Mother Forking Recap: Season 1 – The Good Place

Mother Forking Recap: Season 1 – The Good Place

-Want to get up to speed
on “The Good Place”?
We got you covered. This is a motherforking recap —
season 1. This is Eleanor. -Do you have a second to
talk about the environment? -Do you have a second
to eat my farts? -Here’s how she died. -Struck and killed
by a mobile billboard truck advertising an
erectile-dysfunction pill called “Engorgulate.”
-Oof. -She woke up here,
to this guy telling her… -You’re in The Good Place. -Michael takes her to meet… -Chidi Anagonye.
-After meeting Chidi, she quickly drops this
shirtbomb on him. -I’m not supposed to be here.
-Wait, what? -Wondering what The Bad Place
is like, Eleanor asks Janet, the neighborhood’s
anthropomorphized vessel of knowledge. -[ Screaming ] -Lucky for her,
Chidi is an ethics professor. -I think you’re capable
of change. -But she’s not the only forknut
in The Good Place. He’s not a monk.
He’s a… -Amateur deejay,
specializing in EDM. -Lucky for Jason… -I am here to learn
about ethnics. -Chidi’s lessons
are actually working, because when Michael says… -The problem is me. -[ Gasping ]
-…Eleanor admits… -The problem in
the neighborhood is me. -And now, these demons
from The Bad Place show up. -There are two Eleanors. The nice,
boring one is yours. The trashbag is ours. -After an attempt
to escape… -Welcome to
eternal mediocrity. Welcome to
The Medium Place. -…and subsequent
self-sacrifice… -Chidi. Tahani.
We’re back to save your souls. -You’re too late. -…Eleanor can’t help
but think… -This is The Bad Place. -…and puts it
all together. -We’ve been torturing each other
since the moment we arrived. -Michael admits…
-You figured it out. -…it was all
an elaborate scheme to torture humans
in a new experiment. -I’m going to make them think
that they are in The Good Place. -While Michael gets permission
to reboot the neighborhood… -I just tinker a little, try again.
-Okay. -…Eleanor does
something clever. -Open up. -And when the neighborhood
is rebooted, Janet delivers Eleanor
a lifeline. -What the fork
is a Chidi?

23 thoughts on “Mother Forking Recap: Season 1 – The Good Place

  1. I will remember this show forever.
    I remember first getting it in my recommended feed, and I was obsessed ever since.
    I told my friend to check it out on Netflix, and she did. She also became obsessed.
    We geek out about the show a lot, and had a lot of fun.

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