My Morning Routine on Vacation – Self Care While Traveling

My Morning Routine on Vacation – Self Care While Traveling

hey guys it’s Tasha with one big happy
life and in today’s video I’m gonna be sharing my vacation morning routine with
you Joseph and I are staying at the Rosen Shingle Creek hotel in Orlando
Florida so I woke up to this gorgeous view outside of my window this morning
Joseph was still sleeping but I decided to get up and start my day by brushing
my teeth and splashing some water on my face because I know I’m also planning on
going outside I go ahead and put on my moisturizer and my sunblock so at night
I do sleep with a scarf on my hair to protect it from rubbing on the pillows
so I take my hair down and put it up in a ponytail because I know that I’m gonna
be working out now I’m ready to go so I put on my sneakers and I gather a couple
of supplies like my water bottle and backpack to hold my cell phone and my
headphones which I’m gonna use to meditate in a little bit we’re staying
on the sixth floor of the hotel which is why we have such an amazing view so I
use this opportunity to take the stairs instead of taking the elevator to get my
blood pumping and my body moving when I get down to the hotel lobby of course I
have to take advantage of some of their cantaloupe water now unfortunately I did
have to use the cup that they provided because there was a sign that said that
you had to use the provided cups instead of using a water bottle so that’s
exactly what I did after I was done filling my water bottle
I headed outside to get some fresh air and to chat with you guys good morning
it is I don’t even know almost 9 a.m. and I am in the middle of my relaxing
vacation morning routine I’m outside of the hotel right now I’m getting ready to
go meditate it’s a lot louder out here than I expected I have no idea what’s
making that noise you’re probably gonna be able to hear it
but I brought headphones because I’m gonna meditate out here so I’ve my
headphones I use my calm app to meditate and then I’m gonna go inside and use the
gym hopefully by then Joseph will be awake but before I get started I just
want to talk about the importance of having a morning routine and even when
you’re on vacation it’s like some people think you go on vacation and then that
means you just relax and do absolutely nothing but that may not actually be the
best way to care for yourself and I know for me at home being able to have this
like well together perfectly executed morning routine it’s sometimes something
of a luxury where I would love to get up meditate
drink some water Oh my water I forgot my water
drink some water and you know go outside to a beautiful space and meditate and
then just go to the gym, workout, and then go get ready for my day and the way
my current day is structured that’s not the way my day is I have to get up and I
go straight to work because I go to work so early so I’m so happy to be able to
have this relaxing of vacation and relaxing morning routine and bring you
guys along too so I’m gonna drink some water and then I’m gonna go meditate it’s funny there are lizards all over
the place this water is so tasty it’s cantaloupe you know it’s really funny I don’t think
that we have yet to say why we are here so Joseph and I are going to be speakers
at FinCon and so we are at FinCon and we’re so excited to be here we’ve always
already ran into tons of people that you guys may already know like budget girl
and so it’s really fun after I was finished meditating I packed
up my stuff and headed to the hotel’s gym to get in a quick workout so I started
by just doing 15 minutes on the elliptical and then use the equipment at
this gym to get in a full body workout so I used the kettlebells to do squats
and thrusts and then dumbbells to do stiff leg dead lifts then I use their
cable machine to do cable fly’s and for back I use the assisted pull-up machine
which I love so by this time Joseph was awake and so he joined me for a workout
and we love working out together so this was really fun thank you guys so much
for joining me for this vacation morning routine and I hope it helps and inspires
you the next time you go on vacation to practice a little self-care see you guys
next time bye

18 thoughts on “My Morning Routine on Vacation – Self Care While Traveling

  1. We just moved to Tampa and there are lizards EVERYWHERE here too lol Iโ€™m glad they donโ€™t scare me. When my sis comes to visit it should be interesting tho lol

  2. No wonder you looked so relaxed and calm the whole time! ? my fincon morning routine mostly involved hunting for decent coffee and rolling out of bed 15 from the first session I wanted to get in. So great to see yโ€™all!

  3. Can we talk about the moment of perfection in this video? The elegant manner in which your hair cascaded down your face upon gaining freedom from that cap. It's an entire mood.

  4. The self care part is so important! Sometimes on vacation, it ends up being go, go, go, but yet it's so important to take the time for self care. So fun to see you guys at FinCon!

  5. Literally my first time watching your videos and let me just say, the way your hair fell out that wrap…… omg!!!! I was like yassssss!! Your hair is beautiful!! And that water looked so refreshing! New sub here! ??โ€โ™€๏ธ

  6. I wish I would have known you guys were so close to me here in Florida, I would have loved to meet my favorite family. I would have loved to take you guys out for lunch or dinner to say Thank you.

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