Multiple Entry Tourist Visas for Canada in 2014

Multiple Entry Tourist Visas for Canada in 2014

Hello this is Michael Niren, immigration lawyer
and founder of Some good news that came out
of CIC recently: they will be considering multiple entry visas automatically
for all temporary resident visa applications. So what that means is that when you apply
for a tourist to Canada, you will automatically be considered for a multiple
entry visa. That’s great news. What happens is that if you are issued a multiple
entry visa, you can come to Canada multiple times or many times during
the validity of your visa. So if your visa is issued for five years,
you’ll be able to come back and forth for a five-year period, unlimited. In
the past, they considered you for a single entry visa, meaning that you
can come once and that’s it, and if you want to come again, you have to apply
for a new visa. So this is very good news. We’re excited about this.
And also, the fee for a temporary resident visa is going to go down to $100
rather than $150. So, some good news finally coming out of Canada
Immigration. However, when you apply for extensions of these visas, they
are saying that they are going to be increasing the fees by $25 or
$5, depending upon the visa. So that’s unfortunate; however, when you do apply
for a tourist visa, you will be automatically considered for a multiple
entry visa. If you liked this video, it would help us
out a lot if you check “like” and feel free to make any comments. If you have
any questions on the video, we’ll be happy to answer them, and be happy
that, if you do apply for a visa, you will be considered for multiple
entry. Great news for us. Thank you and have a great day.

50 thoughts on “Multiple Entry Tourist Visas for Canada in 2014

  1. Hi dexter from philippines..i had a canadian local friend,and he want me to visit him..what visa should i apply for?and i need to know what are the requirements..heres my email add:[email protected]

  2. hi thanx whch visa should i apply for care giver job n how much it cost i wil really appreciate thank u from kenya

  3. hi, this is Jorge, and I want to know if there is any problem if my mom can she apply for a visitor visa, but she applied before and was denied can be a problem for that.

  4.   Hi! Just want to ask if there is any possibility to change Tourist Visa to Working? Because I heard from my friend there in Canada that there is an what they called "AGENT" that can help individual who come there as tourist to find an Employer to sponsor them and to make their visa change.
      Waiting for your response. Thank you and God bless! Hope to hear from you soon. Please send me your reply here in my account [email protected] 

  5. I have gone on your website and someone actually called me today but i was at work and could not speak to them…my boyfriend and i are going to apply for a visit visa for him to come visit me for a short stay …a multiple entry would be amazing…i have a invitation letter that has been notarized and stamped. i want to know your fees with completing a visit visa application. 

  6. hello sir good day…. im mon and im here in abu dhabi i would like to visit my GF … but she's not yet a permanent resident in canada…. do you thinnk i can go to canada.. and visit her… what visas can i apply… pls help… tnx sir have a great day.

  7. Hi, i am Tunde from Nigeria. I recently filed an application for visitor visa at the VAC, Lagos-Nigeria to attend a seminar alongside other delegates of government officials. I had attended similar event in November, 2013 @ Canada and at that time we were all issued a Single Entry visa. What should our expectations be at this time as per Single Entry of Multiple Entry since we are a group and would be in toronto for just 10 days.

  8. Hi, my name is Collins from Ghana and i was refused a visitors vise on the 21/07/2014, not to visit my wife in Canada, i may need ya help please….you can reach me at [email protected]

  9. I have a question re- multiple entry visa. Previously my mom applied for visa IMM5257E visa. Does she appliy for the same kind of visa for multiple entry or there is a diferent visa for that . Thanks .

  10. if i want to see niagara falls from canadian side … can i get a 24 hr visa to canada … if yes then how much does it cost ?

  11. Hi sir, i am Dusan Miljkovic. I live now in Serbia Europe, bath i haw mi 2 kids in Edmonton Alberta Canada, Maja is 15 and half years old, and mi son Milan is 12 years old. How i can apply for multiple entry visa to visit mi kids because i miss them to much. Maybe they can send me a invitacion leter or something else. Please sir can you help me to see and to be with mi kids. Mi Email is [email protected]

  12. hello, I am currently a Chinese National living in The Bahamas. I would like to apply for a tourist visa but dont know what to start with. 

