Mouthwatering Mumbai Food Tour – Parsi Food, Pani Puri, Kebabs, and Attractions in Mumbai, India

Mouthwatering Mumbai Food Tour – Parsi Food, Pani Puri, Kebabs, and Attractions in Mumbai, India

– I’m gonna take a piece of chapati and scoop up for my first bite. Wow, that is amazing. (rhythmic drum music) Good morning everyone, it’s Mark Wiens with in Mumbai, India. It is almost 9 a.m., this
is our first day in Mumbai, and I have a list of a bunch of things, a bunch of places to eat
and some attractions, some sightseeing to do, but really, I find it really kind of hard to make a set itinerary when you don’t really know
how to navigate around. So we are just off to just walk around for a little while and
see what happens today. (mellow Indian music) Our hotel is in the Colaba area, but we’re taking a little
walk down the road, or past a couple roundabouts to an area called Fort. One of the things I love about India and that I remember from
my previous trips to India is that even in the huge cities, the congested huge cities, you can still always hear the
birds chirping in the trees. That’s pretty awesome. (dog barking) (street noises) And all of a sudden, it looks
like it’s going to downpour. Even the birds are flying away. Oh, okay, it’s starting to rain right now as I’m talking. We didn’t get that far, we didn’t get anything accomplished, but it has started raining. So far, walking around
this area is really nice. What I really like are all of the trees, so many trees, and then just like kind of decaying old buildings, but it’s beautiful to
walk around this area. Luckily, the rain didn’t last very long, and so we are walking now over to one of the main train stations, which is known in brief as CST. (horns honking) The real name is
Chhatrapati Sivaji Terminus, which I am reading from up here, but the old name is VT,
which is Victoria Terminal, and there are just masses of people. It is like a humidity steam bath in Mumbai right now after that rain. (mellow Indian music) (speaking in Hindi) Okay, thank you very much. One of the absolute best joys of being in India is drinking chai, and you, just walking down the streets, there are tea stalls everywhere you look. They brew it fresh, and
they add milk in it, and then they squeeze out the tea leaves, and then they serve it to
you just in small cups, and it’s always piping hot, actually like burning hot, my fingers are on fire right now. Oh, oh I have missed you, oh that’s wonderful. It’s strong tea, you can taste just a hint of spice in there, and maybe a little bit
of cardamom in there, and then it’s creamy, just fantastic. There’s just nothing greater than standing along the side of the street drinking a cup of chai. Yeah. (horns honking) Drinking cups of hot tea
on the side of the road is just one of the great
joys of being in India. It’s so good, it’s such a
simple, fantastic thing. We are now walking to try and find a very legendary restaurant in Mumbai. – [Ing] I think it’s right there. How are you? – I am fine. Where from? – [Ing] From Thailand. – This is my friend, my friend. – [Mark] Okay, good, good. – Why you came here? – [Mark] Just traveling, and eating. Came to eat. – Indian food, okay. – [Mark] Is it open yet? – Yeah, it’s not open. – [Mark] Nice to meet you. When I asked for restaurant
recommendations in Mumbai, Brittania and Company, this was one of the top recommendations, so I am here. This restaurant is famous
for serving Parsi food, which is a combination
of Iranian Persian food and Indian food, and so
this is a type of cuisine that you have to eat
when you are in Mumbai. Also, we got here kind
of right as they opened, so we beat the lunch rush, but I’m sure in maybe an hour from how, when the offices are let out, this place is going to be packed. And our first dish has just arrived. I’ve also got a fresh chapati, oh, you can feel how fresh and kind of, it’s kind of dense but
fluffy at the same time, and scoop up for my first bite. Wow, that is amazing. That mutton is kind of like stringy, and then the flavor
that’s wrapped up in it, but the blend of spices in there, I’m not even totally sure
what is all in there, but wow, it’s flavorful, and it’s really not, it’s kind of watery, as opposed to buttery or
oily, which is really nice, and then all these little
fried crispies on there, they kind of add an
extra texture dimension. It’s not so strong, like an Indian curry, but it has a little bit
of a milder taste to it, but incredibly good. I’m going to add some
of these onions though, these onions are very tempting, oh, and a wedge of lime. This might give it the added
boost of fresh crunch to it, not that it needs anything extra, but I’m just kind of an onion kind of guy. Okay, that’s a lot of onions. Wow. It’s such an amazing
blend of spices and meat. I also don’t want to
pass up this opportunity to mention how good the chapati is. The chapati is kind of gooey, but then, it’s light and it actually is really, it’s an amazing chapati. Thank you very much. – [Waiter] It’s special. – I didn’t even notice this at first when I sat down at the restaurant, but something I have to point out to you is this bouquet of napkins. What a beautiful stack, I’m gonna grab one off the top here, and then also on the napkins. That is my kind of a phrase. The other dishes that
