My Holiday Outfit Diary | A Week In Outfits | Zoella

My Holiday Outfit Diary | A Week In Outfits | Zoella

Good morning it is currently Saturday Here in Sunny MyKonos and It Is 9 a.m I was Just about to head Out to breakfast so i thought i would show you my very first outfit of The Holiday Which is Throw something on and get to breakfast Quickly outfit we Have This Little Play Suit By I think this is hmmm This Was Literally Like nothing at All and it’S so cute i Love It and then i have some Fairy Sliders on i got sent these to my peer box and i don’t actually Know Where they’re from so if they’re in the description then i found out and then I’ve Just Got my pink Pinky Purple ray Bands on Let’s go outfit Number two of Today i have a Black Bikini Which is literally Just a Plain Halterneck Black Bikini Which i think is from asos and Then my Top this is from Zara Actually it’S quite thick i think it’s like an Autumn Kind of Thing but i Really like It it’s like a Little Throw on and it Is Kind of Like This Muddy color With Black Polka dots and then If i picture down Here you can see my Whole outfit like these And then i’ve Just Got these Little Shorts on and these are from H&M i think please for like five pounds so that is My Waiting for My sun cream to set in before i can go out in the sun Outfit and Then Obviously I’m gonna Wear This outside i don’t know What we’re doing i think We are Just gonna Chill by the pool and potentially Go down to the Beach This is our Little Pool Okay we are going Out for the evening so i thought i would share with You my first like evening outfit on my eyes i have the urban Decay heat palette on my lips i have this Which is the mimimi matte liquid lipstick in The Shade Then All my outfit i don’t know how i’m going to show you this all earrings Are these Like Little Furry Ones and these are from Zara i’ve Got My Maria Tosh Ones and then i have This top one Which is from miss selfridge it’s really cute it has like bell Sleeves and it’s polka dot and then It has elastic Around Here as well so it’s like a It’s Kind of Cropped but You could also i Guess pull it down I’ve Just Kind of Left It Where it Naturally Hangs then i have these Really cute little Shorts on and These are from H&M and you can Just Tie them Up like That They’re Actually Navy but and they do Say You Should never Wear Navy or Black but Nevermind and then for Shoes I’M Wearing these Little Sandals from H&M with Red Bows Just Because i wanted to give a pop of color and then i have My little gucci bag as well so i will show you in the mirror oh there you are i Don’t know you are a Thang so that is the outfit Overall Just Wanted to show you my pjs because i think They’re quite cute these are from asos and it Says Send nudes and it’s little Pair of Shorts Send Nudes Like Nudes But Noodles Morning Just about to head down to breakfast i thought i would show you i was wearing This Little Play Suit It’s from in the style and it’s Just Really Nice and light and then i’ve Got my Bikini on underneath Which iS a Sauce And Then i bought These Yesterday in The Town There by a Brand Called illest ever Which Is an Italian Brand i Actually Already Have a Few Pairs of Sunglasses buy them i really? Like them Because They’re small and They fit my head and Like a drum it’s like Doing drum i have these Little sliders these are from H&M and That is all i have on No knickers no pants i need a Nice coffee And i will show you my Beach outfit down here Instead of in the Room So Firstly You will notice i have this little Bag? This is from Joni Clothing They sent this to me you might have Seen It in my pa box video it’s really cute as the Perfect size mum with film ends Amanda Wants Short a picture I’m really Nervous i’m gonna step back oh yeah It isn’t slanted as well I’m gonna hold This pole Because There’s a Massive drop Behind Me i’ve got this hat on Which is from a Soft last year i think It Serves me Very well so i like to wear it all the time Same Glasses i had on this morning and Then My dress is Just This Safe Throw on strophe dress from asos and i’ve Got the same Hmm shoes But They’re Kind of slipping off Because It’s A little cold From Zara and i love It these earrings are also From Cyber Can You See them and then these are My sunglasses by Gentlemen’s stuff oh? and Then Sandals are from H&M i Really hate When other People see you vlogging They don’t Know What you’re doing but yeah i like this out Fair Lot we are about To go out for the evening And so i thought It Would be nice to do the outfit out Here i’m gonna hand the