My Dog’s Camping Routine | Huskies Camping Routine 2018

♪ Guess what we’re doing today! ♪ You guys enjoyed our two (2)
routine videos that we’ve done so far, so much. We thought it would be fun
to do a camping routine video. Recently, we took the dogs camping
over a long weekend and we have a friend of ours
joining us and it was a lot of fun. I thought it would be neat
to show you guys, the difference between
our home routine and our routine while we are camping
with the dogs. If you would like to see
our entire camping trip in full, there will be links up above in the cards
and down in the video description below to the playlist of our five (5)
days of camping. Now, let’s show you
our camping routine! One of the first things we do
when we wake up in the morning, is to take the dogs for their
little morning walk. This is very similar to
what we do at home, except while camping,
is even more important because the dogs don’t have
the fence in the backyard to go out and enjoy a little time,
to go into the bathroom. We take them for a little short walk
before they have breakfast. Once we get back
from our walk, I’ll usually make sure to empty out
and refill their outside water bowls. I’ll also do this
with their inside water bowls as well. After their morning walks,
the dogs enjoys some time out on their picket line. A lot of you had noted these
on our camping videos before. This is what we use
to keep the dogs tied out while camping. It keeps them from tangling into each other
and we had done few videos on these. I’ll list them above and down
in the video description below. There’s also a link below,
where you can purchase your own picket line. We usually chill out and let
them relax for about half an hour before we start breakfast. Breakfast for the dogs
while camping is very similar to the breakfast that we
do for them, at home. I do have, separate dishes
that I keep in the camper, for them. We bring their normal food
and then, I bring all the things we normally add, on top
of their food at home. Including, the tumeric pills,
their ultra oil, a little bit of bone broth, and the other thing I actually bring
is a little bit of canned dog food. In all the years we’ve been
camping with the dogs, I had found sometime, when we travel
the dogs will not necessarily be as excited to eat. So, if we put something a little bit
different on their food, it kind of entices their appetite. Usually, that’s a little bit of
canned food. Also, because we’re doing
so much more activity while camping, the little bit of extra food
is good for them. As I mentioned earlier,
you may noticed a third Husky in this video. This is our friend Thor. I’ll put links up above
and down below if you would like to go
and check their channel as well. After the dogs finish eating,
we usually wait around the camp for about half an hour, to let their bellies settle
before we head out on crazy adventures. During that time, I’ll usually
make sure I have everything that we need for a full
day of adventures. Since we’re normally gone
during lunch time, I’ll make sure I have food for the dogs,
fresh water for the dogs. Gather their harnesses,
their leashes, everything we need to go out on our adventures. Then, we usually take them
for one more walk around campground before we load them
in the car and take off for the day. As I said earlier,
if you want to see our five (5) day camping trip
in full, there will be links up above and down below, to our vlog channel We packed a lot of adventures
into this weekend. We stayed at Baraga State Park. We ventured to
multiple water falls, including Black’s Lakes Falls, Slate River’s Falls, Courtside Falls. The dogs got to hike
all over the city of Houghton. We hiked with them,
down into a mine! Yes! The dogs actually
got to visit a copper mine in Delaware, Michigan
which it was amazing! It was so nice considering
it was 80F/27C degrees while we were camping. To be able to go down into
a mine that was only 45F/7C degrees! It was basically, like going
from summer to winter! We packed a bunch of adventures
into this weekend of camping. The dogs hiked like crazy! As always, in the middle
of some of those hikes, Usually, between 3:30pm and 4:30pm, we will make sure to stop
and feed the dogs, their lunch. – Are you ready honey?
– Alright! Bye! – Let’s go!
– See you at the top! As you guys know,
from our past videos we had Oakley, whom had
experienced bloat before. We take extra precautions
when feeding our dogs. When we stop for lunch,
we usually find a good resting place. Make sure the cars is not moving
and were not walking around for around a half an hour
before we actually feed them. We feed them lunch and is
the same thing. After they are done eating, we allow them
to kind of just relax, chill out in the car. If it is warm, we will just run the air conditioning
and let their bellies settle a little bit. Then, will take them out for
a short walk after they eat before we continue on
our adventure. I feel, this is something a lot of people
don’t do when traveling with pets. I do feel, it is a very
important thing, to kind just let them chill out
for a little bit, even if you are having
crazy fun days of adventure. As I said earlier, we were camping
at Baraga State Park at the base of the Keweenaw Peninsula,
in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Few other places we went,
Brockway Mountain Drive. We let the dogs swim
in Lake Superior. We actually stopped
at couple of beaches and roadside parks so they can get in the water
and just enjoy the day. During this trip the weather was
much warmer than normal. It was probably in the 80’s/30’s and very
high humidity the entire time we were there. Part of the routine for this trip
was the extra breaks for them to go swimming and got to spend
a lot more time in the water and longer resting stops
during our hikes. Just to make sure the dogs
didn’t overheated. Of course, every time we hiked we make sure
to carry fresh water with us as well. Just in case, we were not near
a river or lake. Even, when we are near
rivers and lakes we do try to give the dogs a chance to
drink water on every stop we make. We have silicone collapsible bowls
and no, they aren’t drinking ‘Mountain Dew!’ That’s the bottle we use for
water during this trip. After each day of all the long hikes
and sight seen the dogs do we usually make sure
to head back to the camp in time for dinner
for the dogs. Once we arrive back
at the camp, we usually again, give the dogs
a little bit of down time before feeding them. Then, we prepare their dinner. For dinner, we usually use
a little bit of ‘Instinct Raw Boost.’ We put the ‘Plaque Off Powder’
on their food. A little bit of ‘Primal Raw Bone Broth’
and some times, we mix in a little wet food just to make sure
they are willing to eat. Usually by dinner time,
they are pretty hungry because of all the adventuring
they had done. Then, we take a little bit of time
and enjoy their dinner. Then, I will rinse out and refill
their outside and inside water dishes. Because we spend a lot of
time outside, sand and dirt and sometimes,
bugs can get into their dishes. We try to make sure, to rinse them out
and refill them as often as we can. When they are done eating,
we kind of just chill out at camp for a little while
before nighttime arrives. The last thing we really do each day, is take the dogs for a long walk
around the camp ground with their cool LED collars. I will put some Amazon
affiliate links for these collars. They are down, in the video description below.
Probably one of my favorite things I’ve ever bough for camping with the dogs. Will hike with them around,
basically the entire campground. We got them tiered out and give them
a chance to go to the bathroom. Then, we headed back to the camper
to let them go to bed. Once we get back from our walk,
the dogs get their good night treat. Then they pretty much figure out
where they are going to sleep for the night. They do tend to switch spots a lot
during the night, while were camping than they do, when we are at home. That’s pretty much
how the day ends. That is pretty much
our camping routine. Is a little bit different
than what we do at home. We do still try to keep
a good routine so the dogs are still
comfortable while camping. Not a whole lot of difference but, a lot more
of hiking and walking adventure and things like that. Let us know, you guys
if you enjoyed this video. Any questions about our routine and
what we do, while camping with the dogs. Leave them down below. If there’s any other routine videos
you would like to see from us? Maybe we can do a
‘How we prepare for camping with the dogs’. I did a video like that
a long time ago. But, I haven’t done one
as of recently. I know, a lot of things
had changed from when we did our first video, into
what we do now. Let us know! If you are new here,
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