We had gone up north in upstate New York
on a camping trip near High Peaks wilderness nature preserve it was myself
my girlfriend and two of our friends I had recently purchased a camper for my
girlfriend’s father who was trying to fix it up and resell it
but the renovation didn’t work as planned so he just sold it to me I
thought it was a pretty good deal for what I paid for it as we drove through
and picked a spot we realized it was near the Federal Correctional Institute
we joked that the worst thing that we would see on this trip would be an
escaped convict we set up camp and parked the truck away a bit from camp on
a dirt road after we’re done setting up it’s about noon we go on a hike around
the Nature Preserve it starts to get dark and we head back to camp
it’s June and fairly cool for the summer we start a fire and all talk amongst
ourselves around midnight is when my girlfriend goes inside the camper we
were staying in the camber and our two friends had their own tent I wasn’t that
tired and I wanted to go for another walk Freddie didn’t feel like going and
so he stayed behind I don’t get that far away from camp
before I start to hear like somebody’s following me I stop for a second
thinking that it’s a deer that the footsteps were loud as if they had more
weight behind them than a deer I hear footsteps to the left of me I tried to
adjust my eyes I stay still and again here nothing
until the sound of one large branch breaks I jump and head back to camp
when I returned Freddie’s in his tent everyone else is asleep I tell him to
keep an eye out I try to not act worried it was probably just a deer I go inside
my camber but I can’t sleep immediately so I said at the table not long after I go in the camper Freddy
here something in the bushes in front of him it was a large thud like a heavy
footprint similar to what I heard a foul odor enters the air it smelled like a
wet bear he scans the area and sees the outline of a large figure on its hind
legs he thinks it’s a bear he thinks to himself if they left any food around the
campsite but they put all of their food in a separate cooler the figure takes a
step forward and he can see that it’s not a bear his next thought goes to an escaped
convict as they were joking earlier but then his thoughts go back to a bear just
because of the size it was roughly the size of a bear but taller it must have
been around eight feet tall it just stands there it sways from side to side
but remains in the same spot at this point he was peeking his head outside
his tent he goes more inside his tent to tell us your old friend that there’s
something out there the moment he goes inside the tent he
hears something break through the branches and the leaves running up to
the campsite and then hitting the side of his tent it didn’t hit the side of a
tent hard it was probably a rock they hear more footsteps running past the
tent hear screams and howls the sound gorilla another one runs up and grabs
the top of the tent pulling it but letting go immediately after this they
get up and run inside the camper I’m sitting at the table the entire time
listening to whatever is going on out there the two of them enter the camper
and shut the door immediately they fill me in on what they saw or at least what
they heard at that moment my girlfriend becomes startled from something in the
window it looked like a gorilla staring right at us I guess the only thing that
I could do in that moment was shut the blinds as I do that
figure in front lets out a howl followed by two other howls on both sides of the
camper something hits the side of the tent we just stand frozen in fear all we
could do was wait some of us fall asleep but I stay out the entire night as soon as the Sun starts to come up
Friday and I go outside the camber to the truck to hook it up so we can leave
we didn’t stay around for that long to investigate what happened last night
the only thing we actually saw was how the ground was disturbed around the tent
it looked kind of like somebody was running in circles
there was nothing too distinct about them but we did find a dent on the side
of the camper where we heard a loud thud the night before


  1. That's it! No camping in Bigfoot forest. Its would be scary enough having to deal with one hairy Sasquatch, but 3? Hell no!

  2. Amazing narative, Great little animation as well. Crazy why they didn't try to take a picture or whatever through the blinds. Though i have heard bigfoots get insanely crazy when you try to take pictures. I think i know why though. I bet in the past when pictures or proof is taken then the authority's have to come in and kill the bigfoots and take them away saying it was a big bear or whatever. Something like that i bet.

  3. Still needing to watch, just wanted to say the thumbnail kept looking like three guys in a bathroom stall. I finally was able to understand it was a trailer camper in the background lol =)

  4. I am not sure what a "wet bear" smells like so I can not make that connection. Most people that encounter a BF that do smell (most of them do not), they often report they smell skunk like.

  5. It’s amazing but people forget NY’s Adirondack mountain area is pretty vast the amount of history of encounters with BF are as prevalent as the West but NY is not thought of as a likely place for this creature. If you follow this idea of BF then it’s already understood how much activity exists through the Eastern U.S. and elsewhere.

