My Korean University Dorm Room | SNU Dorm Tour | 서울대 기숙사 룸투어

My Korean University Dorm Room | SNU Dorm Tour | 서울대 기숙사 룸투어

Intro song is “Rollercoaster” by Chungha! Hi everyone, it’s me again And today I thought that since all of my dorm mates are out of the apartment, I would film something that a lot of you guys have been requesting. The SNU dorm room tour. SNU has three different types of dorms, and I am living in the nine one nine buildings. Which are the ones where you share an apartment with five other girls, so six girls in total with three bedrooms. So two girls to each room and then we share a common living space. Bathroom, balcony, etc. I don’t think there’s any other information that needs to preface this video. So without further ado, let’s go! Alright guys, so I’m going to start you on the outside of our apartment. We have the leaves over there and outdoor over here. I’m not going to show you which room I’m staying in just because I’m still staying here. But here we have our door look, So you basically put your hand in front of it to light it up. And then press that to share the numbers. And then I’m going to enter my passcode to let you guys in. Alright, welcome inside! What you see over here is basically all of our shoes. There is mee, hiiii. And, over here we can see our shoe cabinet. So if we open it, you can see that there’s… A lot of shelves for all of our shoes. Girls do tend to have a lot of shoes. Oh, there’s also a mirror here, which I have never had the opportunity of using because I never remember of its existence. But if we close that we have more storage over here. We just keep out umbrellas inside and then also some up there. And.. more up there. So, as you can see, we have.. Quite a lot of storage. I’m going to take you inside so over here we have the common living space. We have a whiteboard and a clock there. On the whiteboard we just have our cleaning schedules. So everyone knows when it’s their turn to clean the apartment. And we have a big common table as well as a couch over there, and there’s one, two… three four, five, six cabinets for extra storage. Each person has their own storage cabinet and, Over here is mine. So if we open it, we can see that I have some extra clothes up there. As well as this towel that I use just to dry the dishes. A blazer here, and then I have my general home wares, food supplies. You can see I have a kilogram of peanut butter here, some tea… Chopping board. And then utensils, coffee, etc. I have my college jacket down there. It’s a bit too warm to wear it now as well as a family size pack of chocolate pie. Down here, I have some leftover sweet potatoes, which I definitely need to eat soon. If we close this cabinet and turn over here… You can see that we have some clothes drying racks. We have three clothes drying racks, which we generally share amongst us, six girls, as well as a fridge over here which we generally just store with whatever we want to eat. I usually just use that upper level so I have some bananas, apples, water bread, and orange juice. And also extra milk here and I usually store more fruit down there, but I just ran out. Going around this way… You can see our balcony. Which I love the view of. Over here, you can see.. Pretty much all of Seoul and when the weather is nice, you can see Namsan tower in the background over there. We also have a launch machine over here, which we definitely make good use of. I’m really glad that we have a laundry machine inside our apartment actually because, I think it would kill me if I had to run downstairs every time I needed to do the laundry. So definitely make good use of that. Okay, now… We’re going to leave the balcony and walk through this corridor. You can see that we have more storage over there.. some toilet paper, cleaning supplies in these two cupboards. We’ve assigned ourselves our own shelves. So down here, I usually just keep my hair supplies, so a whole lot of shampoo and conditioner. My dry shampoo, which I’m running out of, so sad. As well as my hair oils and a hair dryer. Alright guys, now all of that is done. It’s time for the part that I know all of you guys are looking forward to, let’s go into my room! So if we walk to the end of the corridor, my room is on this side. We do have a door lock, but we don’t really use it. So you can just enter straight away and welcome to my roommmm! Let’s take a look around, shall we? This is the view as you walk in, as you can see we have a beeeautiful view outside! Not only can we see Namsan tower from our balcony, We can also see it from our bedroom. It’s absolutely beautiful. Even though you can’t see it right now, but it’s usually generally somewhere up there. It’s actually sunset right now, so, the lighting over there is just, ah, amazing. Not sure if you can see it on camera, but it’s creating this beautiful orange, purple haze across the city, which I absolutely adore, ah! All right. That’s enough ooing and eyeing over the view, even though it is really pretty, and now I’m going to show you around my room! Hmm, so where to start first? Alright, let’s start with the wardrobe first. And, so, the Wardrobe is right behind the door and over here you can see I have two bags hanging, one is filled with impulse purchases, and the other was sent to me by a brand that asked me if I wanted to shoot some of their products for Instagram. And of course I said yes. If we open the wardrobe, You can see that we have quite a lot of storage. So, on the left side is the mirror, ta dun! There’s me. I generally use this mirror to do my makeup. It’s a bit tiring because I have to keep running between my desk and.. here, but it does force me to stand up. And since I’ve been eating a wholeeee lot of food in Korea, I thought that that could be a good thing. So down here, we have a line of hooks. I