Murdeshwar is a town in Bhatkal Taluk of Uttara Kannada district in the state of Karnataka, India Murdeshwar is another name of the Hindu god Shiva. Famous for the world’s second tallest Shiva statue also famous for the Murdeshwar Temple in south India the temple is constructed at Kanduka hills on three sides surrounded by Arabian sea at the front of the temple there is a beautiful royal tower built at a height of 237 feet and has 20 floors 123 feet high idol of the Siva statue and the Arabian sea from the top of royal tower is remarkable. a lift is working to reach the top of the royal tower at 10 rupees ,anyone can reach the 18th floor in the lift and then copy the scenes from top view. you can not copy all around entire view in camera from 18th floor. I felt its like a huge limitations of royal tower we need to copy the scenes in the small window layers when the camera moves ,parts of the window will be on the camera. it could have been better to built some of the widest layer panels if you were able to copy the camera to a 360 degree,it would turn out to be an exceptional sight decided to stay at Uduppi on the day of the visit of St.Mary’s Island. due to the ksrtc bus terminus in Uduppi,Murudeshwar hoped to go to the bus the ticket to the bus was taken up to the Bhatkal the hotel manager in Uduppi suggested that it was better to take a room at Bhatkal. I did not get a nice review about Bhatkal on the internet the information obtained is not as good as the people’s attitude at Bhatkal. but me got off at Bhatkal’s bus stand. a hotel in the opposite side of bus stand was selected. the hotel name is ‘Nilavara'(means standard) a hotel that is just as nominal. the hotel is very reasonable…less than 500 rupees. travelers can reach Murudeshwar by 20 minutes from Bhatkal. Murudeshwar is at a distance of 122km from Manglore. .Murdeshwar has a railway station on the Mangalore-Mumbai Konkan railway route. going out of the royal tower and went to the temple premises. it was originally believed to be at the temple premises near the Siva statue. .but in fact there is no connection between the temple vision and the statue. anyone who believes in any religion can reach the Siva statue a small confusion will create a path to the Siva statue about the first visitor. there is a space for parking the vehicles even though the board bus stand … coming down if you walk in the direction of the sea wall in front of it,you can reach the bottom of the statue. the statue of lord Siva is on the back side of the temple beside the statue of Siva ,have some statues here this is a statue park. besides being a pilgrimage center,it is a good picnic spot too for tourists. apart from Siva statue,can find many statues Ravana,brahmin youth who is come to change Ganapathy,lord sun,Arjuna,krishna. according to legend,Ravana,who was very devotee of lord Siva , gained
‘Atma linga ‘ from Siva. it is believed that the death would not be touched if the person who earned Athma linga and worshiping regularly Naradan informs lord Vishnu about Ravana’s departure from Kailasam with the Athma linga Ganapathy is appointed to prevent it Ravana arrives in Gokarna at the time Ganapathy came in front of him disguise as a brahmin boy. at this time Sri Mahavishnu blotted out the sun to give the appearance of dusk with his SUDARSHANA CHAKRA. Ravana now had to perform his evening rituals by misunderstanding about pooja time. Ravana requested to boy to hold the Atma-Linga until he performed his rituals, and asked him not to place it on the ground. do not put the Athmalinga on the ground. Ganapathy struck a deal with him saying that he would call Ravana thrice, and if Ravana did not return within that time, he would place the Atma-Linga on the ground Ravana was engaged with pooja and he forget everything, ,the boy called Ravana in low voice,do not heard… as soon as the boy put the athma linga ,stand firmly on the ground at Gokarna Ravana tried to pull out the Athma linga but could not.. .Mahavishnuand Ganapathy performed all the drama for a good purpose Ravana tried to uproot and destroy Athma-Linga in anger as a result its small pieces fall in different parts. one of the piece comes to Murudeshwar also thus ,believes that Murudeshwara is the blessed place of the Lord Siva the story of Athma linga below Siva statuetell us with statues in a cave called the ‘BOOKAILASH’ you can take a 10 rupees ticket and visit there the temple remains exclusively modern but excluding the sanctorum. famous businessman and philanthropist dr.RN Shetty is credited with the modernisation of the temple town. construction of statue is sunrays come and fall directly on it and the statue become brighter. when the lights on in the evening at Murudeshwar I was wondering if I had seen before the same place from the Siva statue came down to sea wall and drove down to seashore. the day was beginning to dark there are several small shops in the shore, the place where the fish are cleaned and fried. before returning from Murudeshwara me ate a fish fry. asked and cleared to shop owner what time was the last bus to Bhatkal? the last bus was at 8 o’clock. .I was surprised. .the world famous place that number of pilgrims visit daily.. how weak is public transport? remembering about the time that came here .me plan to come Murudeshwar by bus from Nilavara loadge at Bhatkal .according to the suggession of the hotel receptionist ,me waited at the junction of 150 meters away from the bus stand. full of tempo vans were waiting for Murudeshwara temple .people were carrying every vans according to the filling. .the charge is 17 rupees .van reached Murudeshwar with 20 minutes. soon reached Murudeshwar bus stand.a bus was waiting for the trip it will not go to Bhatkal .but you go to the byepass.from there will get the bus to Bhatkal. bus conductor said. .time is only 7.45pm.get down at bye pass there a few men were waiting for bus. .where to go?one of them was asking to me I talked to him with a little bit of excitement about the lack of a bus to Bhatkal .the rulers did not take this things seriously here .he said with laughing. if you are in kerala, you can not think lack of buses for such famous place in this time of eve. the common people asked for the bus to rulers that’s right ,he said .common people do not ask here in Karnataka when asked ,it’s hard to get. the kerala goverment is different. in his words it was clear that a he is a Kannada man who loves well kerala .after a little while the tempo van came returning is also in tempo van. when back to hotel I met a young man who was standing near the reception. .travelers like you should come to stay here. .and he continued Bhatkal has very bad reviews on social media you should share your experience about Bhatkal.he said with love. .it is true that two days I met the people who approached me very friendly. even in one place I had no experience with negative impact.


  1. somehow, I did not see the 6 videos after the beach video. Good thing you reminded me in the comment, because I thought I watched the most recent upload. anyway, another beautiful view, and as always, you look like the coolest guy in the crowd! You look like a rock star??✌

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