MP Tourism / Toys / Ogilvy & Mather India

MP Tourism / Toys / Ogilvy & Mather India

In MP my heart beats like a child Like Mogli it goes, crazy wild It wants to tap the tiger Then it chases deers Roams around, round and round Orcha and cheers Like a bunch of sarees in Chanderi style In MP my heart beats like a child Sarafa bazaar tasty, tasty ride Marble mountain shines like moon bright bright Mandu Mahal what a magical sight! At the Sanchi Stupa it finds peace inside In MP my heart beats like child Like a small, small, small child

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  1. the present scenario of Madhya Pradesh, heart of incredible india which is currently suffering from a hard time, In this video i have just tried to show the situation remaining unbiased and tried to show the feelings of "Mohan" Das Karamchand Gandhi, if he would have been alive, must answer and subscribe for more such videos

  2. Must see this

    Madhya Pradesh | Top Places To Visit | See this Series | 2018

  3. Awesome so creative and the lovely voice and lyrics. I am still humming this although I watched this a month ago 🙂 🙂

  4. There was a competition conducted by Madhya Pradesh Tourism. I wrote this song for Madhya Pradesh and we won 2nd.
    Here it is.

    MP Tourism liked our idea of promoting tourism through Music, and started to make songs.
    They also liked my song. 🙂

  5. म.प्र पर्यटन विभाग ने म.प्र के advertisment में से विश्व पर्यटन नगरी खजुराहो का नाम ही हटा दिया है आखिर क्यों…

  6. In 2016, we made the #MPTourism #Toys commercial. A lot of you liked and loved it. We won several national and international awards too. But today i share this again to mark a moment. A few days ago, this video, on our YouTube Page, crossed 10 million views. That's 1 crore real, pure and organic views. No promotions, no media push, nothing. And even after two years, i still get comments. Some say, their infants stop crying when they see this. Some toddlers have re-created this with their own toys. Some even envy the state they are from. To all of you, from all of us at Madhya Pradesh Tourism, Ogilvy and Hungry Films, thank you for the love. #Proud #WorkThatWorks

  7. Hello Dharam Valia, Nice informative video. Keep posting videos like this. Videos has become bridge for interaction between travel companies and customers for tips and advices, views, offers and packages.Request you to visit our site and blog aimed for promotion of travel and tourism by locals based in Uttarakhand India.

  8. MP TOURISM has the best ads. I want all the toys in this video. The classic of all ads is Hindustan Ka Dil Dheko created in 2006.

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