My Log Cabin and Other Summer Projects

My Log Cabin and Other Summer Projects

Hello friends this video is about my most
interesting summer projects at my secret log cabin camp I worked on a lot of
different projects at once but the most prominent was my log cabin I’ve been
building it for a few years in this remote location near Ladoga Lake and this
season I finally got to the cabin’s roof construction initially I wanted to make
a traditional Finnish birch-bark roof but due to time
constraints I had to toss the idea in favor of a sod roof not only does the
sod roof look great but it also provides heat insulation and it protects the
wooden roof structure from UV light I installed a polymer roofing underlayment
under the sod to make sure the roof is leak free as well as to protect the roof
members from moisture to make the roofing job go faster I made a simple
ladderr from long sticks here’s a life hack you can easily debark green sticks
using a regular spoon I use my wire clamper to secure the rungs on the
ladder this joinery method is better than screws nails or even bolts this is
my prototype being tested if you want to learn more about my wire clamper you
can find the link below it is a lot easier to climb the log cabin’s roof
using the makeshift ladder especially when you have a heavy roll of wet sod on
your shoulder during the last summer I managed to cover the roof with only one
layer of sod this year I added a second layer to it I tried different approaches
of sod installation I found each approach has its pros and cons at least
now I know the roof will be able to withstand large snow caps in the winter
and in the summer it turns beautiful with lush grass ferns and wild
strawberries I spent a lot of time and effort to make
an original log cabin door I wanted to make it from oak slabs but couldn’t find
any fallen oak trees so I made it from a pine tree I used three different
methods to cut boards from a log two of which I could recommend after two years
of experimentation I found the best way to cut thick wide boards from a fallen
tree you can find a link to the board cutting video below note the slabs were
not cracked or twisted after drying I think now I know how to dry wood in the
outdoor setting the steps to install the door were time-consuming but interesting
tasks I had to cut a log into thick slabs and transport them to the log
cabin then I had to joint the boards and plane the grooves on the sides
followed by reinforcing the door using horizontal dovetailed inserts I secured
the inserts with wooden dowels and hand planed the door to make it look nice
only then did I finally install the door perhaps the most challenging task
was to leave the upper door casing along with the whole roof to install the door
with the built-in pin hinges the halved logs used to deck the roof plus the weight
of the log rafters and sod made my roof super heavy I’ll be honest I wasn’t
sure if I could do it by myself but the boldness of an inexperienced log cabin
builder helped another time-consuming but important task was to make tools and
jigs for the ongoing projects for example I made an improvised workbench from a
fallen pine tree the workbenche’s legs are the trees branches and roots then I
made a canopy roof above the work bench so as far as I’m concerned it is a
woodworking shop you could have seen this tarp in my other video the
tarp that was torn by a Yeti at least this is what most people suggested under it these improvised saw horses were also made quickly to save time I used Y-shaped sticks for its legs when you’re in a rush the functionality of a jig
becomes the priority you might have seen my makeshift vise used for chainsaw
sharpening before I recently combined it with this pneumatic wedge and got myself
a nice adjustable bushcraft vise that I ended up using for different tasks this
summer because of its fine adjustment feature there is no risk to over
tightening something in with this device you might have noticed an unusual round
window in my log cabin I like this non-traditional look if someone tries to
break this window they will be up for a surprise I installed a 1/2 inch (12 mm) Plexiglas into the cabin’s wall I might even make a double window
with a window hatch later some will probably think I’m building a fortress
here’s a question how do you guys think I made this perfectly round porthole?
this is a problem nobody quite solved since I have posted it on my Instagram
talk to me in the comment section I’d love to hear how you would do it as you
can see there is still a lot of work that needs to be done inside I still
need to make bushcraft style furniture to match the log cabin’s style but first I
need to make and install the back door I’m thinking about what design would be
the best perhaps I will go with the French door for a change I just need to
figure out how to make it energy-efficient the front door turned
out nicely there are virtually no gaps around it once the log cabin is
furnished inside I’m planning to spend a few weeks in it in January which means
the log cabin needs a wood stove I decided to build the cabins heating
system starting from a chimney it will be an unusual wooden chimney made from
two hollowed log halves that are connected with wire clamps
the chimney will not penetrate the roof but will leave the house underground
and will stand outside the cabin this way the roof will not have a potential
weak point where it could leak and the chimney won’t take precious space inside
the cabin such chimney design will also allow me to
