Multan City Tour & Attractions in Pakistan by FlyingToWorld

Multan City Tour & Attractions in Pakistan by FlyingToWorld

Hi friend. Hi too. how are you friend? I’m fine, what about yourself? where are we now? and tell me your name as well. my name is Sohail Sardar, and we are now at the highest place in Multan. and this is called “Shahi Qilla” the highest peak of Multan. Yes… hmmm. tell us something about this place as well as the whole Multan city. Multan is an ancient city, and people mostly come here to see it from the top like this place we are now. you can view the city from here as far as your eyes can see it. along with that, the old stadium is also located here. and this is actually the historical place and area in Multan. the old Urban area is also located here. “anoka chaja” and “darbar” etc are here, I mean every historical thing exist here. which month is suitable to visit Multan? hmmm, you should come here in December or January. I’m asking, because it’s very hot right now in July.

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  1. OH MY ALLAH beautiful…..

  2. Garbage city bna kr 5% cites dikhatay ho dramay bazo kabhi ghomo chowk shah abaas , sorj kund , hram gate, vihari road , areas kchra kundi very very cheep cites hn koi haal nhi planing bilkul nhi

  3. Hum south asian,s ko bimaari ha dramay bazion ki . Kachra krtay hn but face nhi krtay . 5,10 % good to dikhatay hm mgr 80% bad gol kr jatay hm . But reality is reality dramay bazi kab tak???

  4. Bhai bahot achha laga multan shaher dekh jab me gulf me tha mere dost aslam bhai multan ke the aaj unka shaher dekh khushi ho rahi he sundar bhai dhanywad shukriya aap aavo mumbai

  5. First you need to know about how to make video's than will try to make any video's on any specific city you visit as well as search from internet about visiting places of that specific cities you plan to visit than show the real beauty of that cities in the front of those who didn't know about that cities.

  6. yar multan jaana hai 1 baar my grand mother and grand father wa born there now living in delhi ……………… ek baari too jake rahunga 🙂

  7. shit i love the qila area there used to be so many pet shops over there especially birds. nostalgia is hard with this one. still i hate this shithole

  8. Hi i m from india ..nd meri dil ki bahut khwaahish hai ki me paakistan aana chahti hu..nd dekhna chahti hu..

  9. Only Lahore and Karachi are the cities which we can say as developed city in Pakistan. Other cities are like normal Indian cities. Even Patna is developed than Multan.

  10. my nana ji belong from multan and still my relative speak multani language i wanna visit one time .insha from India

  11. Hmare bade bhi btate hen ki hum kafi time pahle multan se aaye the babar badshah ke time me isliye hme multani bhi kaha jata h meri bahut hi jyada khwahish h ki me kabhi apni life me (multan) pakistan ja sakun love you pakistan and I love my india

  12. Yrr I really want to visit Pakistan aisa lgta h kuch apna hai vha my grandparents are from multan only we speak multani that is spoken in Pakistan our other relatives some are from Lahore jhang Rawalpindi sialkot I wish ye dono mulk ek ho ske we Indians love u lots of love from India❤

  13. Mera piyara Multan city
    Is ki tareekh 1000 saal purani hai
    Allah isko hemesha Abad Rakhy
    Summa Aameen……

  14. I love my multan sooooo much where ever I go but find peace and eternal satisfaction only by coming to multan its indeed a city of peace and calm n the multani language n people here are so sweet

  15. Hello
    Our parent were born in kehror pakka now in Delhi
    Can you upload pic or video of
    Colony near Lal das Mandir or badi masjid area
    We can't visit there but at least can have a virtual visit there with your help

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