Moved into a CONVERTED AMBULANCE to TRAVEL the World

Moved into a CONVERTED AMBULANCE to TRAVEL the World

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Squarespace. If you need a domain website or online store make it with Squarespace. My name is Carl. I’m Madison. And this is our ambulance camper aka The Campulets. Also known as, Triceratops. So prior to buying the ambulance I was just on the road camping out with Camp Trent which is my brother and Ives. I was traveling with them and their camper just tent lifing
it and on the road I was just meeting a lot of people living out of their vans or
trucks. That was a lifestyle that really resonated with me so I started saving
for the that for about two years. Never really considered getting an ambulance,
found this guy on Craigslist. It really just had everything I was
looking for as far as a great engine and a great solid build. When he first told me
about it I thought it was a joke. I was in a tiny cabin and then we looked into a yurt for the summer. I think we were accustomed to living in small
spaces together, really made the transition pretty easy. It wasn’t like we
went from a big house to a super small space. I mean, I’ve been doing it out of
a tent for the last two years so this is like a luxury upgrade for my lifestyle. So this is it. This is our ambulance
camper aka The Campulents. It is a 1997 Chevrolet K3500 four-wheel drive diesel
engine and it weighs about six tons with all of our stuff in it so it’s pretty
heavy and you can feel that driving around turns and going up hills, but is
super reliable. Average around 12 to 13 miles per gallon. It does have two tanks.
If you want to check out the front here the first feature are the sirens. It
still came attached to the siren speakers and a PA system so that’s
what’s coming off here on a super heavy-duty bumper. On the front half here
it’s painted with this stuff called monster liner which is pretty much a
homemade line-x kit and it’s supposed to just be chip resistant and scratch
resistant all that so I really want to do that to the entire ambulance. Moving
up front here pretty standard cab just a two-seater but the best thing I like
about the ambulance is the outside storage. Well, the storage overall. There’s a lot of closets around the outside where
we keep our big gear and pretty much our long-term storage. Anything that’s
immediate we keep on the inside. This one we keep an inflatable boat, some climbing
gear, our backpacks. Our second closet here is our tools. Pretty much everything we
need for building or adding stuff to the ambi or doing car maintenance, probably
use the air compressor the most just for filling up on tires.
We also have trash access here as well. It drops in through the main
cab. That’s our pup Oly by the way. Moving back here’s a third closet. This
is where we keep our water systems so this one here what you see inside is
plumbed to our sink, that’s six gallons. This one here is seven gallons of fresh
drinking water. Other things we keep in here: a spare tire, a little bit of
extra gas, oil pan for when we do all that. Yeah these two back doors are usually
open when we’re at camp but it just gives you a nice look into the inside
and this just provides a lot of light and a good area to chill on our cooler here.
This is mainly how it is as long as the weather permits us to to keep it
open. Another closet here is just our tallest closet where we keep our skis in
this red bag. Our fishing pole is always ready to go right here. We have some
leather and suede crafts for making and selling art on the road. Other closet
just general camping gear, tents, backpacking stuff, pretty much anything
we use for outdoor living is kept in here. We got a window which you don’t see
too often on modern day ambulances. I’m not sure why that is, but that comes in
clutch when we’re sleeping. You can access our closet which you’ll see
from the inside but you can get it from the outside as well
and then under here is just the two batteries for the truck. That charges
as we run and we can plug into that when we camp for probably two or three days
a couple hours each day but the eventual project is to put solar on the roof so
we can run those systems without draining the car batteries. We do use
these floodlights pretty frequently just when we pull into camp and help
getting set up. We don’t use the center one. You can tell it’s kinda getting ripped out by
trees on the drive on the Forest Service road. Welcome to the inside of the Cambulance, come on in. First here we’ve got our closet which
is really accessible and nice and packed with all of our stuff. We’ve got one
section for Carl, one section for me and we share the shoes. We share a lot of
clothes too just to make it work. All of these cabinets that you see in here came
with the ambulance originally. Even this red leather upholstery that you see