cold-smoke fish underground as a bonus once done I’m planning to make a
stationary wood stove using rocks and clay meanwhile I’m using my portable
metal stove to cook food and to stay warm and dry as it was raining during my
most stay this summer you might think I spent most of my stay to build the log
cabin this is not entirely true the most time-consuming project this summer was
transporting and planting trees during the last few years I planted over 250
deciduous trees around my camp to replenish the ones that were knocked
down by a severe storm most of the tree saplings are growing in three nurseries
around my log cabin camp I planted Alligan Birches,Indigo trees, Amur
Velvet trees, White Acacia trees, German Medlar trees, Red Bud Cercis, Scarlet
Red Maple, Manchurian Walnut trees and a few more names
I either forgot or their tree saplings didn’t make it to this day to be precise
I spent at least seven full days at my three nurseries this summer
this estimate doesn’t include the time and effort of growing these saplings
from seeds and transporting them to my camp by boat however I believe the final
result is well worth the effort I’m planning to make a separate video about
how to grow trees from seeds and make money doing it last year I made a packframe from a few planks bird cherry branches two straps from my old backpack
and some PET rope cut from a bottle the time spent making it was well worth
it my packframe saved me a lot of time and
effort this season I used it extensively to transport soil
heavy tools my metal oven tree saplings and even long heavy wooden slabs for my
cabin doors construction if you don’t have one I highly recommend you to
consider obtaining or making a packframe one of this video’s goals is to
get the advice for what videos you would like me to make first I have more than
20 projects that were filmed but they’re still awaiting to be edited and
published I know I won’t have time to publish them all which is why your
opinion will help me to prioritize my efforts I’m asking you to help me to
make that choice but in order to give me a valid recommendation please finish
watching this video there are still a few good project spoilers ahead when you
do one activity for a while it tends to get boring which is why I try to work
with multiple projects at once this summer I built another catamaran and a
new composite kayak in addition to my old inflatable floaters / duffle bags
catamaran you probably have noticed that my new composite kayak has two latches
one on each end this kayak can be used as is or can be included into a
catamaran’s frame last year I already made a catamaran but didn’t have much time to
test it even though my plastic wrap kayak is fairly reliable and would work
as is I decided to reinforce it with a couple of extra ribs and stringers as well
as to reinforce the kayak’s skin I used synthetic fabric and polymer resin to
mold a hardshell over its branch frame and plastic skin now the kayak won’t
leak even if you hit an underwater rock I have extensively tested this new model
kayak running over rocks and floating logs the new shell didn’t even budge
this is my first experience in molding fabric with polymer resin the next kayak
will be even better I already have plans for it and the new model will be a part
of a sailing catamaran here is an idea I have in mind I want to make a watch
tower that would be taller than the pine tree I use to get my phone reception in
the woods I need to get about 10 feet (3 meters) above this pine for more stable
phone reception I’m going to use long sticks and wire clamps to build this
makeshift phone tower if you liked this video perhaps you could share it with
your friends let good people watch good videos this is Max Egorov st.
Petersburg Russia and a final note I only produce on one or two videos max a
month and if you don’t want to miss new content like this you can click on the
bell reminder for notifications I hope to see back on Advoko MAKES…

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  1. One of this video's goals is to get your advice for what videos you would like me to make first. I have more than 20 projects that were filmed but are still awaiting to be edited and published. I know I won't have time to publish them all, which is why your opinion will help me to prioritize my efforts. 
    The Clamper:
    Turning a Tree into Perfect Boards:
    Here are the piggy banks. The funds will be used for the production of the new videos:
    PayPal: [email protected]
    My Patreon page:

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    Using the same idea as pinning a string to the center of the circle and using that radius to make the circle with a pencil, you could use a length of wood instead of the string.

    Instead of the pin, you would drill a hole through the center and connect both sides using the same idea on both sides.

    Instead of where the pencil would be, you make a slit in the wood perpendicular to the length. This would accept and support a pruning blade.

    You would then drill a hole at the edge of where your circle will be. Then, you will slide the blade through the slit and through the hole to the other side where it will go through the other slit in the length of wood.

    Now you have a supported blade running through that will cut a perfect circle.

    That’s as clear as I could make it. Sorry haha.

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    In critical situations of separation from civilization, contact them

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