Motorcycle camping first timer gear guide

I thought I’d make a video going through some of the gear that I took with me on a first try at motorcycle camping I found the videos that other
people have done on YouTube pretty useful in terms of choosing what I took
with make some of this might be useful to someone else is having a think about
doing similar So first of all – the tent. This is a Vango 300 three person tent. It’s complete overkill for solo motorcycle camping and the reason ended up with it was that my wife wanted to try camping and we went car camping first. It still fits on the bike but it would have been a lot better to have something smaller There are some nice things about this tent though. If anybody wants me to do any more detailed views on anything then i’m happy to but there are other videos and reviews out there on most of this stuff anyway. This
has got two doors which is good if there’s two of you it’s also just makes it quite nice to be
in if you’ve got the doors open and it’s quite light rather than being more of a tunnel
that you have to crawl into And you can sit up in it which is quite nice in terms of changing bike gear in the tent. So that’s the tent itself. Poles are in a separate bag which helps to spread the weight around a bit. The pegs have a bag around here as
well. And I also took a separate footprint to protect the groundsheet of the tent itself from any rough ground. Overall it worked pretty well, but it’s a bit larger than really needed, so it’s a bit of overkill in that sense. So that’s the tent. In terms of sleeping equipment I also ended up.. by coincidence with a Vango bag. This is not a particularly expensive bag. It’s a synthetic bag that is rated down to a comfort limit of five degrees C and zero as what they can a safety limit with -15 as an extreme I couldn’t figure out what all the numbers meant when I was trying to buy this bag. but this is called a three-season bag. They say you may sleep cold or warm – I sleep “warm”. so I don’t tend to get too cold. I tend, if anything to get too hot so this was OK for me. The trip I’ve just done to France wasn’t too cold. Before that we went to Scotland car camping as I mentioned and we got down to about 3 degrees C then. This was starting to get right down to the limits of what I would be
comfortable with. I waking up a little cold but I could have stuck some clothes on and I’d have been fine I’m sure. Any lower than that, you’re probably going to be uncomfortable. What’s really good about it is that for a not particularly expensive bag – I think this was about £58 – it’s pretty small and relatively light. It weighs 1.2 kg. That’s compressed a little at the moment. You can compress it more so it will go into the panniers quite well. The other things that go with the sleeping bag are a mattress. This one is This one is an air mattress type. Its an Exped Synmat UL 7. I did try a self-inflating mattress at first… but couldn’t really get comfortable with that so I had to splash out a bit more on something which most reviews suggested would be more comfortable The air mattress really needs something to help you blow it up. It’s not recommended to blow it up with your mouth. There’s loads of coverage of why on the Internet. So you can get one of these which is called a Schnozzel pumpbag from Exped. It’s a drybag But it also has a valve on the bottom. So you grab some air, and roll it down and squeeze the air in… Very simple – but it actually works. A bit annoying to have to spend extra to inflate the mattress you’ve just bought but there you go. It does work. The other thing that you can do is put the sleeping bag in the pumpbag and roll out the air through the valve. And then seal the valve. That will make the bag quite a bit smaller which helps to fit it in panniers. So those are the main components of a “sleep system”. Not forgetting a pillow! This one is the Seatosummit Aeros. I agree with the reviews online – it’s a very good pillow I ended up buying the large. I originally bought the medium/regular which is fine But this is hardly any bigger when packed, weighs hardly anything. And even the large fits within the hood area of the sleeping bag so it stays in place. Highly recommended. I would say that overall with this gear, the Vango sleeping bag is well-designed and is quite nice how the hood pulls around you and keep warm air in. All these little things help when it gets cold. Generally it feels and looks nice, but I would say that some of the execution is a little poor. We had two of these and we sent my wife’s back because the stitching was already coming undone. And things like the zip always catching, but it’s not particularly expensive bag. For the size and the weight its pretty good. These (Exped) get good reviews – some prefer the Thermarest ones – some prefer these. I sleep on my side which seems to be a bit of a no no for camping. I found even with this… I was waking up after a few hours – maybe I’ll get used to it. My hip was getting uncomfortable. And sometimes my shoulder as well – the pressure points – I guess