camera over to? Alfie come on my official Cameraman for this week Jumpsuit Is this Really Pretty Very light Fabric with Little Flowers on them this is from miss selfridge It’s Actually Still Very hot it’s about 5:00 p.m. And We Thought It Would Be Nice to go into town Early Because It gets quite cool in the evenings Not today it’s Very Very Hot so nice and Breezy got my gucci bag and i also Have my hmm leather? Sandals and What else all my Gentle Monster Sunglasses that i had on What about this oh This is the Daisy London Bracelet With ellie Goulding For the environmental damage Campaign I’m les sweating Already An alpha has on this lovely Stripy T-Shirt with a rose and some Shorts and What shoes did you go for in the end or you think uh maybe Shorts Myself They were jeans and the reason I’m showing you his outfits because i Just Picked it for Him Tuesday Is a Very Windy Morning Here today Actually Which i quite like I’ve got these It is evening Number four Now it’s gone so quickly and This evenings Makeup Is the Naked heat Palette a Little Bit of Clarins Eyeliner Bit of bronzer and a coco Kardashian Lip Color the One i Picked My favorites video she okay i do have the Room key and Then Jewelry Wise I have these earrings these are from asos these Little Ones? And Necklaces This One is Miss Ouma This one Is Miss Ouma and This One Is and Other Stories but i will get alfie to do like a Full shot so you can properly See Also Forgot To mention These Other Maria tosh Ones at The back that i’ve Just Basically had in for like six months but i thought They were worth Mentioning and Then These are the Glasses that i got the other day that a less dever i’m probably Butchering that but you Know i mean Shawn i Warrant Some Fans Authentics Yeah Check them out Classic Classic car key chinos Cropped Love Em Standard 399 H&M t-Shirt basic i’m a Nixon Watch and also i knew tense I like them that cool yeah alfie Urban outfitters Deep Yeah Don’t know where these are fun summer in Brighton It Was like a Glasses Shop Wasn’t It is it Called Bratz Brand New Glasses but There i Just i know it said don’t Worry about the lenses and Then i got yes Necklaces Gucci Yeah Shorts oh Levi Yeah Gucci Sliders and Some rings mom made and Just Random different Places Poppy i’ve Got a sus Maxi skirt i love their topshop top quite old Ray-bans Oh i like those That’s so cute it’s got like a Bit at the back slide how do you do that i know it’s a Bit Weird. Oh? i like It yeah They’re cool Let me put one in now Go Kid What no that is wrong That’s a bit strange i like Those They’re cool a Stop Shop Whistles oh Whistles i like Whistles Jewelry Let me see i Forget You’ve Got an earring Up that i Just had to replace Yeah now Right What shoes Have you got pop Tops Up topshop Sandals it’s a Very Beautiful day MyKonos today This the Wind has Settled Lovely i like This like Summer Evening sun This is like My favorite time When the sun Goes down we’re wearing Trousers wrong Below i know i know a Chill in the air The Wind Was like Gone Now though hasn’t That Like There’s not Really any Wind although a tiny Bear Little Little Breeze oh? This Ring Is from and other Stories See that see that yeah i don’t have chipped nail Polish anymore because i’d be Tall off and This Jumpsuit is this Really Nice like Satiny light to fabric and this is Actually From Misguided and It has i could Type It Around Here and then Like a Floaty Bit and it’s an off-The-Shoulder and i Got my gucci bag and then my Hmm Some doors Which are proving to Be My favorites of the Holiday so far Just Because They’re so comfortable and they don’t flip off my Feet like i don’t Have to think about Keeping them on you know sometimes when you Yeah you have to Walk a Little Bit Carefully yeah yeah so i’m not having. To do that With these and That’s my outfit Great no What are you doing at my Room yeah Yeah no no cable Hanging out of my Bag if you want to Say Why do i okay yeah i want to see your new iPhone ten Goodnight Say Goodnight Good Morning It Is a Very Beautiful Thursday no Wednesday god i’m really Losing track of the date It’s about 9:00 a.m. And we’re about To head to breakfast i Just wanted to show you how beautiful and calm It was out here oh? My camera’s Fogged Up so this morning i’ve Got My Gentle Monster Sunglasses on i actually got these i don’t know if any of You remember but i bought these When we went to edinburgh at Christmas time Last Year i Really Really Like them I’ve also Got My little asus earrings my My soma Necklaces and then This top? Which is from Miss selfridge