MunnarThekkady Alleppey Kochi Tour Plan | Kerala Short Tour Plan

Munnar Thekkady Alleppey Kochi Tour Plan
Kerala is an Indian state located on the south-western Malabar Coast. Picturesque backwaters, lush green forests,
beautiful mountains and fresh green tea plantations, this state have all these things to offer. Here is a tour plan of Munnar, Thekkady , Alleppey
and Kochi where you will find everything like forests, mountain and backwater. Day-1
First go to visit Munnar. There is no railway station or airport in
Munnar. First reach Kochi railway station or airport
and then take a cab to reach Munnar. The distance of Munnar from Kochi is 130km. It will take 4 hour to reach Munnar from Kochi
via NH85. A local cab will cost around Rs 3000 for this
trip. There is also Ola cab services available from
Kochi to Munnar. Day-2
On 2nd day go for local sightseeing at Munnar. There are 4 sightseeing tours available in
Munnar. A local auto will charge Rs 400 for each tour. First go to the Flower Garden. It is a well-manicured flower garden called
Floriculture Centre. The park features a large variety of flowers
and some herbal plants maintained by the Kerala Forest Development Corporation. Next go to Tata Tea Museum. Located at the Nallathanni estate, The museum
showcases curios and photographs of the growth and evolution of tea plantations in Munnar
starting from the tea sapling to an automated tea factory where it is processes. Next visit Lockheart Tea Factory Next go to Mattupetty Dam. Mattupetty is another popular tourist spot
in Munnar. The place has an excellent view of the lake
and tea plantations spread over a wide area. From Mattupetty go to Echo Point. Located at an altitude of 600 ft. and 15 kilometres
away from Munnar, the scenic beauty of Echo Point is quite fascinating. This picturesque destination is situated right
in the lap of a picturesque lake and lush green mountains, which makes it a visual treat
for all. From Echo Point go to Top Station. The Top Station is located about 32 kilometres
away from the city centre. It is the highest point in Munnar. From here you can get the panoramic view of
the majestic Western Ghats. The place is popular for natural beauty. The lush valleys and cascading waterfalls
of this destination make it a mesmerizing place. From Top Station go to visit Kundala Lake. Kundala is Asia’s first arch dam and rare
Neela Kurunji flowers which bloom once in twelve years, bloom in the hills and valleys
around Kundala lake. Enjoy pedal Boating in the lake. The cost is Rs.150 per couple for an hour. After Kundala Lake visit Attukad Water Falls. Nestled amidst beautiful hills and lush green
forest, this pristine waterfall is a famous picnic site. However, the road to Atukkad is very narrow
and needs special care to drive on. From Attukad waterfalls go to see honeybee
tree in the forest. In the evening you can be entertained by Kathakali
dance performances of local dance troupe. The ticket for this dance show is Rs250 per
person. Also, you may go to see the famous Kalaripayattu
of Kerala. Karlaripayattu is an ancient Indian Martial
art and fighting system originated in Kerala. Ticket price for this show will be Rs300 per
person. Day-3
On 3rd day of your tour go to Alleppy from Munnar. The distance of Alleppey from Munnar is 175.7
Km via NH85 and NH66. It will take around 4 and half hours to reach
Alleppey from Munnar by car. Upon reaching Alleppey first go to visit Alleppy
beach. From Alleppy beach go to visit Alleppy light
house. It was built in the year 1862 and is the first
lighthouse on the Arabian sea coast of Kerala. The lighthouse is open for tourists on every
weekday from 3PM to 4.30 PM. Entry fee is Rs 20 per head for Indian Citizens
and Rs 50 per head for foreigners. Day-4
On day -4 go to Alleppy Backwater. A local auto can take you to the backwater
from your hotel. Charges will be around Rs 100. Spend the night on Alleppy backwater in a
houseboat and watch the local life by the side of the water. You will be charged around Rs 4700 for a day
in a houseboat including food. This cruise is famous for amazing views. Day-5
On 5th day of your tour go to Thekkady from Alleppy. A local car will charge between Rs 2500 to
3000 for this tour. Bus service is also available here. Bus fare is Rs 145 per person. By bus it will take 6hours to reach Thekkady
from Alleppy. Thekkady is located near Kerala-Tamil Nadu
border. The sanctuary is famous for its dense evergreen
forests and savanna grass lands. It is home of many animals like elephants,
sambar, tigers and Nilgiri langurs. Day-6
On day-6 go for boat safari at Periyar Wildlife sanctuary. The safari charge including camera is Rs 285. The wildlife sanctuary was declared a tiger
reserve in 1978. The splendid artificial lake formed by the
Mullaperiyar Dam across the Periyar River is an added attraction here. The greatest attractions of Periyar are the
herds of wild elephants, deer and bison that come down to drink in the lake. Day-7
On day 7 go to visit Kochi from Thekkady. It will take around 4hours to reach Kochi
from Thekkady. In the afternoon enjoy a walk around the Kochi
beach. Day-8
On the 8th day morning go for local sightseeing. A local car will charge around Rs 2600 for
a whole day trip. First Visit Athirapally waterfalls. It is the largest waterfall in Kerala and
80feet high. The place is home to many rare species of
flora and fauna. From Athirapally visit Vazachal waterfalls. It is yet another beautiful waterfalls in
Kerala. Athirapally and Vazachal waterfalls are in
Trishur district which is close to Kochi. You can first visit these two locations and
then return back to Kochi and see the local spots around Kochi. At Kochi visit Fort Kochi first. Fort Kochi is a seaside town in the south-western
part of Kochi which is known for its old-world colonial charm. Adjacent to fort Kochi there is pristine Fort
Kochi Beach where you can enjoy nature. Next go to see the Chinese fishing net. As per legend these nets were a gift of the
famous Chinese King, Kublai Khan. Fishermen even today use these elaborate conventional
fishing nets. Day-9
On day 9 head back to Kochi airport for departure. Where to Stay
There are several hotels and homestays available in all places of Kerala. A mid level hotel will charge between Rs 1500
to 2500 per day. Online booking facility of all hotels is available. We will share the respective links in the
description box. The total package cost for a couple will be
around Rs 35000 including flight fare.

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