan has been surprising and not that I had an expectation but the
amount of beauty I didn’t expect the amount of kindness I didn’t expect, how
clean like Islamabad was well I didn’t expect
I’d say it’s a lot greener than I thought like if I woke up here and I
didn’t know what country I was in I would not have guessed Pakistan, so I’m
I’m impressed so far and you know the best thing is is that there’s much, much more
to come where I cannot wait for you to see even the higher parts imagine these
are gonna be snow capped in a couple of days, much more to see. Alright van time
we’ve got the team ready Lex-is, Alexis Alexis, Alexandrina Anushae (hi) are you ready?
(ready, ready for an adventure) Mike, are you ready?
(I am ready) Lexie are you ready?
(so ready!) Brooke are you ready? Yeah! Siya! (great)
let’s go! and on we went, soaking up all the sights
taking barely a moment to blink we didn’t want to miss a single sight of
not just the breathtaking landscapes but the beautiful people. Hey what’s going on
this is the Karakoram highway highest highway in the entire world, you
can tell the view is pretty epic there’s huge mountains on either side, I’m not
sure if it’s rice terraces or what kind of terraces they are but they’re so
beautiful there’s friendly locals and there’s on
coming traffic so I gotta be a little bit careful Yeah! We got a 12-hour drive
today but if it’s gonna be like this it’s gonna go by really fast the first few hours seem to pass by very
quickly as we drove along the Carrefour highway and got our first real taste of
northern Pakistan, but the time came where we just couldn’t sit in the van
any longer and we decided to switch it up. This is the highest highway in the world the
Karakoram highway and I think it’s in the thousands that
people died when they were building this highway, it’s the highest highway in the
world they can connect China and Pakistan together and then either
rebuilding it now (this the kiburu highway?) Karakoram highway and it was, it was- the now rebuilding you
will see a lot of construction up ahead by the Chinese and the Pakistani’s
doing it together but it’s the highest highway in the world (how high?)
the top point is something like seven thousand metre’s I think all right just a quick pit stop because
we’ve caught a waterfall that we want to catch so I’m going to bring the drone up
see how close we can get, it looks like it’s about a kilometer away so I think
we can make it but it will definitely be worth the stop. on and on we drove towards our next
destination until we started making a few stops and getting word of something
happening. Anushae what happened what did you hear?
(I heard that there’s some road that’s closed) so he’s saying that you have to get book a hotel and then go forward
move forward when the road re-opens (really?) yeah that’s what I heard, I’m not sure I
don’t know what we’re doing I just heard that (the road that we..) yeah the road
that we’re going on is closed we need some luck on our side, inshallah
we need some luck as the weather started to worsen and the
road stop being roads it seemed as though
that luck would never come okay so we’ve got another problem the
road ahead is closed and it’s also starting to hail just
looking great by now we had received word that there was a landslide ahead
some cars at the fern line had already been waiting for three hours we were
literally in the middle of nowhere hungry with barely any food left and
just hoping we wouldn’t be stuck here for the night with the group spirits
down the true spirit of Pakistan had his chance to truly shine, as a group of
local kids came to offer food at a fair price of course but what was really
amazing was that one of them even offered his own home to feed us a group
mainly comprised of foreigners it was truly amazing to see the hospitality of
the country right before our eyes his example is one that the world should
learn from he said something special that’s stuck with many of us that day he
said bring a thousand people and God will provide the more you give the more
you’ll get. all right, it looks like we’re finally on the move after six and a half hours waiting
in that spot finally moving is a great experience though, low on food low on
sleep, for six and a half hours stuff with a bunch of people just met couple
days ago but it all worked out you know why? The crew, is on point The experience stayed high and now we’re on the move again
so another five, six maybe even seven hours ahead of us, but we’re happy we’re moving
so we’ll see what happens next its always interesting in Pakistan! Good morning from
Chilas in Pakistan, it is day four and we have made it to our destination finally
after that after that good old landslides or two or actually three we finally
finally made late last night at around midnight what is up peeps, that brings us to the end of episode 3, I hope you enjoyed it
this was a real special one for me because it really portrayed the
hospitality of the country, something I got to experience on the last trip but
never really got to portray so I’m really happy we captured it this time
around, the countries people really deserve a lot of credit for the
turnaround of the country. Anyways, thank you for tuning in and if you haven’t
done so already hit that subscribe button leave me a comment down below and
share this with anyone you think would enjoy it too. We’re not even halfway through
the trip yet so there’s plenty to come all your support guys is what will allow
me to keep making videos for you so again thank you so much for your support.