i think it Kind of Has like a Little Wraparound Element to it but it’s not Actually wrap Around oh God Can You even see me right Now there we Go so That’s the top It’s very comfortable Like It fits Really Nicely and It Has Like Little Cool happy Sleeves i’m so bad at It i’ve Got My Shorts on from Zara The little embroidered Pink Panther’s and then My vintage Ysl Belt oh and my little Hmm Sliders Which Have Served me very well this Holiday for any of You that might Be going Away take Sliders best Thing and So i’m trying to decide what to wear to go to the beach and I’ve tried on Two misguided Dresses and both of them Have Looked Like This i Mean What is this Like Boot It Would Just Look Like Boobs I should Have tried This on before i came on Holiday i know there’d be so many of You like Why didn’t you Try it On before you went but i Just didn’t think i would Need to it’s like a Little dress Hey there we Go right This Now looks like have a dress on back to front What’S gonna like at the back Part. Oh? Yeah, oh Yeah Yeah It doesn’t look right It Looks like i’ve Got a dress on back to front i would Have preferred it like This though I don’t like this either Like i Read though i was gonna like This is Just a sir but it’s the arms Yeah Like What the Hell It looks like I’m wearing a Sleeve Well I don’t know iF we’re Just in this mood Today where i’m putting Things on i’m Just like This is Papa’s favorite version Because i put it on and Just Go this Looks i hate This i hate This? This Is horrible i think it Would Look great on some People and Again i Should Have done This one At a time but i Just i was Foolproof I’ve Got nothing else Left to wear No i think this could Look Nice on some People but yeah it’s this bit it’s this bit that i’m having the issue with The Fact that It Looks Like I’ve stuck on two sleeves Because This looks Lower Than This Yeah Like That Is lower Than That and that Doesn’t look Right I’m Just gonna Put My little Shirt and I’m gonna put My little Shirt and Shorts combo on from zara again i think cuz i really liked That okay i’m happy now i’ve Got My little Shirt shorts combo and i Got my Ray-bans and My Miss Oma Choker and I’m ready to partay Let’S Go we’ve even Got the Greek commuter conn i thought this was Sean’s playlist but it’s obviously not is it Whilst we’ve Been Here we’ve discovered these Which are called Nutella be readies and oh my god They are delicious Have You tried One of these Sean ah Okay so they’re like No They’re like What are those Things They’re Called Kinder Kinder Bueno okay so it’s like a Giant Kinder bueno That’s so good to me and alfie of like Demolished This Whole box i also bought This terrifying Snorkel Mask Which Looks Like It Should Be Used for something Else but It is actually Really Thick like You don’t have a small core in your mouth it Just you breathe in the mask and then The Air comes Out The top i Really Wanted to get this because i Like The Sound of It and It Was a Wreath Gadget That i wanted to try and alfie Laughed at me and Was like No, oh i’ve Just realised we Didn’t peel the plastic off it I feel like I’m Forever doing this in videos Always Peeling off the plastic oh That’s better oh? yes i did But You can See Everything so we’re going to take This down to the beach – because i want to swim and see all the fish even though I’m Not gonna lie i don’t Enjoy swimming in the sea i know That’s a Bit controversial But i don’t because it’s terrifying Because There’s so many Things in there i Just don’t trust you’re the same on you I’m not scared of Sharks I’M Just Scared of Little fish That look Weird That’s all Like The Coral Makes me feel Funny But i don’t like putting my Feet down on the coral Because i’m like well let’s think Let me get it Yeah Which iS fine here because i feel like you can see the bottom especially This one but i know Wearing This Missy Will scare me because i Don’t like seeing What i’m swimming in like in freaks me out? I think maybe We Better That i can see everything Very Clearly But When i went in the sea the other day i was like Oh that Looks Like Coral but is It coral are there any Jellyfish i Just don’t know it’s Too Scary But Now that i have my gimp i mean it’s north Also as iF i Haven’t Already sold This mask to you It comes with a Gopro Clip so i’m gonna try and see if Shawn or alfie can Help me attach it Who’s my Little Session Yeah and then I’m gonna swim under Water and then The Next Clip You’ll see Will be my majestic Underwater Swimming Showing You everything i Just Said i was scared of and You can