My First Time WILD CAMPING in Norway

My First Time WILD CAMPING in Norway

So we just drove for an hour and a half and we came across this place which looks amazing Apparently you can just sleep in these huts and even though I would love to sleep here tonight Our plan for today is go to Norway which will be another 4 / 5 hours until we reach the border Ideally we can start shooting videos tomorrow So I think we are going to hang around here for a bit and continue our way to Norway So we drove around for a bit and we came across this lake which you can’t see right now because it’s really dark But we decided to stay here We built a campfire

70 thoughts on “My First Time WILD CAMPING in Norway

  1. My friend is very inspired by your vlogs and the video editing that u do, and he always says to me that one day he will also make videos like you .

  2. I met you a while ago, you inspired me a lot in music. It was because of you that I created my Fingesyle guitar channel. Thank you very much.

  3. I'm half dutch half norwegian and for some reason I'm really exited for you to enjoy Norway! We are expensive but we have the most beautiful nature in Scandinavia (fight me swedes!), especially in the west and north of the country

  4. what i love about your vlogs/videos is all the little details you film! Also you should try fudge striped cookies with your marshmallow to make a s’more!

  5. Looking forward to getting out with my rooftop camper & travel again when our summer arrives. Affordable traveling & great way to meet others as well. Well captured detail especially with the drone. Does Juliano smile ?!!

  6. Eddiiieeee.

    Dat food tho.

    Dat scenery tho.

    Dose frenz tho.



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