100 thoughts on “Most Hospitable People in the World | Pakistan Travel Vlog | Ep. 03

  1. One of my favourite episodes! Showing off the hospitality of the people of Pakistan is something I really wanted to get across in this series… Pakistan and its people truly earn the title of the most hospitable people in the world. Thank you Pakistan for always welcoming us. You and your country are beautiful!

  2. I honestly thought new Zealand had my heart for this kind beauty but sorry new Zealand…Pakistan's beauty is beyond what I expected

  3. So, Karakorum Highway is the "highest highway" in the entire world. Can we call it "The Highway to Heaven", then? Don't know if AC/DC would agree though.

  4. Man . just found this channel !
    curious as to what the world is like outside of Ontario lol ! .
    been to Florida once when in was younger ….but I try to pretend that never happened .
    Wasn't the best experience .
    Hope to get out someday ! Maybe Europe Anything scenic ! Buildings are blaaaaaah

    Awesome asf beard btw !

  5. Pakistan is really soooo beautiful specially Northern areas….??
    I'm from Pakistan….?

  6. Indeed, Pakistan is an awesome country. Everyone should visit especially Islamabad is so beautiful. You won't forget it's beauty

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  8. Superb. Bro thanks for ur sweet words for Pakistan n Pakistani. Good u making ur own vlogs v saw u while watching 1st change Perception with Ukhano Eva zu back. Pakistan is our home n home is where love is v truly happy when Allah (SWT) sends guests. U always welcome I know u been to Balochistan Gawader .next time travel in train for Balochistan train journey so epic so unique n train with two Engines worth seeing worth experiencing.

  9. Wow Thanks for your love for Pakistan? Just lovin your Pakistan Vlogs.. Lots of love from Pakistan too❤❤

  10. Hay world we're not showing by western media &news channels,,, they portrayed the country with negativity
    See this…
    We are this …
    Ryan is amazed by the hospitality of my Pakistanis
    … What are you waiting for?
    Welcome to PAKISTAN

  11. KARAKORAM Highway is not 7000 meters for heaven's sake, the highest point is around 15000 feet. And thousands didn't die constructing it, around 1100 Pakistanis and Chinese laborers and engineers died.

  12. Go blochistan people are owsme And blochistan Mountain Like Mars Mountain You feel like you r another earth …
    I am from Punjab

  13. You forgot to mention that this pakistani vlogs are Funded by "inter service intelligence" to promote tourism in pakistan and to make your viewers feel positive about pakistan regardless of all the 116 Terrorists organizations are thriving and roaming around freely in pakistan and so that they risk their precious lives in this hell on Earth

  14. Most Hospitable…Proud to be Pakistani….in past… just victim of F*****g game of so called world,s super powers.

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    Thnkx for showing the best image of pak, the real one❣️

  16. Appreciate you for coming and taking that risk as if the whole world portray the negitive image of Pakistan and CPIC for offering you and all of your crew the opportunity to explore the positive side of Pakistan. Thanks a bunch for showing true face of Pakistan to the whole world…..much more to say but yeah thanks alot……

  17. Mashallah! love seeing so many people coming to pakistan and loving it! I wish i was home. Studying and missing home a lot. You'd love the place where i am from! Sawat! its beautiful!

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    Love you guys and keep up your work.

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    People of pakistan are amazimg
    Lots of love..❤❤

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