Actually Hear People Very well with this because you can talk You can Properly talk You don’t have a Snorkel in your mouth so you can Be like Fishies and Everyone Good Evening Okay so we are having a little Barbecue on the beach this evening Which is Really Nice and i am Wearing This Jumpsuit Which i think could probably do With some Heels By Wearing it With My Sandals and It’s from Miss selfridge I’m not wearing a bra with it so it feels a Little Looser Than Normal But i like It i Feel Very free and i’ve like scraped my hair back i don’t think I’m Very Good at Doing This Hairstyle i like i really like Everybody and It Does Feel quite Nice having my Hair off my face and then Like Makeup wise i’ve Gone Really Just like eyebrows Mascara and a Orange lip i think this is a Kylie Lip Kit but i don’t remember the name of It so I’m Very sorry about that and then i’ve Got my Ray-bans That’s literally It i didn’t Put Any Jewelry on Hairband As an Accessory in case this gets annoying and I tell them i happened about your earring i i lost one of My earrings i Was Wearing earlier in the see Some resat about that Nevermind so let’s go Good Morning Everybody Is our last full day in Mykonos Today it’s thursday and we’re Heading home Tomorrow Which is Friday i Am Actually quite ready to go home i feel like Towards the end of a Holiday i start to miss like my home and i? Really Miss Nala i Really want to Just Like grab her and Just like Cuddle her we have had the best day? Day I Got The best day We’ve made it look like this bin a Week but It hasn’t it’s Just Been Here for a day Doing All These different outfits Making It Look like a video for a Week No, i’ve had the best week yeah me and alfie ages Chillin We’ve had breakfast in the Room This morning Which Was Really Nice? We Got Up a bit late we were like oh Let’s Just get breakfast Here Swimming costume i am Wearing today Where i can put this maybe i’ll show you in the mirror is one from a sauce and The reason Well okay i’m Very Dark The Reason That I’m okay with wearing a swimming costume now is because it’s the last day and i don’t want To like i don’t know i feel like i’ve Got The town i’m gonna Get Now and the Only Places i’m gonna Really want to Turn Now is like Any Other Areas you’re gonna see so i’m happy to wear my swimsuit now This is from asos as i Just Said it’S quite high But High up one Which i’m not used to but i could Try and banish these tan Lines Now for the last day and then the back It’s very difficult to show you what It Crosses Over yeah i Really like It it’s very comfortable i didn’t think It Would be but It is a Very comfortable swimsuit and it Just has these Little Cherries on it and it’s really Really cute and it’s white so The Perfect time to wear It is at the end of a Holiday When you’ve Got your best Tan this is Probably What i’m going to spend most of today in and then i think we’re going out in the evening for a last meal Good evening oh my god looks so bright This Is a fire night Actually as You can See we’re packing up you’re packing It’S all coming to an end packing up packing up No yeah We are ready I’m ready to see nylon i’m gonna squeeze i’m gonna love her i didn’t have a Foundation? That Was Dark enough so i had to use a foundation unlike Bronze The Hell out of My face Which is Why i look a Bit Questionable These are from Miss selfridge i Really Like Them i think They’re Very Cool then i have this Play Suit? Which has This Really Nice Little like tie on it and then at the back It’s like in Here and i really like The shorts on this They’re Very Flowy and The Sleeves are Very Flowy Actually This is from river Island but i’ve Got it Srt’S star of The show i think You’ll agree My Sandals These Crazy Sandals are from a Brand Called Known on the inside of My shoe i’m Now asking alfie to read my shoes Selena I don’t know Basically Guys i Will leave a Link in The description box but i got sent these quite a while ago and They are the most fun Sandals i have ever Seen and They tie like Up the leg and They have all Kinds? Of Crazy Things on them and i’ve never had the right occasion to wear them and i Just thought no in what Place it would Be the perfect time so Everyone in Mykonos Will Hear me coming Because i Jingle as i walk but It was Very Kind of them to send them to me and Now i get to actually Wear them but Yeah this is i Mean This probably Isn’t the last outfit because i will do One more Tomorrow for my like going home Outfit Which i already have planned Out in there Because even packing something Very organized but This is