My Disney Port Orleans Resort Room Tour and Vacation Review

My Disney Port Orleans Resort Room Tour and Vacation Review

Well hello, ladies and gentlemen, and everyone watching, I’m your host, The Report Of The Week. You know when it comes down to taking a trip or taking a vacation, anything along those lines, a lot of people have different types of standards, you can say, upon which they make a judgment about it, right? When you take a vacation and someone asks you “Well, what did you think of it?” “How was it? Did you enjoy the trip?” A lot of people I feel they make a judgment Well, you know, “Yeah, I enjoyed it” or “It was terrible.” They make that judgment based on a variety of things and whenever someone never hurts to ask me because I have traveled somewhat. I’m not a world traveler, but I’ve taken a little trip here and there. And most recently I took a little vacation… …over to Disney, Disney World in Central Florida here, so kept it pretty local, but I went over to their Port Orleans Resort. I want to make sure I get the name right. And you know, I was there for a few days, but when I really think… what did I think of that vacation? So to speak a little “Me Vaca” as they call it. The most important thing to me is the memories that were made there. That’s the most important thing. That I have fun, that I have an enjoyable time, And did I make some good memories and some good experiences while I was there? I can say yes to all of those things. That’s really what I use to kind of gauge a… gauge a trip, you know, gauge a little vacation. But I want to just take this video just to kind of talk about it a little bit. Talk about some of the things I enjoyed about it, what I was doing there. I did do the video… gosh, I think it was about a week or so ago, when I went over to the Hawaiian luau. And that wasn’t at this resort. That was over at the Polynesian Village Resort. And you know, I gave a review about that. But of course I did more than just go to that luau and I kind of just want to talk in brief about some of the things I did while I was there, you know. Maybe… you might even get if you’re really lucky. You might get some pictures and some absolutely top-of-the-line incredible voiceover work as well. But I just want to do some miscellaneous talk and just talk about my little little vacation. Sometimes it can be fun to have a little vacation, you know, whenever… Whenever you’re feeling that you need one and get the family together because those you love and make some good memories as I said. One thing that I did go to that a lot of people were kind of… …asking me they wanted to know if I was going to do a review video about this. And I was kind of kicking myself. I’m saying “Gosh, you know, I wish I did. I wish I had…” You know the kind of footage available. Unfortunately, I didn’t. But I went to this. It was called “The Hoop-Dee-Doo… …Musical Revue” at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground. I was actually able to salvage this. That’s what it looks like. And unfortunately while I don’t have the actual footage. I didn’t document it to the degree that I did with the Hawaiian luau. It was a lot of fun. I mean it’s one of those shows that’s really heavy on audience participation, and I was in the back so I didn’t get picked. But I enjoyed it. I mean it was a fun show; It was enjoyable; The performers are so talented, I’ll tell you that. But they put on a great show. I mean I enjoyed it honestly. The menu I was kind of looking at this and reminiscing before I turned the camera on. Where they serve crispy fried chicken, Smoked barbecue ribs, mashed potatoes… And I remember the portion sizes here were really good and the food I can’t complain about it all. And then at the end I believe… I could find it here. They served I guess the strawberry shortcake at the end. Really enjoyable. I mean I liked that quite a bit. But that’s just one thing that I did while I was there that, you know, it kind of strikes out to me. It was just something that I was a little nervous about first and foremost because of my own anxieties, but I fought through it, I went over there, and I had a great meal and you know, enjoyed a good show and made some good memories about that, too. But when it comes down to the resort itself that I stayed at, it was a Disney’s Port Orleans Resort, and it’s kind of divided into a few different sections because it’s actually pretty big resort. Where they divide it it’s a little confusing at first, but they do a good job if you ever end up at this resort. They do a good job explaining it to you. Where it’s Disney’s Port Orleans Resort, and then it’s divided into the Riverside section and then the French Quarter. And then each of those… sections, is kind of divided into subsections, where the Riverside area is divided into Magnolia Bend and Alligator Bayou. That’s the place I was at. And the French Quarter is divided into the North Quarter and South Quarter. I know that sounds a little confusing. But again, I mean they really do help you. This is a map that I was given when I was there. I mean, it’s really helpful, gives you a little bit of everything. Usually it has your… …room number, building number, floor number so you can kind of use it to navigate about and find your way. But it also lets you find your own way around the place. You know, it’s… …great for finding guide. I know that this restaurant is here, and that the bus area is here, and I can get on a boat here and so on and so forth. And one thing with Disney is as big as it is, they make it easy to navigate around, you know? You really… it’s tough to get lost there because they always give you a handy-dandy map where there’s a directory or signs galore. But they do have a lot of good stuff at this resort. I mean… when it comes down to traveling, I’m one of those people… …that for me, I could just hang out in the hotel room all day long, and that’s you know, that could be the… …the fun of it all. But honestly, the resort here was enjoyable. I mean the grounds are beautiful I’m going to show you a few clips that I did take. Has great walking