  13. hi i've been to canada for almost 2 years i am holding a single entry visa and filed an extention every 6 mos for 2 years i come home to my country when my last extention visa expired last august 4, 2014 now i am planning to come back again in canada after 4 mos is it possible  for me to apply for a multiple entry visa

  14. if I get a 5 year visa but my passport validity is less than the 5 year visa granted
    Can I still use that visa that has not expired for the new passport I applied for

  15. hi sir my name Bhupinder singh i'm from india but i live in Dubai ( U.A.E ) but now i want visitors visa can you help me sir ?

  16. Michael Niren thanks you. this is a really really great news. but that mean if you want to go to US or other country, you have to apply for another visa going to that country right??? just to be sure 

  17. I want to apply for a multiple visa for my parents to visit me in Canada. I have heard that after the issuance of multiple visa, there is a mandatory 6 months time frame for the first entry to Canada. e.g. if not entering Canada within the first 6 months after the visa issuance, then the visa will be cancelled. Is that true?

  18. I have previously been refused a Canadian visitors visa before and I have also had a USA visa cancellation once at the port of entry can I still apply for either of the visa?

  19. hi may i ask you, as i am a student in UK would love to visit canada. i dont have anybody there apart from some friends, but one of my friend have relatives and he is 83. He wants to go canada, and he is holding british passport. he does not need visa but he needs mu support so i would love to go with him and see canada. basically dont want to miss this chance. 🙂 would you mind to guide what sort of documents i have to submit , as i am not working but i have savings from my previous job, and i am holding bangladesh passport. and M studying Msc in hospitality management and my course is finishing on march and visa will finish on august. Thank you waiting for you guide and help plz.

  20. It means that there are still chances that I'll be given either visa? Or I'll automatically get multiple entry visa in case I get it?

  21. I got a multiple visa until 2018 March 3. I wish to go back to Philippines for awhile. Is there any requirements to enter Canada to complete my visa?

  22. While all my resources say I "will be considered for multiple entry visa," what determines if you get a multiple or single entry visa? I am an American retiree with a pension, social security and passive investment income to approx. $1 million. Thanks

  23. Hello, I am in Canada and I have a post graduate work permit. I want to visit my country and need to apply for the multiple entry visa. I am not sure what to apply for

  24. I'm very happy and save time ! Maraming salamat! How I wish and pray No more Visa! So I can visit my sisters anytime!

  25. Hi. I have a multiple entry visitor visa for Canada expiring in 2022.. I arrived at Canada on May 26,2016. I know that I am allowed to stay in Canada for 6 months after the date of entry. That should be November 25,2016. Can I travel to US in September 2016 and re-enter Canada to extend the duration of stay? Or I need to file an extension?

  26. Hi i have a multiple visa for canada.after the expiry of this visa what can we do for further visa . after how many time one who have multiple visa is eligible for P.R of canada.

  27. I am interested to get a multiple visa i will attend furniture exhibition show and visit some of my childhood friends, i am currently working in UAE as consultant in sustainable products such as furniture and homewares or any new product development. what are the requirements that i need to produce? thank in advance!!!!

  28. sir ,please tell me i am having canada tourist visa 6 month so how i am elgibile to get pr in canada please help me…… without IELTS

  29. I got canada visa for three years up to 2018multiple.But due to my personal problem i did not enter or go to canada yet.So if i go there 1017 then any problem?

  30. Hi I'm going to a vacation for a month in the Philippines do I still need to get re entry visa to comeback here sence my visa will expire on December 21,2017? my Visa is Multiple Visa and I'm a live in caregiver. thank you.

  31. hi my friend did apply for visitors visa and planning to stay 4 weeks,he got one entry visa at middle of april 2017 for 6 month…so i want to take him to vacation but i guess he cant back to canada if ones he leave

  32. Hi,one of my relative got multiple visa last month but they won't be able to enter to Canada this year ,is there any time limit for first entry? if they didn't com this year, they won't loos their visa? could you please answer me?

  33. Please can you help me out of this mess I need to change environment and I prefer CANADA please can you help inbox me please

  34. Hi i had get canada multiple visa which have expired. Because my passport was expired. I have return after staying 5 month. If i apply again can i get again multiple visa easily?

  35. Very encouraging information you have presented. It is highly appreciated. I need to have one clarification from you. For multiple entry to Canada is there any rule saying that it's mandatory to come back to his or her country. If anybody leaves Canada before expiry of 6 moths goes to different countries including the United States and renter Canada would it be allowed by Canada Government?

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