we ordered have arrived, and one of the dishes that this restaurant is very well known for
is their berry pulav, and pulav is, it’s similar to biryani, not quite the same,
actually quite different, but they’re famous for
serving a berry version, and I think, I think
the berries are like … – Bar berries, they are dried, and this is rice. – Oh, okay. Bar berry, okay, they
are called bar berries, and they are, yeah, they look kind of like very small raisins, very dried up, or little black currants, and then also on the top, there were a bunch of fried shallots, and then we got the one with chicken, that’s a big nugget of chicken. Let me just taste, making sure I got a lot of those berries in there. Mm-hmm. It’s so fragrant, and
those little berries, they kind of have a sour taste to them. Mm, it’s not really very strong in flavor, but everything really
just harmonizes together. And then the final dish we got is something called dhansak, which is the Parsi version of lentils, and we got the mutton version, so there’s chunks of mutton in it as well, and then it’s served with
his big plate of rice, which is some kind of
spiced or fragrant rice, as well as a couple of, i think these are mutton meatballs. I’ll put some of the
rice down as the base, and then go for some of the dhansak, oh, and those are big chunks of mutton. I just want to taste that
dhansak, actually, first. Mm, mm. There’s some kind of very
unique spice in there, like maybe fenugreek, but it has a very unique,
distinct spice to it. – Spices inside is the
green chile, red chile also. – I was thinking there was
some kind of spice in it, but I just asked the
waiter, and he told me that it’s both green chile
and red chile in there that gives it the flavor, and then it’s just the lentils, so it has kind of that lentil, grainy texture to it, a
piece of that mutton, oh yes. Tender mutton. That was some really good food, and one of the things that also is highly recommended here that I think just about everybody who
eats here orders for dessert is the caramel custard, and I don’t really have a sweet tooth, but I have to try it. Mm. Wow, it’s almost like cream cheesy, just lightly caramel flavored, and then sweet, not
like silky soft smooth, but kind of like, airy smooth. Yeah, that is very good. It’s kind of like a stiff pudding. – I know them. – [Mark] Oh, very nice. – They have drink in
Mumbai, two months ago, and they invited me to dine with them. I went and met them at hotel. – [Mark] Okay. – Oh, okay. – Parsi. The Parsi food is a combination of — – Did you have the berry pulav? – Yes, we had the
chicken berry, very nice. – Part Indian and Iran culture. – Just finished our meal
at Brittania and Company, the food was incredible. I especially liked the berry pulav, the rice dish with those berries on top, and also that sali boti
was just unbelievably good. What really makes this restaurant like a heritage, and
just a beautiful place, is because of the owners and the history of the restaurant. The owner, he is 94 years old at the time of making this video, and he is up and around,
talking and greeting all of, everyone eating at the
restaurant, telling stories. He’ll definitely tell you some stories, but he’s an extremely nice man, and he’s really an inspiration. Hello, by Colaba. Lunch was extremely good, I am stuffed, so we decided to jump into a taxi and we’re on our way to
go visit a museum next. (mellow Indian music) We drove all the way to a museum called Dr. Bhau Daji museum, but unfortunately, today they are closed, even though the opening hours said
they were open today, but they said today it’s randomly closed, so instead we’re going to drive over to the Gandhi museum. Something that will
never get old or boring is looking out the window
while driving around in India. There’s just so much action
happening everywhere you look. It just started downpouring again. It will like downpour for a few minutes, and then just kind of drizzle for awhile, and then it will downpour,
and then it will stop, and then it will downpour again. Lots of people. This is the biggest laundromat. As we were driving on
our way to the museum, our taxi driver, who is very kind, stopped here at Dhobi Ghat, and Dhobi Ghat is Mumbai’s largest open air laundromat. We’re going to go down the stairs to the bottom of the laundromat and just take a quick look. You’ve kind of got to
walk around the outside, but I think this is the main entrance. Hello. – [Boy] Hello. (speaking in Hindi) – It’s not too busy right now, maybe it’s the time of
the day that we’re here, right in the middle of the afternoon, but this is like an entire, an entire community, and entire village that washes clothes, and
there are just pools of water. We can only stay here for a few minutes because our taxi driver is
waiting on the bridge for us, but it’s really
interesting to walk around. This is just an entire, whoa, be careful, you’ve got to be careful
where you’re walking, or you will end up in the laundromat, but it’s very interesting to see, and this is Mumbai’s
largest open air laundromat, maybe one of the largest
open air laundromats in the entire world. Hello. – [Man] Hello. – How are you? Be careful. Because it’s the rainy
season in Mumbai right now, and it’s been raining off and on all day, when it stops raining, the air is just so incredibly humid, it’s
