My Great Escape: Explore Medan and Lake Toba with The Travel Intern

My Great Escape: Explore Medan and Lake Toba with The Travel Intern

Changi Airport sent The Travel Intern on yet another adventure to Indonesia, but this time…We’re going to Medan!Here’s how we explored this hidden gem! Before you hop on the plane, grab a warm breakfast! Check out the Butterfly Garden that is home to over 1000 tropical butterflies. Make your way to the Raffles Long Bar for some drinks to clear your palate.Cheers!Shop online at and collect your goodies before departing!Welcome on board!Hello, welcome on board!Strap in and you’re one and a half hours away from your adventure! The largest lake in Indonesia and an approximate four hour drive from Medan Airport, here’s how we experienced Lake Toba in two ways. First, book a villa located atop mountains overlooking Lake Toba on Expedia.Good morning!Catch sunrise at One Tree Hill, a popular spot for both visitors and locals. Second, take a day trip out to Samosir Island to experience kayaking along Lake Toba. On your way to Samosir, don’t forget to make a stop at Sipisopiso Waterfall, one of the highest waterfalls in Indonesia. Next stop: Berastagi Overlooking the town is a small stratovolcano called Mount Sibayak, also known as Gunung Sibayak. Get a local guide and start your trek up to its crater!Natural mud mask!Yes!And the best thing to do after a hike is to go soak in the hot spring!When you’re done, it’s time to head back to Medan for some food and cultural adventures! It’s easy to find the right accommodation with Expedia.Welcome to JW Marriott Medan!Pick a hotel that is at the heart of the city! Start your food trail with a hearty bowl of duck noodles, and along the same street, fresh seafood noodles! Try Medan’s version of Char Kway Teow, both dry and with gravy! Don’t forget the local favourite at Soto Kesawan. Get your dessert fix at Macehat Coffee! If you love the King of Fruits, be sure to pop by Si Bolang Durian! Get in touch with Medan’s cultural side. by visiting historical mansions and churches. End your adventures with a hot bathtub soak. Till the next time, Medan and Lake Toba!

22 thoughts on “My Great Escape: Explore Medan and Lake Toba with The Travel Intern

  1. Singaporean videos always fail to mention that Lake Toba is bigger than their country, I wonder if it's on purpose

  2. Lake toba is great until you realize that under all that great beauty lies a super volcano capable of wiping out every living creature on planet earth lol

  3. Hi. Nice to watch ur video again and again. Would u mind tel me exactly the place of the little ship is, on the back ground of lake toba view?

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