Munich International Summer Schools: A Summer of Discoveries

Munich International Summer Schools: A Summer of Discoveries

The summer school is an opportunity to extend your learning beyond your normal university course. A good combination of both a learning experience and an opportunity to have fun and to get to know different people. I expected to gain research experience in an institute where cutting edge research is performed New methods and skills Laboratory skills that I wouldn’t normally learn. It is very common in Ethiopia for children to go blind because of this condition they call refractive error, which can actually be easily corrected with glasses, if it is detected early. So my intervention is about detecting these eye problems using a smartphone application. So I was able to spent some time in the lab. It was very interesting for me to see how research is trial and error most of the time. Even experienced researchers sometimes don’t know what they will find, and learning how to do that everyday would be for me in my future. You’re responsible for making everything run smoothly. I think I learned a lot about being independent. Once you have been taught how to work in a lab, you are, in a way, on your own, and have to handle any little problems that come up. You often have the help of a supervisor, but you do have to fix things by yourself. And also about like independent living, I usually live at home. So it was a really amazing experience to be able to live alone in a foreign city. So that was definitely very eye-opening. I also wanted to take advantage of the different networking events that LMU offers. During the first few days of the program, we were taken to the Bavarian mountains and we got to have a retreat. And we got to listen to some Bavarian music, see some traditional dances. We got to work with really prestigious academics and in first-class facilities, opportunities we usually wouldn’t have. We can totally do whatever we are interested in. My most memorable moment at the summer school was at the time when I was presenting my intervention. They were open-minded about it, so it made me feel more enthusiastic about the problem that I was working on. I chose Munich because I think it is a really international city. I would definitely recommend this program to other students. I would absolutely love to come back to Munich if the opportunity arose. I would know that I was living in the best town and receiving the best education. So I would absolutely come back, if the opportunity presented itself.

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