MUST KNOW Signs for Holidays in ASL

MUST KNOW Signs for Holidays in ASL

Christmas, New Year’s, Independence day, and
Thanksgiving. These are some of the biggest holidays of
the year and you need to know how to sign them in ASL. Talking about the holidays is a great way
to make conversation with friends and family. So are you ready to grow your brain? BOOM! Let’s join Tony’s American Sign Language class
to learn some very helpful holiday vocabulary. Hey everyone, Steven here with TakeLessons
Live bringing you some brand new tips from our virtual American Sign Language classroom. Now if you’re a sign language beginner and
just looking to learn some new vocabulary, keep watching. Our expert ASL teacher Tony is going to show
you how to master the signs for all your favorite holidays and if you like what you see, do
me a solid right now, hit the subscribe button and keep learning. Hey guys, thanks so much for tuning in. We hope you learned a lot in Tony’s ASL class. And to start mastering even more sign language
vocabulary, feel free to click the link in the description box and you’ll get to try
out some free, online group classes. That’s right, they’re free. So don’t miss out. Click the link now.

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  1. I love these lessons I don't really have a person to learn it for I'm just learning and I just found your classes and they're so helpful!

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