don’t understand.. what this is for and I asked my roommate, and she didn’t know either, but we’ve just left that there I just use it to Hang my hair wrap. And then over here, you can see that we have my clothesss! I have a whole lot of blouses, just because I think they’re really simple and classic. And you can obviously tell what colors I’ve been favoring these days. Down here, I just keep my denim. There’s a towel back there, and on the lowest shelf… We have accessories down there, my Doc Martens, which I’m yet to wear. Some extra shoes. And I just keep my skirts and bottoms down there. White tee’s in here and some extra needs and more blouses up here, as well as storage for my socks and undies, etc That’s the wardrobe done. Now, we’ll move on to here which is my beddd! I like my room to look clean and bright so I just chose some really simple, white bedsheets. I purchased them all from IKEA so if any of you guys are also planning on moving into dorms, I would highly recommend IKEA because it is super cheap and also a very fun day trip. So above the bed.. I just have some bags and hats hanging on the wall, I know it looks like a bag and hat shop, but I swear it’s not. Just have some summer bags over there, since it is summer right now, my go to Sun Hat, as well as some more hats over there. Hanging next to my bed, I just have my two most used bags here. So I got this really nice canvas tote while I was in Busan. I love it so much. The quality is really good, it holds heaps of things and it doesn’t hurt when you’re wearing it! So love this. This bag I got a while ago from.. a PR company. This is just from one of the brands that we represented. So, next my bed and my desk, I have my suitcase because your girl loves to travel.. And, I’m always taking weekend trips out of thoughts. So always gotta have this handy. I feel like I’m packing my suitcase every single week. Definitely put this to good use. Moving onto my desk which I feel like is the messiest part of my room, always. We have my chair here, I just put a fur rug over it, just because I think it looks prettier and it’s also white and brightens up my room. My rubbish bin which I’m just using this Chupa Chups bucket because I thought it was a really good size for a bin. I have a whole lot of receipts in there. I have another bag over here, extra water bottles when I need to go fill up on water and.. My desk. My laptop is basically always out. But if we close it, we can see that on this side I just have some notebooks and papers from class, my phone… Over here in this really messy corner, I have a pal board where I’ve attached all of my charges. So this is for my macbook, my power bank, vlogging camera, and my iPhone charger. I have this huge leaf that I just like to keep in my room because it brings a little… Nature and greenery into the room, so I really like this. My mug, because I always need to drink water. I drew up my timetable and I stuck it on the wall because I kept forgetting where my classes were. Over here.. I just have some more water, most of my makeup down there, my Wi-Fi modem, which I’ve hidden underneath because there’s just too many cables everywhere. I have this watch that a company sent to me for Instagram photos as well, some candy.. This cup that I usually keep tea or coffee in. my books over here and then up here I just generally keep skincare perfumes. And, on this level, this is the most important level, I keep my camera equipment there. So this is my DSLR which I use for Instagram photos and then when I’m not using my vlogging camera I keep it over here as well. And then just have some tripods, extra lenses, etc. And… my harddrive here, which I cannot live without because I keep running out of storage in my laptop. And the highest level is just for extra things. So I’m keeping a handbag there that I don’t really use and I also keep my Go Pro there, but I don’t really use it that often, so it’s just inside its box. There’s extra storage underneath as well. So I keep some extra papers there, my umbrella, curling iron. There’s also four drawers, on the first one… I just keep some stationery. Medicine, etc. And then in the other three, it’s just full of knickknacks. It’s really messy here, I don’t know what’s happening. And then in the last drawer, I have some vitamins and travel sized items for traveling! Alright guys, that’s all of my bedroom. And now I’m going to take you inside the bathroom! Okay, as you head in you can see we have this huge mirror! Just keep our makeup removers, soaps, toothbrushes and toothpaste down here. We have two huge sinks, this one… I know some of my dorm mates wash the hair with in the morning and then we have some more storage cabinets in here. I just keep my stuff up there. More storage behind this mirror. So to the side, we just keep our shower cuddies, etc. And there’s a drying rack over here. So more hooks up here. Behind this door… You have our shower and a mirror also inside the shower. Some hooks to hang our clothes. And, on this side, we just have the toilet and a bag to throw rubbish in. Alright guys, that brings us to the end of this as a new dorm room tour. I really hope you guys enjoyed it and got to have a peek into what a Korean University dorm looks like! I’m really really grateful that I got into this building, even though it’s not the newest dormitory building, I really like the living arrangements and think that it’s really convenient. I think I’ve run out of things to say now, so this brings our video to an end. I really really do hope you guys enjoyed the room tour, even though I feel like I did ramble on a bit too long. So, please excuse me on that. As always, thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll see you guys in the next one! Byeeeeeeeee!

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