Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated cartoon | Trekking | Wow Kidz

Motu Patlu Cartoons In Hindi | Animated cartoon | Trekking | Wow Kidz

Oh! What a beautiful place! I wish I could always live here. Yes, It would be wonderful, if all four of us could live here. Not four of us, five of us. We would have to call our tea vendor too or else who will make samosa’s for us? Oh my lord! Even in this beautiful place, all you can think of is samosas! Let’s hurry up and put up the tent. Oh my lord!! Haha! If you tell Motu to put up the tent then this is bound to happen. He only knows how to eat samosas. Oh! May all the bitter medicines of the world fall into your mouth. Now, I’m not going to take any risks. Everyone pick up a peg and put it in the ground. Hold on to the rope tightly or the tent will fly away. Help!!! I swear on my patients, I’ll never come for Trekking again. If I come, then I will never put the pegs into the ground. If I do that, then I will never hold on to the rope and if I do that too then I’ll never hold on to it tightly!! Oh my lord! Doctor Jhatka, say one thing, what you will do? What you will not do? Don’t confuse me. Trekking is supposed to be on the ground, no one told me that it can be done in the air too!! Motu, do something, fast!! What can I do? My brain does not function on an empty stomach. You think of something. No need to think, hold on to the rope tightly, don’t let it go. Oh my lord! When we hold on tightly, we flew away and he is still saying to hold on tightly! Someone please help! Mummy! Help! Help!! Hey, wait! I have twenty years of experience in how to light a jungle on fire. We don’t want to light the jungle on fire. We just need a fire in these sticks. I meant exactly that, watch how you light a fire with stones while trekking. Hey, if you are going to rub the stones for full life then, when will the fire get lit? I have some kerosene in a bottle. I will go and get it; if we put some on it, the fire will get loud. Wait! I have 20 years of experience in bringing a kerosene. Oh my lord!!! Do you have 20 years of experience in getting beaten up or not? Oh my lord! No I don’t, why? Help! Mummy! Help! It’s no fun eating samosa’s unless they are hot. He has filled his bag only with samosa’s, he has put all his other stuff in my bag. When you climb on top of that mountain, the world will look as beautiful as heaven. Yes, by the time we climb such a tall mountain, we all will be residents of heaven. I’m not going to climb that. Oh my lord! Motu, you don’t worry, we will pull you up with a rope. Then it’s ok, come on lets climb up. No need to be scared of such a small little mountains! Help!! Hey Motu, big brother, sorry!! Help!! Long live!! Eagle god, you have saved us. Now just drop us at a good spot, Eagle god! She has brought us as a breakfast for her baby. Now, what shall we do? Motu, do something. What can I do? My brain does not function on an empty stomach, you think of something. Looks like, this baby eagles’ stomach is going to be full. Hey! What are you doing? I am saving myself from its beak. And who will save me? Get out of this nest, fast. It seems, he is liking that we are slipping and falling. So then, let’s slip and fall. Come on, let’s entertain him some more. Thanks friend, you are a very good child. We will have to go and leave it back in its nest. If the mother eagle sees him with us, she may think we are taking him away and that will be the end of us!! This is such a good baby not at all like his mother. Patlu, lets go. Patlu, how did your shadow become so big? Look up and you will get to know yourself. She is right above our heads. Motu think of something fast or else our heads will no longer be above us. What can I think? My brain doesn’t function on an empty stomach. You think of something. Idea! There is nothing to think, just run faster!! Hey, I didn’t mean so fast! Long live! We are safe now. We seem to have landed in a cave. Come on, let’s go out and see where that eagle has gone. Long live! Queen eagle is gone!! There they are! Motu and Patlu. Oh my lord!! That eagle is still after them! May all the bitter Medicines of the world fall into your mouth!! From where did she come? Make it quick! She is right behind you all. Long live!! Doctor Jhatka this is the first time that something you have made has been useful. Big brother help me!! Fast!! Hey, what a bad breath you have, don’t you ever brush your teeth? Patlu, do something, it looks like she has made her plans to take me with her. Nothing will happen to you while I am here. Make the plane dive, quickly. Take it up at the last moment. Long live!! Oh mother of eagles, what have I ever done to you that you are after my life? Remember the lord now, this is the end of trekking. I will not let that happen. I cannot control the plane anymore, my friend. Oh my lord!! Got saved!! Yeah!! No!! We have landed in the eagles nest again. This is when you say, “The world is round”. Oh my lord! Now what will happen? Exactly, what the god wants. No!!

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  1. I love Motu and Patlu they are the biggest fan from me Motu Patlu zindabaad and Dr.Djhatka and Ghasitaram are very funny Wahhahahhaahahhah

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