Mr. Wolf Takes His Musical Van on Tour | Mr. Monkey, Monkey Mechanic

Mr. Wolf Takes His Musical Van on Tour  | Mr. Monkey, Monkey Mechanic

(xylophone playing) (energetic music) – [Narrator] Mr. Monkey, monkey mechanic, was rocking out to his favorite
band, the Wild Bananas, when suddenly the garage bell rang. (cowbell ringing) Oh, a visitor. Mr. Monkey loves having visitors. Who could it be? It’s Mr. Wolf. – Hello Mr. Wolf. – What’s up man? – What’s up? Oh, do you mean the ceiling? Or my hammock? Those are both all the way up there. – You know, music is my life. Wha wha wha wha! And my dream is to go on tour
with my band, the Lone Wolves. (howling) – Oh wow, that sounds fun. How can I help all of you? – All of who? It’s just me. I’m the one and only
member of the Lone Wolves. – There aren’t any other members? – Nope, it’s just me. I play all the instruments. (guitar playing) (drumming) (piano playing) (flute playing) – But lately, I’ve been
too tired to play at all. You see, I have to unpack
all the instruments by myself and carry them onto the stage. – No wonder you’re tired. – A rock star can’t be tired, Mr. Monkey. I just wish there was an
easier way to play music. – Hmm, let me see if I can help. – [Narrator] Mr. Monkey checks the van. He checks the steering wheel, he checks the engine, (squeaking) (tapping) he even checks the guitar. (guitar playing) – I think I have an idea. – Rock on! – [Narrator] Off to his workbench. (tropical music) Let’s see. Mr. Wolf wants to drive
around and play music with his one-wolf band, the Lone Wolves, but he has to unpack the
instruments and carry them all the way to the stage by himself. This leaves him too tired to play. (short guitar note) (collapsing) Mr. Monkey needs to figure
out how to make it easier for Mr. Wolf to unpack and set up so he’s not too tired to play. Mr. Monkey has an idea. He just needs some string, a roll of tape, some metal pipes, hinges, and
a bunch of nuts and bolts, and of course, (triumphant music) his trusty monkey wrench! – I know how to fix
your problem, Mr. Wolf. – Really? That’s rockin’ news, Mr. Monkey! – [Narrator] Mr. Monkey gets to work. (clattering) – Yeah! (clattering) (ratcheting) – [Narrator] Mr. Monkey is almost done. Just one last step. (torch sizzling) – Whoa! Pyrotechnics, yes! (howling) – All done. – So what’d you do
exactly, Mr. Monkey, man? (rattling) So rock and roll. – See, Mr. Wolf, your instruments
will always be on stage because your van is the stage. No unpacking and getting tired. – Whoa, this means that the
Lone Wolves’ world tour is on. Thanks for making my one-wolf
band dreams come true, Mr. Monkey man. This song is dedicated to you. One, two, three, four. (guitar playing) (fluting and drumming) – Yeah, all right! Sounds amazing. (howling) I’m your number one fan. Lone Wolves forever. (engine starting) – The Lone Wolves are hitting the road. Thanks again, Mr. Monkey fan. See you when I get back! (howling) – [Narrator] Another satisfied customer, and with that, Mr. Monkey
gets back to listening to his favorite band, the Lone Wolves. (rock music) (upbeat tropical music) (child cheering)

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