paths that are beautifully maintained. That’s one of the real things I do have to give Disney credit for, And for such a high traveled… …you know, busy area with so many people traversing to and fro and so much activity going on, the upkeep, so to speak, of the entire property is incredible. That always gets me the fact that they are actually… They’re able to maintain it all first and foremost. And secondly with all the people who travel there and everything… I mean they keep the place looking beautiful. They really do. But one of my favorite things the reason why I really wanted to go to this resort is because of the walking paths on it. You know, I’m a night walker and I like to kind of walk around and get a little bit of exercise here and there. You know, this is a great place to do just that. They have beautiful walking trails, places you can just stretch the legs, you can walk about. It’s beautifully groomed and maintained. And to me, that’s one of the biggest key attractions at this place. Also, of course something I like about Disney is they make it easy to get around. Could get on the buses. There are plenty of bus stops around, so you can get from the resort to the park, or from run one resort to another resort if you have people staying at different ones. They make it easy for you. You can get to Disney Springs if you want to go there. They have a variety of restaurants, places to shop about, and all sorts of things. You can even get on a boat from this resort and go straight over to Disney Springs. So they make it easy to get from one place to another, but if you don’t want to, you know, drag the car route and drive from one to the next, you can get on a bus or a boat. Usually they make it very efficient and easy to get from one place to the next. Well speaking of that, actually, that was an odd tangent because it’s not really… I was gonna make it sound like I was gonna do into something transportation or related but really not. I do want to present you some glorious voiceover work to show you the hotel room that I was in. Again, this was in Port Orleans Riverside Resort at the Alligator Bayou section. Okay. So this is just what your standard room at Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort at the Alligator Bayou looks like. Now first and foremost they are making the dramatic entrance into there right now. That’s the heating cooling unit that you see there. What I’m pointing out now are the… …shades or whatever you’d like to call it… the curtains. It actually works out really well if you’re a night owl like me because you can kind of adjust them so you could peek out like you seeing there if you want and let the rays of sunshine in or you could close them to block out the sun. For someone like me who really keeps a night schedule, those work out great for me. They’ve really did a good job kind of keeping the sunlight out. And even for night owls it’s very accommodating. It’s not one of those places where the sun, you know, as soon as the sun comes up it’s blinding. Works out very nice. There is a table and chairs stuff of… There I am, vest and all, vest it up. There’s a view of a bag a paper bag on the floor there with some food I got that night going with the socks. This has two beds. Two beds in it. There’s a first bed, has some sheets on it, you know, you can see there’s my… there’s the computer. That’s where the base of operations is. Some pillows, you know some sheets. Up there you can see you could put things up here on this kind of… counter. Radio reception is good. I had the shortwave radio there. The television set, you can put some few things there. Fan above keeps a room cool also. This little thing here can actually be pulled out. It can be an extra bed if you need one —If you have the kids there, whatever. Or you could kind of just use this for storage and put your backpack or bags or whatever you’d like. Here’s the second bed, as you can see very similar to the first one. They’re pretty much identical. There’s no huge difference at all when it comes down to it. But this room comes with two beds. You can see it is roomy for what it is. You know, you can probably have the table set up as you like. There I am really emphasizing the heating cooling unit. Some good floor space though. So, you know, some good room for everything. Also comes with you know, good amount of cups, a nice bucket, a coffee machine, if you need to get caffeinated up. Also, of course comes with a little mini fridge. Right there. Close that door, make sure it’s properly secured. Extra cabinets for storage and up there I believe that’s a rack for your hats. I would assume though you could probably drape anything you want over it. Maybe a necktie or whatever? Here’s the bathroom and its some… …closet space. You can see I have a suit there, some extra hangers there, some extra bedding up top there. It’s a well-equipped room. Truth be told. Look in here into the… …sinks—dual sinks. And again some room below. One interesting feature that actually I never saw before: you could actually kind of curtain off the bathroom area right here so there isn’t necessarily a sliding door, but there is this curtain here, which makes it very interesting, you know, if there’s other people in the room and respect your privacy whatever, you could kind of use that. That’s cool. Over there that’s just purely decorative. I thought for a second this was metal, but it’s actually plastic so, you know, you can’t annoy the neighbors of that but you know, you could try but it’s just plastic. and then for the bathroom. A pretty standard bathroom, but it worked out, you know. It is satisfactory. The bath tub, shower—shower worked out nicely. The toiletries were good. Had this little line up here actually that you can use to kind of dry off some… …towels and the like which I really hadn’t seen before but I thought that was a cool feature. Towels though, well-equipped. And the toilet functional as well. and it did… it did what it had to do. So that’s what the hotel room looked like. And kind of all the amenities involved and everything there. One thing that was pretty