“My 5 favourite places in Brisbane” by Rachel Catherine – EF Guest Vlog

“My 5 favourite places in Brisbane” by Rachel Catherine – EF Guest Vlog

Hey everyone! My name is Rachel and today I’ll be
guest vlogging on the EF channel. I have my own YouTube channel where I do a lot
of follow-me-around vlogs, just like this one, as well as a little bit of beauty and fashion. I live here in the beautiful city of Brisbane, and today, I’m going to show you five
of my favourite places. Let’s go! We’re here at our first location. As you can probably see from the sign above me,
we are here at the Gallery of Modern Art. I know that art galleries probably sound super boring,
but I honestly think they are so interesting and fun. You just have to go in with an open mind and
have a look because some artists are incredible. Not only do they have incredible skill, but the ideas behind their
artworks are absolutely insane. They also change the exhibitions
around every few months, so that means there are always
new artists and artworks to look at. Let’s have a look at what they have inside today. We’re here at our next location. This is the Brisbane Wheel,
which is obviously just a giant Ferris wheel. Being a Ferris wheel makes it cool in itself. But what makes it even cooler is that`
it’s right beside my favourite Acai bowl and smoothie place, called Kiss the Berry. If you’re in Brisbane and you like
Aici bowls or just smoothies in general, you have to have to try out Kiss the Berry.
It is impeccable. This is kind of a two-in-one location, but definitely check out the Brisbane Wheel
and Kiss the Berry if you’re in Brisbane. Here we are at South Bank Parklands. This isn’t technically one location,
but it’s kind of this area in Brisbane. It has cafés, restaurants, and beautiful gardens.
It has a manmade beach which is super awesome because although Brisbane
isn’t right next to the beach, you can still experience that through the city. I feel like this place is full of so many
cultures, activities and events. You definitely have to check out South Bank
because there’s always something for everybody. We are at our second last location.
This is Kangaroo Point Cliffs. This is another versatile place.
There are so many things to do here. A lot of people come here to do abseiling
and rock climbing off the actual cliff, but if you’re not as adventurous as that,
you can always just stop by the café, have a coffee and admire the beautiful view. They also have some gardens here,
so it’s the perfect place to have a night picnic where you can also admire the beautiful view.
I especially love it at night time. I brought you guys here when it’s a little bit darker
because the lights of Brisbane are so stunning. If you’re more on the active side, it’s also
a great place to go for a run along the river, or you can do some stair sprints and try to
tackle the stairs that go up and down the cliff. We’re here at our last location: Taco Bell.
I know a lot of other countries have Taco Bell, but this one is the only one in Australia
at the moment and it’s in Brisbane. It’s also my favourite place ever,
so I had to take you guys here. Let’s go get some yummy food!
I’m so excited! I hope you enjoyed this video and seeing
some of my favourite places around Brisbane. I just want to say a massive thank you
to all of you who watch this and also to the EF channel
for letting me be a guest. Hopefully, I’ll see some of you around
Brisbane sometime soon. Bye!

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  1. Je viens de revenir de mon voyage avec EF, si vous avez des questions ^^
    Mon insta : Charlocox 🙂 ou fb : charlotte A-Nbt
    J’ai des réductions si ça vous intéresse 🌺☺️

  2. Coucou aux français ! Si vous voulez des infos sur EF pour envoyer vos enfants ou partir vous même vous pouvez me contacter via mon mail : [email protected] et/ou poser un message sous ce commentaire je suis déjà partis avec eux et ça serais un plaisir d’aider 🙂 (je suis partit à Brisbane San Francisco et Singapour)

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