  6. One or two Loud Gun Shots would have sent these Creatures Running, they were just curious, probably teenage Bigfoots….

  7. This day and age everyone has cell phones and record/take photos. Why didn't you guys record this ya its dark you may not see anything (shine a flashlight on it)? Cool story but im curious.

  8. Having a visual to go with story is very effective..I was breathing hard! I haven't had any actual experiences but dear friends and my own mother had one she cannot explain. Somethings out there.

  9. I like the models for the Sasquatches in this video more than your more human looking Bigfoot model from your other videos. That’s just me though, great job.

  10. Who agrees with me on this hypothetical outcome possibility:

    An alien race (the grays) invades earth and all nations come together to fight the invasion.All governments contact all the hidden and classified crypt-ids known and ask for help. Dogmen and Sasquatches from all over the world make an agreement with humans to save the world from the alien invasion.With human technology and military power plus the help from powerful beings 7 to 15 feet tall who are masters of the woods and great warriors the invasion is halted.

    Nice script for an invasion movie , huge strong Sasquatches playing the role as modern Chewbaccas and Dogmen as powerful werewolf like soldiers fighting for the preservation of planet earth.I would love to see a movie like this any day!.

  11. I had an experience while working for the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality in Northern Idaho. I wasn't alone and we had encounters two days and nights in a row. Where can I send you my encounter story?

  12. I've never seen the animated story told about Bigfoot with the Narration also , that is very neat and I like that! I'm interested personally in Bigfoot stories only. That's my cryptozoology!thank you!, as I subscribed to your channel, would you please continue the animated part also? It brings the story to life for me, you even animated the swaying motions that witnesses have saw with this creature. (Please consider my request.) People usually consider a request, a demand is rude in my book, I was raised to respect other people.

  13. Will society charge someone with murder IF in self defense they kill a "Bigfoot" and it is found to be very close to homo sapien? Think about it.

  14. I am sure there are different kinds of bigfoot some different from the others just like humans …sole nice gentle and others not…just like humans!!!!…

  15. No one brought a camera, phone or flashlight?

    Pictures taken later from damages to the camper?
    I mean, bigfoot is very strong, when they attack a camper it would leave dents or at least marks..

    Made up story..

  16. Good story but it boggles the mind how people especially young people who are probably the anti firearm people go to the wilderness and nobody brings a firearm with them it just boggles the mind

  17. I clicked on this and then I hear all right crew everyone ready to go and i thought you had given bigfoot voices then i look down and it is a ad

  18. If your trespassing on the land or they have little ones they will try to scare you off,,,, you best listen to there warnings

  19. No wonder people go missing in the woods … Yet people don't seem to learn … These creatures maybe the cause of why people are never found…. Very creepy ….

  20. Same thing happen too a good buddy of mine,while sleeping 2 of there windows got busted in,he killed both,they killed his dog and reached in to try to take his kid,bigfoot has been getting more and more aggressive,seems and i have been hearing that there is no more animals in the woods but these appes,time we fight back,and not run away,bigfoot has run out of food in the woods and we are next in rhe food line are going to be the next one eaten by bigfoot.


  22. Excellent job. I can tell you put a lot of work into this encounter story. it really brings it to life.

  23. I could never go out in the woods after something like that happening, the people are lucky they had the camper for some protection

  24. We're was this at cause in pa there's a forest by a prison and I had an encounter there long ago

  25. wow, all this and no foot prints, photos, or sounds. everyone carries a phone these days, and easy to get sounds. so nice bed time story.

  26. You people that post videos claiming Bigfoot this and bigfoot that really need a life. And you people that believe all this horse shit need a life as well. Your imaginations are beyond REALITY! Stop saying "Bigfoot did this or did that!!!" Show REAL proof or STFU! You are SICK!

  27. AMS team:




  28. Yeah, something tells me if you were to remove one of them sasqwuarches stinky old cack and bawls with a 12ga shotgun blast that they might leave ya be, just a guess. Of course, I bet they REALLY like being shot with those 'dragons breath' flamethrower rounds out of a 12ga as well since they're covered in hair from head to toe and would go up like a dirty old hairy bum with a scraggly beard and dreadlocks soaked in Old Crow, just blaxin' up the woods! I would LOVE to see someone roast a bigfoot like that, it would be friggin' hysterical! ??

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