cool to tell you the truth as I did. I took a couple extras here. These work. I mean they were really good especially the shampoo. Honestly, I was I couldn’t believe it because when I get them all Hotel toiletries… Some of them aren’t the best, you know, they vary from place to place, but this was really cool. It’s actually really neat shampoo to use. I really like the scent. This is my biggest… Yeah, I really like the scent of it and I couldn’t help myself. But I mean, it did a great job washing up and I think actually they do sell them if you want to get them. One other thing that I did like about some of the resorts anyway. I just… I like doing this. When I was over at the… Polynesian village Resort for the one luau because I was there for a couple days, they were able to kind of walk to some of the other resorts and one of the… One of the other resorts there, the Grand Floridian I believe, has this place called the Basin Store. You can get premium soaps and all that stuff there. That’s just… that can be a lot of fun. It’s just the personal thing but that was a lot of fun, too. But each place I mean to tell you the truth. I just had a lot of fun there. One of my favorite things… and I know I might sound like a bore when I’m saying this but one of my favorite things about going to Disney and be in there at the resort, is how they maintain the grounds. I mean I couldn’t believe it. When I was there walking around just taking these night walks, looking around… I mean, it was just amazing to me. The fact that they upkeep all of this to the degree that they do. If they keep some of these fountains running, you know late into the night, it’s just so pretty to walk around there. Get some fresh air. See these beautiful sights set. I mean, that’s literally right outside your hotel room. That’s one of the things that really got me. The fact that at least to me, some of the entertainments, some of these beautiful sights are literally right outside the door. When it came down to dining I didn’t really get a dining plan, but I did take advantage of some of the restaurants at the Port Orleans Resort. They had the… …food court. The Riverside Food Court as well as a restaurant there. The Boatwright’s Dining Hall. And I did utilize a food court. They kind of had a… My god, I would call it Louisiana themed, you know Cajun style grill there. And I did have a cajun chicken sandwiches. I thought was pretty good. It had kind of like a dry rub on the chicken, which is pretty enjoyable. And then in the morning, I had a chicken biscuit, and unfortunately I didn’t… I wasn’t able to get those ultra-HD shots of the food. So just paint a picture in your mind. But I was able to get some chicken biscuits. I think that’s what it was. Some chicken biscuits with honey. And they did a good job with that. That’s something I always like to get to start my day off with. And you know, I enjoyed it. I liked it. I thought the food was pretty good for what it was. And overall I mean it was just a place that I was able to kind of sit back, relax, just have some fun, and make some good memories too. It’s fun to explore. Again, they really maintain the grounds nice. The food’s pretty good. And you know, for the value, I mean, I think they do a great job. I mean the staff is great, very attentive. They treat you really with a lot of respect. And very understanding and how they cater to your needs if you need anything to help or if you need any extra toiletries or whatever It might be. They usually very understanding and willing to help. And you know that’s one thing that sometimes you don’t see too much in some services, but I did see that here and my props go out to the to the staff at these resorts here. Now you might be saying “You’re talking about Disney,” “but you’re not really mentioning the parks at all.” “Did you go to any of the parks?” Now when it comes down to the parks, because of my close proximity I did get the the Annual Pass. Pass Holder. So I can I can go to the parks, you know when I wish. And I wanted to save that for another video. You know, I want to save it for another video because these parks are so huge there’s so much to them, each one really would deserve its own video. But I would say my two favorite Disney parks are Magic Kingdom and Epcot. Those are my two favorites, a lot of fun rides there. My favorite ride is the Haunted Mansion by far hands down. But there’s a lot of fun rides at these parks and I’m gonna save those experiences for another day. But truthfully this vacation is just kind of a time to unwind. Again, spend some time with those I love and have a good number of memories made there as well, which I did. It’s a lot of fun. I enjoyed it quite a bit and I thought Disney really did a great job kind of taking care of you as a resort guest. The parks don’t disappoint either, but I’m going to save that for a future video. But my experience at the resort really I can’t complain. Everything was clean. Everything was up to par. Everything was comfortable. The pad was comfortable. I don’t have any complaints there at all. And I just had a great time. You know, I had a fun time, some great memories made, and that’s what’s most important. One final note. It’s a Thursday, you know what Thursdays are right? If you happen to have that spare shortwave radio lying around your house that everyone does. I mean who doesn’t? You can hear my newest radio broadcast. It’s something I do each week. You know, where it’s just a miscellaneous hour. Some talking, some music and just share a few thoughts here and there but it’s a fun hour. It’s something you could listen to diligently, or leave on in the background, but it goes out to you by many means. Online on TuneIn, SoundCloud at That’s all that I have for you. I just wanted to share a couple experiences with you. Hope you enjoyed the video. I’ll be seeing you again in a couple days, probably a food review. No guarantees, but probably. I put the money on that. That’s all I have. Thank you for watching. Take care. I’m your host, The Report Of The Week.

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