just saturated with water, you can probably see my face right now, I don’t know, can you see
beads of perspiration, but just walking around
Dhobi Ghat for a few seconds, and I’m just literally dripping. My shirt is just, you could probably wring this out like the laundromat. (light Indian pop music) – Gandhi house museum. – We drove over now to the
Mani Bhavan Gandhi Museum, and it’s amazing the contrast in Mumbai from the main roads that
are just out of control, to the side streets and neighborhoods, where it’s so quiet and just tree lined, and it’s really beautiful
on these side streets. Our taxi driver was really nice, his name was Pradeep, thank you, Pradeep, and we are now stopping
here at the museum. This is the house where Gandhi lived when he would make his visits to Mumbai, from I think it was
from about 1917 to 1934. There’s a library in there, and mostly the museum just walks you through a lot of photographs of Gandhi and his impact on both India and the world, and just his incredible work
and the things that he did. It’s really a quiet
peaceful place in there. You can just kind of
stroll around leisurely. Our next plan of action is to walk over to Chowpatty Beach, which is, should just be a few minutes walk away
from where we are right now, and hopefully, yeah, we’ll
walk close to the beach, enjoy the views, and hopefully there’ll be some snacks around that
area as well, to enjoy. I’m ready for some snacks. We made it to Chowpatty,
which is one of the main beaches in Mumbai. It’s a huge expanse of sand, and there are crows or
pigeons flying over. You get a nice view of the city, and I think we’re just going to walk along this stretch of beach for a little while. Okay. (speaking in Hindi) Very nice dresses. – Thanks. – So many people in
Mumbai are so friendly. (speaking in Hindi) This is not really a
swimming beach, hello. – Hello, hi. – [Mark] How are you? – Fine. – Nice to meet you. This isn’t really a swimming beach, although there are some kids swimming, but it’s more of a strolling beach. It has a huge sandbank, so
you can just walk along. (speaking in Hindi) Okay, nice to meet you, bye. Ing and I have had a selfie marathon here at Chowpatty Beach. One of my favorite things to eat, street food snacks, is called pani puri, which are little puris, which are little crispy fritters, which are hollow, and they’re filled with a combination of chickpeas and a, like,
spiced fragrant water. Thank you. So this is the pani puri, and the outside is the puri, and then inside is chickpeas, and then he fills it with some, I think there’s tamarind water as well as like some minty water, well, actually, I’ll find out, but you eat them by the single, and you’ve gotta eat them fast before they go soggy on you. Mm. Oh, it’s amazing. It just explodes with juices. It’s salty, it’s a little bit spicy, you can taste like, a little bit of like a minty freshness, and then you have like the starchy chickpeas in there as well, all wrapped up by like a hollow chip. Oh, it’s good, and once
you finish one bite, you get another one. Thank you. Mm. It’s such a genius snack. I would never think to
add liquid to a chip, but it works so incredibly well. What I love about it most, I think, I probably have some driplets of the pani puri water going down my chin. It’s so flavorful, and it
just sort of explodes with, yeah, it explodes with spice and flavor, and it’s a wonderful snack. Mm. It’s both a little bit sweet, but salty and spicy, more so. It’s wonderful, I think I have a couple left more in my set. (speaking in Hindi) And then when you’re done
eating your pani puri, you have some water at the bottom that has fallen out of your puri, so you can drink it. It’s so refreshing, it’s almost like drinking mint juice, but with the tamarind
sweetness, and nice and salty. Oh, thank you. Oh, one more, okay. Next up, he handed me a dry puri. Mm, yeah, that’s good too. That tastes like a chip
with bean dip in the middle. That pani puri was superb, and they have sign that says they use fresh filtered water, so that’s great, because it’s definitely a snack that you need to be careful eating because of the water
content, but it’s so good. It’s such a genius combination, but now I’m so thirsty right now, I need a big bottle of water, so there’s a stall right over here that I’m gonna grab a
bottle of water from. Thank you. How much is it? – Twenty, twenty. – Thank you. I have been sweating all day long, and haven’t drank that much water, but after eating a salty
snack like pani puri, I am feeling the thirst. Ah, cold water, tastes incredible. As I was drinking that water, all of a sudden we heard
like a roar of people, just like a whole stampede of people running this way because
it started downpouring all of a sudden again, so we are standing underneath an umbrella, underneath a tree, but it’s a fast rain,
like it rained really hard for about one minute, and
now it’s stopping again. (speaking in Hindi) (mellow Indian music) (speaking in Hindi) – [Mark] Colaba. (mellow Indian music) We took that taxi over to, or very close to where we
started off this morning, where our hotel is, and
we are going to go to the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj
Vastu Sangrahalaya museum, which is, we have just arrived right here. It’s pretty expensive to