you could go to a thicker mattress. But it’s all extra weight. So I didn’t get a perfect night’s sleep, but not too bad. If you sleep on your back, I’s say this is very comfortable because the weight is spread better. So – cooking gear. This is a Gelert roll-up water carrier that holds 10 litres. It’s cheap and very simple – if I can get it out. It just unrolls and you can put some water in it when you get o a campsite. It works fine and the only downside (as you can see) is drying the thing. Its a bit like when you have a Camelbak water bladder. Difficult to get them fully dry – I have to figure out a way to prop it open. Then I had a set of pots. In a minute I’ll get another set of pots to show you. This is part of a set of pots from Alpkit – they’re called Alipots. Its a UK make, but these are actually made by a Chinese company called Fire Maple who seem to make most of the pots you see on the market, but they’re supplied by Alpkit in the UK at a good price. This set was about twenty pounds. It’s actually a set of four so there’s another pot which fits inside this one with a lid. twenty pounds and loss so cold and see that this very similar
and so I actually before it got this I bought some set of pans and these from
Jers I do lists people which includes the but part two sets of these blocks
the one I got was actually quite damage from shock I sent it back to realize
that are probably better off buy something got here so that’s the
goal set there is again from our pocket so a lot of the stowed under various
names by chinese couple this one this one countries saying that they generally great price
process of doing this which worth mentioning do you think they were things
I tell you how to do coffee going camping and there’s also a backpack
solutions to do with these kind of ultralight cults and things you could
sit on them and all this kind of stuff that I came across these and this seems
to be a simpler option so in there any way to your coffee and that’s it
insulated mug but it’s also thought this was a French press time things grounds
in that it’s take down so that’s that’s worked well if you simply the truth news thing pops woman she’s my cookie
stuff is that I make these up so they mentioned the the metal type twenty
years ago and what i’d seen was tabletops me to get for some makes it so
you can’t get in and then again Chris companies that make money as did they
use plywood reason they did that was actually this is like to forgiving
strength I mean that they were using think three male ploy to instill when I
went to get it and it was pretty simple to cut those two size I put some magnets
the county is I don’t they just look at this base could just sit across the
table to the condom use and they worked out trick that they they were really
well I thought been complete disaster but he gave me the table talks decent
hinds which shows that means to do this place is much nicer than scrambling
around them looks good but it will take a share this
code of deficit reductions could share one but it’s just a chair folds up and he’s
pretty like again as a way to capture the
combination of the title the panties no signifi- GOP somewhere without really
well it’s just pretty easy setup gave me a comfortable place to meet in the
evening on my breakfast and not have to adjust to life no cover a few other bits and pieces in
a min species to show you give you a complete
picture taken with me to the top like the Kit Kats tools in to hear what I
want to do that with those chips touched the boy and I think it might go down to
get one time but they will still good for one of those you ok what ended up
with India let them install tool this is one of these in supplying a range of
bits including some tax is full though the focus on my body takes care of the
group as well so just take a look at this time but there there in a few more
tools and another fact just because I couldn’t fit it all in one place so
there’s no back on the bike there’s a small ratchet the bit in the sizes of the key things
in the book I needed will still need those cause I just want to be really
useful things when taking other things with the 2022 of trying to address also
trying to get over trail two types flying from the company the same time which probably
have a fishing stuff but not everyone talks about taking duct tape gets duct
tape came across a metal repair tape so where should the duct tape but I think
it needed to do which is it a hot-air the bike might even be better than take
two days probably has done such as well but he has to be very similar to wd-40
its it was from 334 only small portions very nice to see so to see those kind of things but I I
wanted to try to to without anything like that so that everything I had was
reasonably secure lock boxes so I just stopped by to look at something without
worrying about it funny to go that route but it did mean didn’t have space for
like two types such as some camera gay rights to film the story so do
differently another time and finally just be ok and

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