throughout the cab here. Right here we’ve got this awesome chair
and it was already in. Pretty comfy and there’s a pass-through cab right here.
We’ve got all of our utensils here. Carl kind of showed you the outside, but on the
inside this is how our garbage system works so we have a waste circle here and
we can just throw our waste recycling down in there. This light panel was also
in the ambulance already suction exhaust fan and all the lighting’s that’s in
here. Whenever it’s nice and it’s not raining we’re definitely outside doing
all the cooking and this is a nice setup for the stove if we are inside and it is
raining. In this cabinet right here we’ve got all of our dishes and our cookware
and we keep that all stored together right there. This is a hand-pump sink so
it works like that. Down here, this is our toiletries. We have hand towels, creams, all that good stuff, soaps, essential oil, magic. We’ve got extra
storage for sleeping bags, towels, some fabrics that lives there and this one
here is my art cabinet so those are my vintage suitcases full of art supplies. All right and last but not least this is where our drinking water is so we have
it facedown right now so you can easily fill up anything here. It sits upright as
we’re driving. This is our K2 Cooler also a couch to the outside and also our
fridge. Three in one. So we’ve got all of our goodies in there keeps it nice and
cold. We have a dry bag that we use for our ice and that keeps everything fresh
and all the water and whatnot out of this situation.
It’s a bug screen so it rolls all the way down to the floor, if needed. Over here it’s just more cabinets. This one is kind of our library, our office,
miscellaneous storage. They have all these plastic inserts in every single
cabinet so you can move those around to really lock things in there which is
super clutch when you’re driving down these bumpy roads. Same thing over here just
kind of more open miscellaneous space. We have our ukulele here. Hasn’t see much
time yet, but it will. And then the all-star of the inside
which we haven’t pointed out yet is this bar right here which you just kind of hang
off and hang stuff on it, work out, stretch. So I recommend a bar like that
in all vehicles. The last major feature back here which we recently updated
within the month is this bed and then we have these four legs which is our system
for now. Four, three, two, & one. Each leg has a spot cuz this floor in here is a little
bit uneven so each one needed to be cut a little differently, but whatever, it’s van
life and ambi life. This is how it is. So first step we just fold it up, has a
rubber undercoat here just to hold the futon when it’s in place, but otherwise
it just folds out. Each leg has a number to a specific spot. We find that’s been
working. There we go. We also stained this frame and
pretty much all that other wood we put here to a red mahogany just to kind
of make it feel more like a cabin but slowly working on adding more wood, but anyway, so when we’re done we just slide it this way, roll out some sheets, you know,
throw the pillows back on and the best feature about this bed is A.) you can just
open these doors right here and just kind of be wherever you’re at but
another great feature is this window like we talked about earlier really is
great just to wake up to wherever you’re parking next to you and this is the
inside of the ambulance. Hopefully you’ve never seen one before because I never saw one before until I bought it. It’s a magical mystery tour. It’s a good sign when you’re living in an
ambulance and not getting picked up by one. The quick research I can recommend if
you’re going this route is check government auction websites or call
local counties just kind of see what’s being retired. Don’t be so serious. We like to be in
the moment. We talk about that a lot. Try not to project too much about what’s
in the future, what’s to come, or getting stressed out about the things that we
can’t control at the time. My message would just be to travel and just
be open to stepping outside of your comfort zone or “normal life”, whatever that may be.
Be open to change and open to trusting the kindness of people. Get out there, get outdoors. Free yourself. Experience something new. Spread the love and be awesome,
every day. We try to be. Thanks for watching. Oh one last thing too, this. I
don’t know what it used to be used for but this is just a safe for our valuables and now you know where it is. If you find the ambi, don’t steal that. I hope you guys enjoyed this week’s episode. If you did be sure to LIKE comment and
subscribe and check us out we’re at Camp Trend. We’re on Instagram. We’re on YouTube. Thanks for watching. Peace. Hello, ha. Great to see you again. About to finish that Squarespace ad. In our modern
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100 thoughts on “Moved into a CONVERTED AMBULANCE to TRAVEL the World