visit, at 500 Rupees entrance, and then they also charge for photography. Inside, it was pretty interesting. There are all sorts of
different exhibitions about the history of India. Definitely my favorite
exhibition was the sculpture, where there are ancient sculptures, especially rock carvings,
and also what I really liked about this museum is just the actual museum structure itself. It kind of has a gothic feel to it, but then at the same time,
the dome really looks like it has Islamic influence, and I know the architect
who designed this building, or this structure, also
designed the Gateway of India. For our final attraction
stop this afternoon, we are taking the walk, it’s just about a five minute walk from the museum to the Gateway of India. We entered into the main entrance of the Gateway of India, but they were pretty strict about no video, so I was told not to video, so now we’re gonna try to go around to the outside to get a view of it. If you walk down the road a little ways, there’s some great views
of the Gateway of India, and then also on this side
is the Taj Palace Hotel, which is also a very
famous landmark in Mumbai. I can smell the aroma
of meat as we approach. (speaking in Hindi) This restaurant, which happens to be literally right around the corner from the hotel where we’re staying at, is called Bademiya, and they are very, very well known
throughout all of Mumbai for serving kebabs and all sorts of non-vegetarian food, although they do have a vegetarian
section, separate section, but most of what they serve
is all sorts of grilled meat. Oh, thank you. I kind of got a little bit confused, because I wasn’t sure if we were gonna just stand outside, it’s very common for you to just stand
outside and order the rolls, and just stand on the street and eat, but then they have this huge dining room, which is actually quite nice to sit down, and it kind of feels
like you’re in a fort, so the reason that my
food is on to go ware is because I thought we
were just going to stand, but then we decided to sit. I’m going to go ahead and begin
with the mutton seekh kabab, and these are freshly grilled, oh, just fingers of meat. Add some of this chutney,
and that looks like, maybe like a mint chutney,
and with some onions, and I’m just going in straight meat steak. Oh yeah, kebabs do it for me every time. The flavor of the smoke that is just embedded into that minced meat is amazing. And actually, it does taste, the meat kind of tastes lean,
it doesn’t taste too oily, and you can also taste a
lot of onions in there, and maybe some kind of like parsley, and that sauce is a
little bit spicy as well. Oh yeah. I’m a little bit obsessed with kebabs. They are very well known for their rolls, and they make the bread fresh, and so if you had a, it’s like an upside dome
with a fire underneath it, and he spread out the dough
and they put it on there, and it cooks just in a couple seconds, and I ordered the chicken bhuna roll. Oh actually, I think I should
not actually unravel it, I think we’re supposed to tear it, tear, so you don’t lose any
juices on the bottom. Oh yeah, that’s a much
better way to eat it. That bread, that bread is amazing. It’s really very similar to a tortilla, then that’s like shredded chicken, with kind of a tomato-y, spicy, kind of yeah, sauce, mm. Yeah, that is, that is a comfort roll. What I am gonna attempt to do though is add some more sauce and some onions, and scoop that on there, oh yeah. And since we’re sitting
here, I could not resist ordering another piece of chicken, and it is just, you can just see it coated in flavor and
then grilled to a crisp. What I like about the chicken is that you can really taste the grill flavor, it has an amazing roasted flavor. The good news is I asked
for a refill on the sauce, so he gave me a whole plate of both the red sauce and the
green sauce with some onions. This will taste great with the chicken. Those onions, too, just
enhance everything, and the reason I didn’t order more bread, apart from the roll, is because Ing and I are actually both still kind of hungry from lunch, lunch was a big meal, so yeah, I’m sticking to mostly
protein for this dinner. All the food I tried was very good. The chicken leg was
maybe a little bit dry, but I think probably,
definitely my favorite thing was the chicken bhuna roll. That is insanely good, that’s something you have to eat here, and I am down to my last bite right now. It is the wonderful last bite, where all the oils have all
accumulated at the bottom, and so definitely, the final
bite is always the best. Mm, mm. That is a must eat in Mumbai. Okay, thank you. Thank you. Okay. That was a highly satisfying dinner, and that is gonna be the
last thing I do today before I go straight to bed. I have to admit, I’m pretty wiped out. It has been a hot and busy, and just a fantastic first day in Mumbai, so I’m gonna end the video right now. Thank you all very much for watching. Thank you. And I just got another napkin, and please remember to give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it, and leave a comment below,
and oh, another napkin, and also make sure you subscribe for lots more food videos, and I will see you on the next video. Tomorrow is another
beautiful day in Mumbai. (rhythmic drum music)

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