Mr. & Mrs. Situation | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

Mr. &  Mrs. Situation | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

♪ You and I, are here together in space. ♪ – [Vinny] Now that it’s showtime, the ceremony is finally here. We’re in a beautiful castle,
Jen is officially coming with the baby. Now, I feel like I’m at
a real Italian wedding. When it’s like, ah, there’s that person that you can’t talk to. – It’s happening. – Go. – [Mike] Two weeks ago, I was
walking into federal court, in a really serious situation. (upbeat music) Now, I’m walking into a castle
about to marry my queen. (uplifting music) ♪ So many things that I want to see. ♪ – [Nicole] Hey, Mike. ♪ I ‘ll take it slow, I’ll take it slow. ♪ ♪ Everywhere I’m go, everywhere
I go, I know, I know I ♪ ♪ I know that not alone. ♪ – Okay, go. Let’s fix ya. – [Nicole] Aw, look at Pauly. – Wow that’s perfect. Do you see how he’s walking the pace? That’s how you want to walk. (laughs) – Okay, you’re gonna go
all the way to the end. – Got ya. – [Nicole] Smile. – Wave! Wave! Oh my God, smile, you weirdo. Ew, what a creep. Why are you walking like that? (laughs) Vinny is walking down the aisle like he’s, you know, an actor. ♪ First, let me take a selfie. ♪ ♪ Let me take a selfie. ♪ – We’re so rotten. – Oh my God. – Can you stop walking like that. – Oh my God, such a weido – Oh my God, they’re next. Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God. – Oh my God. – Oh my God. – [Jenni] Ah, look at the babies coming. – [Nicole] Ah, look at them. They look gorgeous, just so cute. I can’t, I’d die. – [Vinny] Look at Nicole and Jenni. Right now, were basically
looking at Jenni and Nicole’s mini-mes walk down the aisle. And, it’s insane, it’s like
literally looking in the past at Jenni and Nicole. – Look them, they’re princesses. – [Vinny] Before botox,
lips, weird fake eyelashes, I mean, it’s beautiful. – Melani, Melani.
– Move up. – [Jenni] Flowers, flowers. – [Nicole] Flower, baby. (laughing) – [Both] Go right here, go right here. – Oh my God, Giovanna and
Melani looked so stinking cute. [Denna] I am so ready for the baby. I can’t wait. – [Nicole] Awe, you did it. – [Priest] All raise, please. – I’ve been through so many trails and tribulation in my life. ♪ Got dimmers in the rear-view. ♪ – [Mike] All those court
days I was nervous about, it was a lot of hard
work to get here today. ♪ Tell me do see him too. ♪ [Mike] I wouldn’t be the man, that I am today without Lauren. It’s the happiest day of my life. ♪ So don’t forget to breathe,
cause there’s only you and me. ♪ ♪ If you just hold on. ♪ – [Vinny] We are like this tangly, kind of like emotional feeling, as soon as that door opens and the bride starts
walking down the aisle. Everyone is in their feelings right now. ♪ Hold on, oh. ♪ ♪ Do you still remember me. ♪ – [Mike] I actually can’t
even believe that I made it. I can’t believe that I made
it to this day, right now. And, I’m trying to hold
it together right now, I really am. ♪ Don’t forget to breathe. ♪ ♪ Don’t forget to breathe. ♪ ♪ Don’t forget to breathe. ♪ – You look fire, honey. – You look fire.
– You look fire. – You look fire. – [Priest] Good evening everyone, on behalf of the Lauren and Micheal, I would like to extend
a warm autumn welcome to this special gathering
of love and friendship. We come together in the sprit
of God’s love and peace, and grace, as we bear
witness to their marriage. – [Vinny] They’re are some
weddings that you go to where you might look at bride and groom, and be like, oh, man, this is a mistake. But, this wedding just feels right. We can’t picture Mike
and Lauren, not together. – Together, they are
living their best life. They teach us — – [Nicole] I feel like Mike
always had love in his heart. (beep) you, Mike. – [Jenni] Mike, Mike! – [Vinny] Who’s never been
in a bad guy situation. No problem. – [Nicole] But, just being around Lauren, I feel like Lauren definitely changed Mike to the person that he is today. So, uh, they’re just like, they’re literally a fairytale
love story, I can’t. – So Micheal, I ask you, will you take this woman to be your wife, that you may live together
and grow faithfully in the bond of marriage? Do you promise to love and honor her, comfort her, and be faithful to her, so long as you both shall live? – I do. (laughs) – Wooh, all up in the Theo’s arm. It was, it was many nights
I wanted to quit man, you know what I mean? But, I didn’t, so. – Micheal will you repeat after me, I, Micheal, take you Lauren to be my wife. – I, Micheal, take you
Lauren to be my wife. Me standing here is very special because, you know, I shouldn’t be here today,
you know what I mean? – I will love you and honor
you all the days of my life. – I will love you and honor
you all the days of my life. – I, Lauren, take you
Micheal to my husband. – And, I’m here because
of my beautiful bride, and it’s a miracle. [Mike] Lauren, I give
you this ring as a symbol of my love and faithfulness. As I place it on your finger, I commit my heart and soul to you. – They’re sharing rings? I think they’re cool. – [Jenni] Well, Mike and
Lauren, they’re beautiful. They’re going to last forever. You can just tell the love that they have, and you can feel it in the room. This is perfection. – For God, family, and friends,
it is with great pleasure and privilege that I pronnounce
you husband and wife. Congratulations, you may kiss the bride. (cheering) – [Mike] I feel like Rocky, when we got to the top of the stairs. I’m from Philly. That’s how I feel right now. (upbeat music) [Mike] I have been through some
awesome moments in my life, I really have, but this
right here, takes the cake. We all know BDS loves his cakes. – [Priest] Ladies and
gentleman, I introduce to you Mr. and Mrs. Micheal
and Lauren Sorrentino. (cheering) – Woo! (upbeat music) ♪ I had dream, it’s all okay. ♪

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  2. Mike has come such a long way. He is a completely different person now and deserves all good things happening to him. He radiates positivity and has a beautiful soul.

  3. Mike is truly an inspiration. He decided to change and did everything to do it. He really earned all the love and respect he is receiving now

  4. Awe this is just so beautiful, mike you have grown into such an amazing man. I hope you know we all love you and that we support you! We all look up to you, and I am so proud of you mike. You are marrying your queen and you move never looked happier! Uhhhh I’m literally crying ???????

  5. There will never be a reality TV franchise that can do this many spinoffs, that can allow you to relate. They started off like normal people working retail making mistakes and making friendships for life without knowing it the whole time. They’re a family and I’m happy I grew up with them while watching this! The cast director that picked these people is a genius, never ending interesting stories and love for one another!

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