  1. The ambulance has incredible storage and electrical units already baked in. If you're creative, a great vehicle to work on as a camper. The bar at the top is for hanging fluids to give to patients as well as for balance as someone has already stated. The fact that it is used to rescue people is far better karma than to worry about who may have died.

  2. I was all set to buy a skoolie short bus but these ambulances make so much sense! All the storage, interior/exterior lighting, inverter, 110 outlets,, and seat/desk area is already done. I'm looking at a class III (E450 with 8' wide box). The oxygen tank compartment will house my propane tank. I'll add a T.V., with satellite, sofa bed, fridge, cooktop, microwave, fantastic fan, C.M. detector, encased awning, and solar setup. Those exterior compartments are great for camping gear and my AGM's.

  3. What kind price $ is ambulance like yours in 4×4. I just aqquired 66 fire truck 80 series 5 sp 2 sp BBC motor 11k miles. $2500. Not sure what I'm gonna do w it yet. Maybe a camper

  4. Awesome idea. Idk if I could live in a car where potentially hundreds died though. I might get nightmares

  5. Instead of worrying about how many people died in the ambulance ask yourself how many people died in your home before you brought it

  6. I am adding a sliding window like the one beside the bed. It's hard to find the 3" thick frames.
    Adding a cute girl like you have so I will have a reason to make my bed bigger. LOL
    We put 1700 Watts of Solar on our Ambulance. We love it.
    Running AC off the Solar, Solar Fridge, etc.

  7. I’m an EMT and I work in an ambulance. I know for a fact it would make a great camper even though I don’t have one. But I’m getting one soon!?❤️? thanks for sharing!

  8. I really admire you guys in your Ambro Rig and what you did & doing. I've seen some YT videos where the moment they get a new rig they start cuting & guting. only to get way overwhelmed & over budget. From the looks of things you guys really didn't change a whole heck of s lot? That is the joy of owning an ambulance is the KISS, keep it simple stupid.

  9. That's awesome! Never thought of converting an ambulance into a camper, but it's already camp ready. Sweet! I think the only thing I'd add is an awning off the side for some more outdoor living space.
    Enjoyed it, thanks for sharing!

  10. I'm just happy that the Ambro works for you guys, it's bought, payed for and it's your home. Anybody else who gives a big F….

  11. Man I just wanted to comment on how cute you guys are together. Looks like u guys are on the same level and just click. Good luck with everything.

  12. Omg!!!! I need a juicy thick white girl whoes willing to go off grid with me like this!!!!!! Any takers????

  13. Very cool campbulance……if I donate money on patreon will you be able to afford a hair brush and some shampoo dude?

  14. Loved every minute of it, such a cool truck! Thinking of it, never knew, ambulances are perfect for that use. You guys look so happy! 🙂

  15. Damn hipsters. Reminds me of haight st. SF. Hippies made it famous; hipsters moved in kicked out all the hippies and ruined it. Thanks hipsters.

  16. When you break down, how easy is it to find a mechanic? Is it more expensive or less expensive to repair (parts/labor) and how many miles did it have on it when you bought it? —Gospel Gypsy Caravan.

  17. ambulances are extremely heavy, but are also made extremely well… its over kill for camping but i would strip out most of interior, replace with lighter weight dual purpose shelving stuff etc… I would open that betty up to get more space & gas mileage. I assume its a diesel right?

  18. As long as you've been enjoying freedom what has been your best day and we all experience them what's been your worst.?

  19. I can get the idea of living in a vehicle, even traveling. The idea that these things are great to "travel the world" is ludicrous though.

  20. You mind if I ask what the length of the bed/bench was? As a 6'6 guy, I'm trying to figure out if I could even fit a reasonable sized bed/couch in there.

  21. Hi great job. Can you explain how the bed is built or if you have updated it. I need an idea for couch bed on a budget for 2 adults. Thanks

  22. RADbulance hung a cable from the top grab handle to support his bed on the ends. Took care of the uneven floor situation for him. Just a thought. Nice conversion though!

  23. Not sure if I wrote a comment before, but I thought I would send you a positive message. I hope the ambulance is still serving you well. I am a dispatcher at an EMS company (ambulance service) and know a bit about ambulances, so if you have questions you can certainly send me a message. I love what you've done with the ambulance. Maybe i'll see you in Michigan this coming camping season. God bless!

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