My Final Kind of Holiday outfit we are back from Town and it’s actually Only What’s the time Quarter to 11:00 yeah Which in the uk is Actually closer to 9:00 this Is so We’ve Been going to bed That Early So When We Get home i think it’s gonna be a shock i forgot to show you these Pajamas Which i’ve also had Here with me as well as the Send Nudes Noodle Ones Let me see if i can Put you Up Here they’ve got like Really cute Pink and Green Leaves The Only Thing about these is Look How like Deep the neck is like That’s like a Full-on Don’t i mean You’d move quickly and a Whole Boob would pop out so you do have to be aware of that she comes Here? a Really long So i’ve had to run that but They are non fit aren’t They i know I’ve Got Aids talk i bathe the people all the Girls matching Ones But Yeah i really like them these were Just a sauce and Now we’re going to bed The Least Natural Way tore down the stairs i’ve ever Seen That’s the Slowest Lift Sorry God Squaw right I’m gonna take off my Makeup and then it’s time to go to bed it’s the last day I’m Just gonna Go outside it’s much Nicer yeah We are Pretty Much Packed I Was Just gonna show You all Actually ain’t gonna Need the mirror aren’t i i’m gonna show You what i’ve Got for my flight Same outfit i loved my hair in French Flats That’s Because Then it’s out the way this won’t last two seconds and also it’s like Flicks Out like This but It Just Keeps Out of The Way and Then i have on This T-Shirt From Miss selfridge Which Says not Your baby on It Which i will the other day and then i Just have these like loose Qalaat? Trousers from i think these are from Miss selfridge as well Actually There’s some Great Things in Miss selfridge at The moment yeah these are miss selfridge i wanted something That Was Kind of light for the flight But also Not Kind of Like short Because I’m aware that the second we Land back home it’s gonna be freezing and Then I’ve Just Got These on Because They’re easy to like Kick off at The Airport or Kick off on the plane Now i know What you’re thinking you’re thinking chloe you’re still gonna be cold when you land in the uk and i agree i am so i Also Have Which I’M Just gonna put in my like Um? Bag a Jumper That Again is from Miss selfridge and I’m Basically gonna Be Working This on Probably on Play Because Planes Get cold I’m Just demonstrating How i’m gonna Wear there I’m gonna look like This i’m gonna be worn so it’s all Good and then if I’M Still not warm enough I’ve Got My Denim Jacket Which i want also For a Long i can’t be college Looks so Funny the other side can’t Say it’s the most Put Together outfit Every one but you know what i Might Check This in actually i might do a Yeah That’s probably Better there we Go Thick outfit and then When i get home oh someone at my Door It’S me it’s outfit and then When i get back i’m gonna have a Bath and Change into pjs and Let me tell you i’m so Excited about It because i haven’t had a Bath or Busy since i’ve Been Here cuz barter for cozy I’m washed up Showered but Yeah So i’m wearing this to the airport do you think i mean i might get a bit hot but I’m not wearing this to the airport but i am gonna take i’m gonna take This stuff so i can be warm on the plane That is the last outfit i’ll show you my bag as well my little Carry-on bag Which has Got all My Kind of Flight essentials This Bag Was Actually from primark i think it Was like 7 Pounds or something But it’s like a Really Big Kind of Tuck everything in It and Just Go bag Doesn’t Go with My shoes It’S a different Type of metallic but Who cares yeah see you later Bye i actually do have a Couple more Things i need to pack? Almost Forgot The bits in the Shower Tap tap He’s coming in to end this video do not even Joke i’ve Got the camera in my hand Alfie alfie Do not Joke No minute then You’re gonna Ruin This we’ll Be late Okay so that is my week in Holiday outfits complete I Really hope You Guys Like This video It Was a Little Bit more Casual It wasn’t Really a Lookbook it Was more Just me like Talking Through Bits and Pieces but i really Liked That style of video When other People have done it so i thought It Would be quite nice more Kind of Vloggy Style I Give It a Thumbs Up if you enjoyed It and if you Liked The little snippets from our Holiday and i will see you next Week i Will leave a Link Down Below to all the Clothes and i will see you next week where things Will be a little more Autumnal Around Here thank you so much for watching Guys i will see you again Braegh See

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