[MV] VOISPER(보이스퍼) _ Summer Cold(여름감기)

[MV] VOISPER(보이스퍼) _ Summer Cold(여름감기)

It seems like it’s really bad
The cold these days, during summer days I’ve already stayed in bed for two days
I woke up from my own cough My throat chokes up from sorrow
If you were here you’d be worry about me with sad eyes Where are you, the person I loved
The happy us Do you know I’m sick like this The picture we took together
That we don’t exist any more But you are smiling I’m holding the cold medicine
You bought a year ago The one I didn’t open
for a long time I’m regretting it now
Your traces that are left over I swallowed the pills
Without water I don’t know if it’s my
Empty stomach hurting Or it’s my heart hurting
Tears are coming down Where are you, the person I loved
The happy us Do you know I’m sick like this The picture we took together
That we don’t exist any more But you are smiling I even want to hear you
Nagging, that I never wanted to hear again I miss it so much I press the number
That I’ve already deleted If I deliver my voice
Will your heart move Being alone makes me sadder
Come back to me

100 thoughts on “[MV] VOISPER(보이스퍼) _ Summer Cold(여름감기)

  1. Their vocals slay as always this song is amazing but I just wanna say one thing. I know that they're from a small company but the little publicity and coverage they get is very irritating. When they first debuted they did not get not one full performance on any live shows(Mbc,music bank etc)they were always cut. When I tried to find interviews of them they were never uploaded they have very few information on them few articles. I don't know if it's there company or maybe they're not meeting the audience eye. I really think they could go far especially because of their vocals. But I would hate for them to fall off the radar or worse disband. I know it's very early in there career so I should be worrying to much but I really like this group and support them and I want everything to work out for them they're really talented and deserves to be noticed. Hopefully they get on a few shows like ASC or weekly idol. I know that was more than one thing lol

  2. Know them because of their pic with mamamoo. Glad i take a look at this. They're good and the song is good too 🙂

  3. omg so beautiful ♥♥ i fell in love with their voices, this song is really amazing ♥ so talented.

  4. wow !! This song warms my heart!
    Her listening and start to dream!
    Thank you for such a beautiful song!
    I am your fan forever!

  5. I just found out about this group and this is the second song I hear from them and also the second time I'm crying

  6. wah I really love this one
    I didn't like their previous song but this one is really amazing. Their voices are heart touching

  7. They are so talented, I really cannot believe I am just now finding out about them. I'm feeling emotional suddenly omg

  8. why am I just discovering about this group know . they have such great voice it brought tears to my eyes just listening to this .

  9. If a group like this gets views like these for their 2and comeback, that means @kpop.underrated did a good job.

  10. I found this group few days ago and I was really surprised and happy that someone debuted with ballad concept and good harmony (kinda remind me of dbsk) to found out today that this is the same group from superstar k6 I got to hear when they performed love in the ice but I didn't recognize them (shame on me really). They still have to work and improve even more but this is just beginning and I really hope public will recognize their talent. Debut song and especially this one are great + they have great voices so don't sleep on them just because they don't follow current kpop trends. Voisper fighting!! ^^

  11. This actually brought me to tears. It's depressing to think of all the people that are going to let this fly over their heads because they aren't a flashy dance group. The emotions were delivered so well through this song. I thought they took my entire heart with their debut but it appears there was more to take. I've been snatched. Help

  12. Amo a Voisper… es una pena que no sean más conocidos, tienen voces hermosas♡. Su debut y su comeback son hermosos♡

  13. Uh I feel so dumb I didn't know they had a comeback -_- Amazing voices tho, their group's name fits well with them ^^

  14. I think, the music video said: To get happy life with your wife, you have to look at you wife as very smart manager, who have great ability to achieve what have decided, who have great ability to manage your life better, and who have great ability to cheer you up, when the days become black. For this reason, take her advice for all life sides. I would like to thank K-pop for sharing this music video with others.

  15. tell me all about Voisper…
    the members, when they appear, their role in the group, & the fandom name if they have one – I NEED TO KNOW

  16. This is so beautiful, their voices are amazing, totally deserves more views and likes! Please don't sleep on these boys and their beautiful voices

  17. i really like this song..
    and play it in youtube every day…😍😍😍
    hear they voice guys..?
    thats so soft and the aransement music is nice too

  18. wow, your voice are amazing! I'll be following you guys. 😌😌😌 I love this song even though I don't understand hahaha but I love listening!! anyway, I'm lookin forward for you guys. ✌✌

  19. I have been blessed. Idk what they're saying, but I believe every word of it. They'd never lie to me 😭😭😭

  20. 오늘 학교 공연 재미있게 봤어요 듣다가 울컥해서ㅎㅎㅎ
    다시 꼭 볼 수 있었으면 좋겠어요 오늘 진짜 재미있었어요

  21. i just discover this song and it is soooooo gooddddddd! why this group is so underrated… they deserve more recognition tho

  22. This song was in2016 how come i just heard of it?? After 2 years wow, you are not doing well promoting this young talented men, you should work hard, this group is amazing plz don't sleep on their talent 🔪 fighting voiceper 💗💗💙

  23. 창현 거리노래방 영상 보고 왔습니다!! 정대광님 성격도 좋으시고 노래도 잘하시고 무엇보다 착하셔서 앞으로 보이스퍼라는 그룹을 좋아하게 될 것 같아요~ 응원합니다!!

  24. 유난히 지독한 것 같아
    더운 날의 요즘 감기는
    벌써 이틀째
    이불 속에 누워
    기침소리에 내가 놀라
    우습게도 잠이 깨었어
    괜한 서러움에
    목이 메여와
    네가 옆에 있다면
    안쓰런 눈빛으로
    나를 걱정하겠지
    어디 있나요
    사랑했던 그대는
    행복했던 우리는
    이렇게 아픈 걸
    알고 있나요
    함께했던 사진엔
    지금 우린 없는데
    그댄 지금 웃고 있네요
    한참을 열지 않았던
    일 년 전 네가 사두었던
    감기약 봉투를
    손에 쥐고 있어
    이제야 후회하고 있어
    남겨진 너의 흔적들과
    물 없이 삼켜냈어
    빈속에 쓰린 건지
    내 맘이 아픈 건지
    눈물이 흘러내려
    어디 있나요
    사랑했던 그대는
    행복했던 우리는
    이렇게 아픈 걸
    알고 있나요
    함께했던 사진엔
    지금 우린 없는데
    그댄 지금 웃고 있네요
    다신 듣기 싫었던
    너의 잔소리마저
    너무나 그립다
    전화를 들어
    지운 번호를 눌러
    내 목소리를 전하면
    너의 마음이
    흔들리진 않을까
    혼자라는 사실이
    날 더 아프게 해
    그대 내게 다시 돌아와

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